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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roberto Cavalli Floral Baby Nest

Oh my goodness. I am kind of in awe right now. This baby sleeping nest by Roberto Cavalli is simply beautiful. The floral pattern and colors are what's flooring me right now. Cavalli's baby collection is a lot of leopard, a lot of ruffles, a lot of velour. This vibrant pattern is something new and different, yet still reminiscent of last year's peony print that was such a huge hit. I just love everything about this. Made from soft jersey cotton, this nest can fully open, and the hood even can be turned into a pillow. Genius. Find this for $156.00 at Children Salon.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New From Gucci Baby!

What I love most about these dresses from Gucci: they are all different colors, different styles, different materials, yet all of them have that classic Gucci look. I think my favorite of these would have to be the denim ruffles because that belt is just fabulous. Now all we need is some warm weather to wear these things in! I mean it is almost February; we can say we are on the upswing now right? Find all of these at the always-fabulous Bergdorf Goodman.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swim 2012!

Sonia Rykiel

Baby Dior


Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture

I want to go to a tropical island RIGHT NOW! Find all of this adorable new 2012 swimwear at Children Salon!

Gucci Baby Waterproof Bomber

Thinking of spring rain does not really appeal to me right now, since we have been having winter rain for, oh, two months now? The sun is shining bright today though and it was awesome to be able to walk to the store this afternoon. I was browsing Bergdorf Goodman earlier and came across this adorable rain jacket from Gucci (and about 1000 other adorable things). I'm loving the all-over GG print but my absolute favorite thing is that ruffled mandarin collar. The little details are what it's all about! And for those special little details, and the Gucci name, you must pay $325.00 to make this yours. 

Posh Baby Toys from Dior

One of the things I love the most about Baby Dior is the wide variety of products that make up their line. It's not just clothes, it's bottles, gifts, toys, blankets. These two little guys are new for 2012: a cotton teddy and bunny, both holding a little blanket. Supposedly, if you sleep with these yourself for a few nights, your natural scent will be absorbed by these sweet stuffed animals, then comforting your baby when they sleep with them at night. Kind of a neat idea right? 100% cotton and machine washable, find these for $90.00 each at Children Salon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Junior Silk Chiffon Butterfly Dress

Oh my goodness. How many people just found the perfect Easter dress for their daughter? Everything about this gorgeous silk and chiffon is light, springy, and whimsical. I am loving how Dolce & Gabbana is using the same beautiful watercolor-style for the butterflies that we saw in this lovely dress that Baby Dior debuted last year. Normally I am not a huge fan of mass amounts of ruffles, but with this dress they work. Accessorizing this leaves an endless amount of possibilities. Love love love. Find this dress for $376.00 at Children Salon.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Monnalisa Bathing Suits!

Well... I guess one of the good things about seeing bathing suits in January is knowing that you still have four months to whip your body into shape before you have to be seen in one. Or, you can be a baby and completely oblivious to the horror that bathing suits instill upon many adult women. I envy those ladies who could take a phone call right now, "Hey Sarah! Yeah, it's Melissa. Frankie is having people over, and they have that indoor pool so bring your bathing suit!" And Sarah could toss a bikini in a bag and be good to be, like immediately. The thought of putting on a bikini right now makes me want to run five miles then eat an entire bottle of green tea diet pills (that don't even work). 

Okay sorry for that rant. So here we have some absolutely adorable 2012 bathing suits from Monnalisa. As if we would expect anything different from this untra-feminine and attention-to-detail-gurus brand. I love how daisies always seem to pop up somehow, somewhere. There is just something cheerful about daisies, that you can't exactly put your finger on but you can surely appreciate. All of these (and more!) can be found, ranging between about $80.00 and $100.00, at Children Salon.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kristin Cavallari is Pregnant: I Officially Feel Old.

No. When I was in college (which I like to tell myself was just a couple short years ago), I would watch Laguna Beach on my iPod while doing my daily cardio on the EFX machine (I KNOW RIGHT?). Kristin was the junior in high school who was wrecking the life of Lauren Conrad, naturally over a boy. Now these two girls are icons. Where in the world does time go? After breaking up in the summer and getting back together this past fall, Kristin and fiance Jay Cutler are expecting. Read more about it at People.com.

Luna Luna Spring 2012 Preview

Let's face it guys: Sunday nights suck. We are right now the furthest away from the weekend. So, to help with that Sunday night feeling (I suggest wine to help as well), here are some beautiful new things to look forward to this spring from Luna Luna Copenhagen:

How I wish it was already time for that warm spring breeze to be blowing through a flowy dress or skirt. Find all of these, plus more spring 2012 items (most are preorder only at the time, just a heads up) at Forest and Zoe.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Petunia Pickle Bottom Now Makes Baby Clothing!

Yes! I have been waiting for these to come out and the time has finally arrived! Petunia Pickle Bottom has always been a favorite when it comes to baby bags; the crazy beautiful patterns and colors can be recognized most anywhere. Now, you can get all of that colorful goodness in their baby clothes as well! From onesies to blankets to cute little hats, I think I am loving the patterns on the clothing more than I love the ones on the bags, if this is even possible! Even better: these sets are very reasonably priced, from between about $40.00 and $60.00. Check out this new collection at Nordstrom.

Fabulous Table and Chairs Sets from Posh Tots

Saying that I am obsessed with Posh Tots is kind of an understatement. There is just no other place where you can find such a huge variety of everything. If you haven't been to their website, go now. Seriously. Chances are you are either buried in snow or getting soaked by rain, so make a mimosa and navigate towards the magical world that is Posh Tots. You will find things with price tags that will make you faint. You will see playhouses that may be larger than your own house. Chandeliers that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale. Also, you will find DOZENS of themed table and chair sets like these! Kid-sized furniture is just fun to begin with, but themed kid sized furniture? Now you're speaking my language. There is a set that would fit any kid's room or play room. It's impossible to pick a favorite, so I included a few of mine. Go check them (and the rest of the site) out. You won't be disappointed, promise!

More Burberry Love!

I swear, there is no one who knows how to work a little traditional denim like Burberry does. It has a certain softness and this warm, all-American feel to it. Like I can see a toddler running through a field of daisies with lemonade in a sippy cup while wearing this dress. WOW. Can you tell I am ready for spring already? This time of year is always really exciting though, because who doesn't love seeing the spring and summer lines emerge? I have been particularly impressed with Burberry lately, and this dress is just another example of why. The pleats, ruffles, and sweet little sleeves show such a fantastic attention to detail. And nova check bloomers? Yes please. You can find this dress for a lucky little girl in your life for $142.00 at Children Salon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Domain Test!

Well... I figured it was about time that Designer Baby got it's own domain name. It is tricky because every name around and about the words "Designer Baby" are already taken, or have a $1000.00+ price tag to take. So, we have decided on www.designer-baby.net. It's a dot-net, with a hyphen. Okay, so not the big leagues or the elite by any means, but it's us. We are not www.designerbaby.com, we are www.designer-baby.net. But guess what... we are still your source for the best of the best in high end baby clothes, and the lack of affordable domain names available will not stop us from making one of our own! Bookmark it people, we are going independent.
Thank you for the support, interest, intrigue, and interest up until this point. From here on out, designer-baby.net is going to take you further. Guilty pleasures indulged. Thank you everyone, thank you :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Beautiful White Dress from Fendi

Why does it seem like the spring and summer collections come out earlier and earlier every year? Okay, so I am already over the cold weather. But isn't everyone after the holidays? But am I ready to think bathing suits and sun dresses? No way. I am still flabby, pale, and multiple lbs away from my goal weight. And besides all that, we still have like three months of winter. Seeing spring collections at this point is just depressing, because it is still so far away. So why not be a total hypocrite and talk about this beautiful, breezy, springy dress from Fendi? I can't ignore it; it's a classic. A-line. White cotton. Zucca print. It is simple and beautiful and timeless and everything I could ever expect from Fendi. I'm ready for spring. I'm not encouraging global warming, but I'd be okay with keeping this strange pseudo-winter going. Think spring and find this dress for $245.00 at Children Salon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Expensive Bib from Baby Dior

Is it just me or is everyone turning up pregnant lately? I feel like my entire Facebook news feed from my personal page is filled with those strange baby updates that shows what week people are in and if their baby looks like a dinosaur or an actual human being. "Jill is at 22 weeks!" "Abby is at 12 weeks!" I mean is the entire world pregnant except for me? Maybe I can make a recommendation for my more financially sound friends, with the $82.00 baby bib from Dior. $82.00! Wonders never cease. It is tax return season, so if you are lucky enough to have some extra cash, you can find this at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Roberto Cavalli Leopard Gift Set

Hee hee... this is just weird enough to be cute. I have ranted and raved about the animal print thing in the past; just because it is "in" doesn't meant it works with anything and everything. It's all about tasteful usage. Wearing zebra striped rain boots with a giraffe print scarf and carrying a leopard print umbrella while wearing a hat with some type of fur? Overkill. Choose one. Be tasteful. Exception to this rule: babies. Babies can wear multiple animal prints because, well, why not? Therefore repeatable patterns like the this three piece leopard set from Roberto Cavalli are adorable and not tacky. Not only do you get a onesie and matching hat, this gift set also comes with a cute little rattle heart, and all three come in a fabulous little gift box. There is something strange and almost adult about the way it is put together, but I'm not going to lie, I'm loving it. Get yours for $179.00 at Lavish Kids.

Baby Dior Red Pleated Bubble Dress

WOW! I am loving this change from the normal soft pastels and patterns we usually see from Baby Dior. I am a huge fan of red. Red clothes, shoes, accessories, paint, pictures, just not cars. Randomly. Do not like red cars. But anyway, new from Baby Dior, here we have a stunning red silk bubble dress with sweet little pleats and enough ruffles to give it that special girly flair. I love how this dress could be great for Valentine's Day, the holidays (even though they have passed), or even a summer dress if paired with the right accessories and shoes. A break from the ordinary is always so wonderfully refreshing. Find this sweet dress and bloomers set for $394.00 at Children Salon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burberry Infant's Sophie Ballet Flats

Oh my goodness. These may be one of my favorite pairs of baby shoes to date. A weird choice, right? I guess their appeal to me lies in the fact that they remind me of the baby shoes that I used to put on my dolls when I was little. The shoes that used to be my own. They were impossibly huge on my "babies'" feet, but I could hardly imagine them ever fitting mine. That was a very special thing to me, that I had these shoes that were mine that I never remembered wearing, but had them, and had my own dolls to put them on. Ugh... what a strange thing to get sentimental about. I blame the wine I'm drinking. Aaaaaanyway, Burberry baby shoes: classic yet modern. The ultimate combo. The mary jane style paired with the ankle strap (Gucci uses the ankle strap a lot) paired with an oversize Burberry check bow on the toes? Love. Like a lot. Find these for $150.00 at Saks

Monday, January 9, 2012

Chloe Baby Bottle Gift Set

Well, it certainly does not feel like January today if you live in the Midwest US. It's strange, because normally at this time of year when all of the spring and summer lines come out, it always seems so far away almost obscene that we should be tortured with thoughts of warm weather in January. I think it hit 50 in Ohio today. Unreal. Anyway, this Chloe baby bottle gift set really has nothing to do with spring, but Chloe's soft and warm style is about as refreshing as an early spring day (wow, cheesy). I love everything by Chloe baby, especially its whimsy. I am loving how the bottle holder is eyelet with that beige ribbon that is just so... Chloe. Find this for $71.00 at Children Salon.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Juicy Couture Diaper Covers

Cute cute cute! I just think these would make for the most precious Valentine's Day pictures! (Do those even exist?? Do people get those??) I am envisioning heart garland, maybe a cupid-type thing going on, or these under a tutu? There are so many possibilities anymore with baby pictures. Lord help my child, they will be photographed more than the Queen. From Juicy Couture, this two piece gift set comes in a perfect little pink box with heart cutouts. Gets yours now for $38.00 at Neiman Marcus

From People.com: Jennifer Garner and Seraphina Share A Kiss

This is just such a sweet picture. I have always been a big Jennifer Garner fan because she seems so real. Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about, but she just seems like she is a great person. 

Young Versace Bath Robe

I debated on just piling all of Young Versace's new baby items all into one post, but they are all so beautiful that I think they all need to be treated and attended to individually. Yes, I'm that crazy. But the details are just so soft and beautiful (they have been described as "Baroque" which I LOVE) that it was pretty much love at first sight between me and the entire line. This little white terry cloth bath robe is no exception. I am loving the patterns pink trim AND the words "Young Versace" are embroidered on the hood, for that special designer touch. Find this for $153.00, and more of the new line, at Children Salon.

New Baby Dior Sunhats

Oh lord... it's a bit hard to imagine a day where you will need these right now, isn't it? This is the part of winter that I dread. One of my affirmations for 2012 (I'm not doing resolutions, because those tend to fail) is to not let the winter blues get me this year. I can still enjoy things and live and laugh and be happy. Never mind that January, February, and March are miserable. I will make my own bliss! So anyway, here we have two of Baby Dior's amazing sunhats, new for Spring/Summer 2012. If you can't pick a favorite, why not get both? They are even machine-washable, so they are safe for a day of outdoor play and dirt. Find both for $89.00 each at Children Salon.

Chloe Baby T-Shirts

Chloe baby is always: soft, sweet, warm, classic, girly, pretty, whimsical, beautiful... I could list enough adjectives to fill about 5 Mad Libs that come to my mind when I think of Chloe. These t-shirts are just so simple and so cute; I wish they would do a days of the week gift set because I want to see more of these precious animal designs! Soft cotton, cap sleeves, snap closure down the back... these are sure to be a new favorite item in many wardrobes. Find them both for $50.00 each at Children Salon.

Gucci Silk & Wool Baby Blanket

Well... here is the latest addition to the category of "Things That Just Look Expensive." Made from an uber-luxurious blend of silk and wool, this blanket has the Gucci crest (rather an updated version with a cute little bunny) on one side and blue and red stripes on the other. As I sit here in my condo freezing and not wanting to get ready for work, I would love to wrap up in this and crawl back into bed. And sleep until spring. Ready for the price tag on this baby? How about $546.00. Wow. Find it at Children Salon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fendi Winter 2012 Collection: Girls

Okay... Fendi's Winter 2012 collection is so amazing that I am having to split up the boys and the girls because I want to share so many looks! I can't choose a favorite! Here are some of the looks for little lovely ladies:

More TOMS Glittery Baby Shoes!

I was so thrilled to see that they now make these for ADULTS! The only color I have seen so far in adult sizes is silver, but there must be more out there. As far as little people sizes, these colors are just the beginning! There is also ice blue, pink, red... a dazzling array! TOMS are growing on my more and more every day. Find your favorite color for your favorite baby, only $34.00 at Neiman Marcus.