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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Boots

Well this certainly is a lot of pink fur, which under normal circumstances would make me run screaming for the hills. But yet again, Juicy Couture is making me feel like a flip-flopper because I actually really like these boots. Granted, the faux fur up around the ankles is a bit Snooki-esque, but the "babies can get away with anything" rule comes into play here, turning these into an instant girly hit. The ribbon with the gold Juicy logo on it is just perfect. Find these for $68.00 at Bloomingdales.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Petunia Pickle Bottom's New Fall Styles!

It's officially impossible to pick a favorite design! See them all at Posh Tots!

Fendi Boys Ivory Romper

Aww... I love when Fendi goes traditional comfy babywear. It's not every day you see a $240.00 cotton romper, but that is exactly what you are laying eyes on right now. It seems casual enough: warm fleece lining, grey jersey cuffs and hood lining, and just enough Zucca print trim. And that is where the magic lies. I wonder how many lucky little guys will have one of these wrapped up under the Christmas tree this year. Find it at Children Salon.

Bewitched Halloween Dress

Has anyone been to Michael's arts and crafts store lately? That place is amazing to begin with (I went to art school and have the artsy fartsy gene for sure, so Michael's is like my Nirvana), but their Halloween decorations and displays make me want to turn my condo into a complete haunted house. Halloween is just fun, no matter how old you are. You get to dress up like someone you're not, there is free candy galore, and who doesn't love hayrides and pumpkins and being scared?? Okay maybe a lot of people, but I am a fall holidays freak. Starting now, I will most likely annoy a lot of people with my enthusiasm for the next few months! Kids get insanely excited to wear their new costumes every year. I still remember that feeling of anticipation. So leading up to the big event, how about a bunch of Halloween-themed clothing to get the ball rolling? Teacups and Mudpies, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place, is always a great source for themed clothing. I am loving this dress because of the vintage witch print on the top and the fun double rubble skirt. You could get really obnoxious about it and do some pumpkin-print tights or put a long sleeved black and orange striped shirt underneath. Why not?? It's all about fun. This dress is $68.00, and there are a couple more to choose from too!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Girly and Pink from Juicy Couture

Well, we are now 3 for 3 tonight with posting about pink things. But how can I resist sharing this adorable new outfit from Juicy Couture? It doesn't get more girly than this: pink, bows, ruffles, and sequins. This is an interesting outfit because it could pass for a dress up outfit, yet at the same time it is kind of ballerina-y, making it look like a costume, yet it is also casual enough to bang around on an average day. Maybe it's me; maybe I can't make a solid decision because our coffee maker was broken when I arrived at work this morning so I have felt like half of a human all day. Could indicate the need for an intervention. Maybe tomorrow. This little outfit is being marked as a must-have for this season, and you can find yours for $78.00 at juicycouture.com.

Catimini Pink Knitted Coat

I will not turn on the heat, I will not turn on the heat, I will not turn on the heat... Not only because I am stubborn, but also because I do not care for the way the heat makes you house smell like it's about to burn down the first time you turn it on since the year before. Gross. I need a warm coat like this one from Catimini. It makes me smile because the knit pattern reminds me of a funky rendition of Fairisle: a perfectly Catimini twist on one of this coming season's most popular trends. Fleece lining will be sure to keep your little one warm while making a fun statement at the same time. Find this for $100.00 at Alex and Alexa.

Gucci Heart Baby Blanket

Another Monday. It is weird to think that it's October... In the Midwest, September is usually an extension of summer. Indian summer. The warmth feels different, but it's still there. Yeah, not so much this year. This year, we had rain. Then more rain. Then just when you thought it was done, it would rain again. So good riddance September, this week's forecast is already a world's difference. So thinking of dreary cold, let's talk about this gorgeous and girly baby blanket from Gucci. Why knit someone a blanket when you can buy it from Gucci? Made of soft pink wool, the GG logo forms a heart in the center, which is a pretty genius twist. Imagine receiving (or giving) this at a baby shower. Talk about shock value. Oh, speaking of shock value, how about the price tag: $280.00, from Neiman Marcus.