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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Young Versace Baroque Ruffle Dress

So I am still not super familiar with Young Versace; as of now I have only posted about the shoes. What I am noticing though is that they have that same classic, gentle beautiful-ness that you can see with Baby Dior's designs. Case in point: this girly pink dress. I am loving how each tier is the same color, yet the patterns are all different. One can only imagine how beautiful it must be in person. And to top it all off? It comes with a pair of cute little bloomers. The Young Versace logo in rhinestones on the top of the dress doesn't hurt either. Find this for $204.00 at Children Salon.

Jennifer Garner Delivers A BOY!!

People Magazine has reported that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are now the proud parents of a baby boy! No word on the name yet and I am drying to know! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Cute Swim Stuff from Juicy Couture

So... the movie Beaches is on TV right now. I have never seen Beaches. I know, I know. I have also never seen The Bodyguard, Pretty Woman, The Sound of Music, and about 1000 other movies that all girls are supposed to have seen by their late 20's. Maybe I'm a freak, maybe I don't mind that. But Beaches randomly came on the channel my TV was on and I was hooked in about one minute and thirty seconds. Sticking to the beach/summer/swimming theme, Juicy Couture's swim collection for this season is pretty amazingly impressive. Not only do they have a ton of genius styles of swim suits, they have towels, cover-ups, and terry rompers that scream, "You need me for your tropical vacation!" These are three of my favs, especially the hooded towel. Now all we need is summer. Or a tropical vacation. Who am I kidding; I'm not ready for bathing suit season yet! Find all of these at juicycouture.com.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Favs from Bonpoint Spring 2012!

Like it's ever easy to pick favorites from Bonpoint! I will never grow tired of how they piece outfit ideas together for you... how does one get that job?! I'd probably pay someone to have the privilege to do that, rather than actually be paid. I'm not going to lie, I actually have not checked out the entire spring collection yet; in a weird way I want to do it little by little. Savor it. Like box of chocolates. Or something. Have I mentioned that I have taken a bit of cold medicine today and am feeling a little loopy? Seriously though, loving this spring stuff. And I feel like the girls collection is dainty but with a bit of tomboy thrown in there, which I LOVE. Girls like to play in the mud too! But hopefully not in Bonpoint clothes. Too expensive. Which ones are your favorites?

Potentially Obsessed with Roberto Cavalli's Floral Print.

Okay okay, I know I already said this when talking about the Cavalli baby nest, but I cannot get enough of this gorgeous floral pattern! It's springy and warm and Easter-y and such a refreshing break from the usual things we see from Cavalli (leopard and ruffles and other fun stuff). This morning was unusually sunny in the Midwest US; lately it has nothing but gloom. It gave me that false sense of feeling that spring is just around the corner, when in reality we probably have a good 5-6 weeks. I suppose I am finding solace in beautiful flowery things like these: just imagine the weather they will be worn in! Hopefully you know someone who either has a little girl or will have a little girl when this magical time of year finally arrives, because this collection is begging to be shared. Find it all (there's more than what is pictured above) at Children Salon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From People.com: Harper Beckham Lookin' Cozy

Okay okay I have to admit, I am not a huge David Beckham fan (I probably just lost more than a handful of readers with that confession), nor am I a huge Victoria Beckham fan (something about the not eating and the wearing heels and 10 lbs on jewelry on an airplane just bugs me), but this baby is simply adorable. I want to pinch her cheeks, and to find out where that amazing outfit came from!

The New Dolce & Gabbana Butterfly Print = GENIUS.

One of my favorite things to see during the changing of the seasons are the new prints and trends that designers tend to favor. So far for Spring 2012, my favorites are Roberto Cavalli's floral print (can be seen here) and D&G's vibrant butterfly print. Maybe I am gravitating toward things that are warm-weather related at the moment, but these prints are great nonetheless. I love how the accents of the butterfly print clothing are all orange, my favorite. I'd love to see a D&G towel in this... maybe orange on one side, butterflies on the other. Ugh... is it summer yet? Find all of these at Lavish Kids!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Some Cute New Monnalisa Accessories

I cannot tell a lie: in my opinion Monnalisa can do no wrong. There is just something about the little touches that you can see in every single one of their baby items; it's like every small beautiful detail was taken into consideration. My favorite of these new accessories for Spring/Summer 2012? The stretchy orange print headband. Notice how not only the Monnalisa name is embroidered across the orange, but there are also little rhinestones all over it. Spice up your child's warm weather collection and find these at Children Salon.

New Bibs from Gucci baby!

Ahh Gucci... the king of expensive baby items. From little rain coats to boots to fedoras and yes, even bibs. Saks has these three right now, new for spring 2012. I must say, I am loving the little birdie one! Typically, Gucci goes for the traditional GG print when it comes to its baby accessories (bibs, hats, bottle covers...) and it makes me happy to see that they are exploring more baby-esque themes. And days of the week Gucci bibs? Yes please! Could you imagine opening something like that as a gift and not squealing, "How much did you pay for these?!" So on that note, get ready for the prices. Gucci birdie bib: $195.00. Logo print bib: $120.00. Days of the week bibs: $355.00. Get the credit card ready!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Adorable Sunsuit from Dolce & Gabbana Junior

How absolutely adorable is this?? New from Dolce & Gabbana Junior, this denim bubble sunsuit has most definitely been added to my list of Spring/Summer 2012 favorites. I'm loving how the trim around the legs has the butterfly print that we are seeing in the new spring collection. Again, the little details always get me. One of the front pockets even has the D&G logo, so people can recognize your petite fashionista's amazing sense of style. Find this for $123.00 at Children Salon.