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Friday, December 31, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Onesie and Cardigan Set

This is just kind of "eh" for me. Cute, but I am not absolutely bowled over by any means. Maybe I am being silly, but on the onesie, the lettering and logo are on the top half, but if the cardigan is supposed to go over it, it will cover up the logo. And everyone knows the logo is there for a reason: people want to show it off. Perhaps I am over-analyzing. Also, the neck opening on the onesie looks very small. Could be uncomfortable. Who knows. I for one never will because I shop at Target. This set can be found for $225.00 at lavishkids.com.

Baby Dior Velvet Check Overalls

Time to show the boys some love, as all I have done lately is talk about girls' clothes. And nothing says boy like a good old pair of overalls. Except these are more than good old overalls, they are baby Dior designer overalls. AND, they are velvet. AND, they have a cute little check design, with fabric pieces on the knees (do those have a name??). I love that spring things are already out in full-force... even though we are entering the long winter months here in the midwest US. See these $259.00 overalls at lavishkids.com.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bonnie Baby Pink Booties

I feel a little guilty because the male gender has not been getting too much love from me lately... I just can't stop oogling over the new girls' items I am seeing. I try not to discriminate, but sometimes it is very tricky. So here we have another precious item from Bonnie Baby, who seems to turn everything they touch into gold and can do no wrong. Simple little knit booties, made of cotton and cashmere, found at alexandalexa.com. Now the vast majority of the Bonnie Baby collection carries a pretty hefty price tag, but these are ON SALE right now for about $20.00. Buy buy buy!

Just A Sweet Little Fendi Baby Blanket.

"Adorbs," as a friend of mine would say if she saw this. Of course, people like us will only ever see a Fendi baby blanket in pictures. Unless we win the lottery. Or a sugar daddy. The lottery is more likely for me; I think my thighs are too big for me to ever be a trophy wife. Aaaaanyway... Ahem. This blanket is a knit wool blend with cashmere added, very soft, feminine colors, and of course that Zucca pattern that identifies the big name. Found this for $208.00 at alexandalexa.com, a website that I haven't run across yet and am excited to explore!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Armani Baby Gift Set

Okay... here we have an Armani baby gift set. Not gonna lie, the onesie doesn't wow me. But the hat is cute and the little duck I cannot get enough of. Whose baby has an Armani duck? A wealthy person's baby, that's whose. Made of soft velour, this all-white set has a kind of angelic feel that would be becoming on any baby, boy or girl. This can be found for $115.00 at boutiqueforchildren.com.

Baby Graziella Cashmere Knit Dress

Hello gorgeous! Baby Graziella never fails to impress but with this dress, I think they have really taken it to the next level. Made of a cashmere/wool blend and lined with soft cotton, my favorite part has got to be the balloon skirt. Kind of versatile because the material screams winter but the colors hint at spring, this dress would be a fabulous addition to any lucky little lady's wardrobe. See more details of this $285.00 piece of genius at boutiqueforchildren.com.

Kate Spade Dungarees Small Coal Baby Bag

Under normal circumstances, I would not see denim as a trendy or cute or even socially acceptable material for a bag to be made of. This is not 1991, after all. Maybe that is just me and my love for leather leather leather talking. Baby bags could be a different story though... denim is casual and fun, seemingly suitable for a baby bag. This one is a prime example: Kate Spade's Dungarees Small Coal baby bag. Katespade.com says, "Vintage American work wear inspired our new collection." I sorta love it! The Kate Spade label doesn't hurt its case either, and for that, you must pay $295.00.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Burberry Cashmere Check Baby Blanket

Not much I can say about this... It's a baby blanket, made by Burberry. Made of cashmere. Made of the Burberry plaid pattern. So yes, it is expensive. $450.00. Kind of insane. Found at burberry.com. That is all. Signing off.

Think Spring: Nesting Blue Bird Crib

I know I am really reaching here. It is the day after Christmas. And I am feeling sad because of that. Therefore, I am trying to use the idea of spring and new beginnings to ease my sadness. Is it working? No, because it is not even January yet. In any case, I am currently attracted to spring-like things. This crib fits that criteria perfectly. It is hand painted, and can be done to match any bedding that you would like it to match with. The crib is then finished with an aged greenish tint, because vintage is one of those old things that will never get old. If you have $4150.00, you could add this crib to your baby's homecoming package. Visit poshtots.com for details.

Chloe Baby Ivory Gathered Dress

For the most part, I have always been very impressed with Chloe's baby collection, mainly due to its simplicity and elegance. This little dress is no different. An angora and wool blend, the color is described as "popcorn." Aka, beige. Perfect ribbing and embroidery, along with the two buttons on the left sleeve, make this a classic that will turn heads now, 50 years from now, and would have 50 years ago. I love pieces like this for that very reason. See more details of this $195.00 dress at neimenmarcus.com.

From StarMagazine.com: Naomi Watts' Sons

Look at those little toe heads. Enjoying a sunny day in Sidney, Naomi Watts' sons with Liev Schrieber, Sasha and Sammy, are riding in style. Kind of wish we had that kind of warmth going on here, instead of being buried in snow. 

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Arkansas... Introducing:

Topanga Kay
Jordyn Leasle
Rheid Olivia
Myrum Ming
Jonah Lynn
Temperance Katlyna
Charity Rayne
Lyric Silas
Adalyn Harlow
Mazie Amanda
Caprice Ann
Imajean Eileen (Worst. Spelling. Ever.)

Jakobe James
Ottis Luther
Hunter Chase and Gunner Bo (Twins. Seems Violent.)
Axton Harlow
Zaivior Eldon Joseph Sidney (Give me a break.)
Kade Memphis

Burberry Hobo Diaper Bag

Remember when you were little and were fascinated with your mom's purse? My mom always called her her "packet book," but I thought she was saying pockabook. It was huge, and it contained endless treasures. When I was a teenager and got into carrying a purse, it was always teeny ("The Sak" was big in those days), because I didn't understand what you could possibly need to carry with you that was so huge or so plentiful. Nowadays, good lord. Hobo bags are my passion because you can fit anything and everything into them. And that's just my stuff. Add a baby to the mix? You will need a super hobo bag, like Burberry's Hobo-Style Diaper Bag. Huge, gorgeous, will fit everything. Price? Huge, gorgeous, will eat your paycheck. $1095.00 at neimanmarcus.com.

Juicy Couture Headphones

Oh my lord what are these?? I love unique and quirky things in general, but designer unique and quirky things? These are headphones, made by Juicy Couture, that are knit and embellished to look like cat ears. I mean how weird but how fantastic? I could see a little girl getting incredibly excited about receiving these as a gift. They even come in a keepsake box. Find these for $87.00 at childrensalon.com.

Fendi Baby Floral Shoes

I will be the first to admit that I get pretty sad the week after Christmas. I am finding that I especially do not care for Christmas being on a Saturday. I cried when I left my family to come back home today, mainly because I adore the holidays and everything that comes with them, but also because... I have to work tomorrow. Reality is harsh. But now, as the horrific months of winter are upon us, it is time to focus on spring. I keep telling myself these next three months are a great thing, because I have three months to get my fluffy body ready for spring. It is kind of working. A little. One thing to keep me occupied in these coming months that I have been looking forward to: the blast of spring clothing that we are about to be hit with. One of the first things I have seen: these Fendi baby shoes. Adorable, leather, precious floral pattern... they are helping me to think warm. I also like how they are a break from the Fendi Zucca pattern. See these sweet little shoes for $120.00 at childrensalon.com.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Michigan... Introducing:

Fayten Rae
Micali Renae
Xoe Lee
Evelette Klare
Tristynn Lynaa

Truston Michael
Atticus Blaine
Stryder Martin
Indie Lee
Breck Reid
Keyten Jacob

A Crib Fit For A Queen or King!

Aaaand this is another one of those things that goes directly onto the "Things That Just Look Expensive" list. Ornate hand-carved designs and lattice work cover this entire crib and make it look like something that just came out of an ancient castle. Maybe it is filled with diamonds or something. The price, the price, the price... is $4462.00 at ababy.com.

Baby Dior Watercolor Silk Dress

This may be one of the most gorgeous baby dresses I have ever seen. It's so delicate and wispy and whimsical... just simply stunning. Childrensalon.com describes the blossoms on the silk dress as "reminiscent of Monsieur Dior's happy days out painting in his Normandy garden." Sounds like a recipe for expensiveness, and this designer dress follows suit with a $486.00 price tag. Wow.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Juicy Couture Baby Bib Gift Set

Not gonna lie... kind of in love with these. Brightly colored and packaged in an adorable gift box, I just think these would be such a fun shower present. I mean they are just bibs, but who would think to bring Juicy Couture bibs? The middle one with the yellow and the crown is just genius. If you look closely, you can see that they have a sweet little picot trim too. Available for $48.00 at saksfifthavenue.com.

Hermes Plush Horse?

I love stuffed animals. Always have. Every year for Christmas, my brothers and I would get a new stuffed animal from Santa. They always were wrapped in some kind of fancy plastic bag, different from all of our other presents. For whatever reason, the stuffed animal was always my favorite present and the one I most looked forward to. I still remember the first year that I didn't have one in my pile of presents because I was "too old." Slightly devastating. ANYWAY, this horse is made by Hermes, and it's cute. It's not extraordinarily large; she stands 15" tall. There is nothing out of this world about her, except her price tag. $520.00. Found at hermes.com.

More Baby Ugg Boots.

My hatred for the Ugg name has been soothed in these past few months because their baby collections is just too adorable. I especially love these little brown camo Uggs... I never got out of the camo fad. Even after it because very cool and very "last year" (or very "10 years ago") to don it. These boots apparently can keep teeny feet warm in temperatures as low as -30 degrees F. Cute and practical, these little boots can be found for $50.00 at niemanmarcus.com.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From California... Introducing:

Ebony Cheyenne
Willow Michele
Kadince Jolie
Palynn Dixie
Kiera Aislinn
Pypr Elizabeth (you've got to be kidding.)
Anjilee Marie
Madeyla Wynelle

Dusty Dean
Holden Montie Roscoe
Ryder Cache
Kyson Rodger
Otis Valentine

Dolce & Gabbana Baby Striped Dress

It is the dead of winter, so dresses like this are kind of hard to look at. For one it is hard to imagine it being warm enough outside to wear this. Then it also is saddening that it in fact is not warm enough outside for strappy dresses, and that time seems so far away. In any case, this Dolce & Gabbaba sailor-esque striped dress is adorable, and five months from now it will be wearable. See for $265.00 at lavishkids.com.

From People.com: Ellen Pompeo and Stella Luna

It's interesting to me that her name means "Star Moon." She looks like a natural holding that clutch, that's for sure. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gucci Diaper Bag

I am all about diaper bags that are the antithesis of frump and fug; it is a bag after all, a fashion statement. Many diaper bags by big designers I look at and almost fall over because of how fanciful and posh they are. This bag however, I am torn. It looks very Gucci, obviously, with the all-over logo. I like that it is a messenger bag, it is sleek, and it is functional. But something about it just leaves me wanting more. It's a normal-looking bag covered with an expensive logo. I dunno. See details and cast your own judgments upon this whopping $990.00 diaper bag at saksfifthavenue.com.

Catimini Ruffle Skirt

I love Catimini because their busy and colorful designs are so bohemian. Their clothing line actually reminds me a lot of Anthropologie. This ruffly skirt is maybe one of my favorites. Found at forestandzoe.com, each layer is made of a different patterned fabric. I love crazy quilts; I am a fan of this multi-fabric idea. And for the umpteenth time, it leaves room for improv with different color shirts, tights, and accessories which is always a great thing. The price? How about $70.00. Not cheap, but not devastating. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Dior Faux Fur Coat...

Hmm.... so this one kind of took me by surprise. Historically, I have loved almost everything that Baby Dior has cranked out this year. Then I came to this faux fur coat at neimanmarcus.com. Everything about it seems just a bit odd to me... three quarter sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, and three gigantic fuzzy buttons. Dare I say that this is kind of... gross? Maybe I am just fussy after a bad day at work and am taking it out on this pile of dryer lint, but for $638.00? Thanks, I'll pass. 

Collin Baby Booties

These. Are. Too. Precious. I don't think I have ever paid extremely close attention to the shoe collection from PoshTots... I think that is mostly because I am too busy taking in all of the furniture and decor, which is some of the most expensive stuff you will ever see. Now for their shoes, I must say, very very impressive. Offering a wide variety from sneakers to booties to ballet flats, I particularly love these Collin Booties because they are simple and classic yet unique. And for $50.00, you could definitely do worse prise-wise!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Tennessee... Introducing:

Mercy Lynn
Bentlie Anne
Braylee Hope
Destiny Rayne (porn star.)
Kalia Shawn
Adasyn Nicole
Seanna LaShea Shyenne
Wilkira Lenise
Bryndolin Azaray
Skylee Jae
Harli Belle
Winter Rain
Zephyr Mariah
Magnolia Grace

Porter Johnson
Jett Grayson
Neven Richard
Stetson DeeRone
Zailyn Curtis
Blaedyn Shane (oh no.)
Kendryx Tristan (no really... oh no.)
Brocklyn Thomas (no comment about the gender mixing going on here.)
Brinnen Matthew
Maverick Lee

Roberto Cavalli Baby Boy Gift Set

You know... I have found that I like when huge-name designers don't take themselves too seriously with their baby items. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy oooing and aaahing over the real leather-crystal-fur-liquidmoney baby items that just scream, "I am a product of wealth." But at the same time, these are babies we are talking about. Sometimes it's nice to see something that is just... cute. This little robot onesie gift set from Roberto Cavalli Baby is one of those things. See this three piece set for $159.00 at lavishkids.com.

From UsMagazine.com: Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Mason

Believe it or not, the adorable son of socialite Kourtney Kardashian and megadouche Scott Disick just turned the big "One" this past November. Loving his hat.

Burberry Baby Bib Set

Now here is a baby gift for only those with a fat checking account. This set contains two cotton bibs, trimmed in that Burberry tartan check that makes everyone faint, along with a cotton gift bag. A three piece gift set made of maybe $0.01 worth of cotton... retailing for $88.00 at childrensalon.com. Oh to be rich...

BonPoint Embellished Hat

I never grew out of sequins. Sometimes I even get tempted to wear glitter around my eyes. That being said, I enjoy these things in tasteful doses (ie: I do not like bedazzled sweats or bags that shed glitter like some kind of magical fairy). Something about anything BonPoint touches turns to glitter and gold for me. This soft grey hat has just enough sparkle to catch your eye, nothing over the top. I adore it. One would think that there are small diamonds sewn in there somewhere as well, because this hat costs $110.00. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Juicy Couture Metallic Ballerina Shoes

I've said it once and I shall say it again: babies can get away with over-the-top styles in a way that adults will never be able to. I would say a healthy 45% of adults I see out and about wearing Juicy Couture garb are in fact NOT PULLING IT OFF. It's so glitzy and glittery and... gold. I don't like gold. Yet why do I love these baby shoes? Why do you make me feel like such a hypocrite, Juicy Couture? It's not fair. These are precious. Ugh. See these girly $58.00 ballerina shoes at neimanmarcus.com.

BonPoint Friandise Tartan Dress

I love anything with tartan print. I'm not too sure why, I guess it's just one of those things. This tartan dress from BonPoint is another one of those versatile pieces that makes my mind work. Would I pair it with black tights and sweater, or white? Or maybe even get really crazy and pair it with gold? In any case, this dress is adorable. Made of a wool/laine blend, it will cost you $165.00. Plus the cost of accessories. Jeez.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Illinois... Introducing:

Sonora Gray
Elliot Faye and Addison Jane (twins)
Kena Caroline
Miley-Ann Bernice
Zariah Charmaine Annette
Kenzley Renee
Kyah Lorenne
Aurora Jodean
Harper Nichole
Karsyn Rose
Camberlee Marie
Skylynn Love

Kameren Jacob
Coltin Garrett
Waylan Owen
Gaige Reves
Thoren Lee
Daltyn Matthew

From People.com: Kendra Wilkinson and Baby Hank

Not gonna lie, I have always been a big fan of Kendra, ever since The Girls Next Door. She is bubbly and charismatic and now has an adorable little curly-haired baybay. 

Burberry Baby Demin Overall Jumper

Umm... so this is mind-blowingly adorable. If spring collections are coming out in stores already, that means posting on them is fair game right? I was going to at least try to wait until after Christmas but that plan has obviously not worked out. By Burberry, these denim overalls have a feminine plaid ruffle at the bottom and I am in love with them. See these for $125.00 and more of Burberry's spring collection at saksfifthavenue.com.

Chloe Baby Pink Floral Blouse

Chloe baby is simple, classic, elegant, and soft. This billowy blouse is the perfect example, with its Peter Pan collar, decorative bow, and soft pink floral pattern. Apparently the "Chloe Baby" logo is even incorporated into the allover floral design, and I am a sucker for tactful and inventive logo incorporation. This blouse can be found for $82.00 at childrensalon.com.

Chloe Baby Sunglasses

Babies that wear sunglasses are cute. They just are. It makes me wonder what they think the sunglasses are for. They don't know about things like that. I always thought that cheap sunglasses would be a good idea for babies, since there is a large chance that they will be torn off and thrown on the ground at least a time or twenty. These Chloe sunglasses... are not cheap. Better stick to wearing them in the grass, because you may not be happy when your child breaks their $215.00 sunglasses. See details at childrensalon.com.

Dolce & Gabbana Arm Bands

Swimmies. They still kind of terrify me. When I was a child, I was pretty chubby. We had a pool in our back yard. I have brothers who are younger, brothers who wore swimmies. When I was maybe 8 or 9 I put on their swimmies as a joke, and they got stuck on my chunky arms. I absolutely panicked and cried and carried on; my mom just deflated them and pulled them off. It makes me kind of hopeful that summer things are already popping up in some stores... sometimes I need a little push to make it through the winter. These Dolce & Gabbana arm bands are definitely cuter than the standard bright orange version we always had, but you must pay the price: $62.00 at childrensalon.com. Ouch.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Ohio... Introducing:

Sage Elizabeth
Lyric Aaliyah
Mirilee Lynn
Bryann Neileah
Rheylea Maddison
Kitana Izabella Danielle
Jacklyn Amia Jo
Karaigan Jean
Brecklyn Rajan
Victory Jean
Charlisia Ann
Kashmir Abigail
Kimber Lee
Coralee Gracelyn
Gwendolyn Belle

Cahner Ethan
Brycen Lee
Bear Jerome
Sayer Christian
Croix Allen
Layton Kristofer
Taden Myles

Storksak Emily Metallic Diaper Bag

I understand that metallic bags reached their peak already in the recent past, but I am still drawn to them as a hot item. I feel the same way about low-waisted flare jeans. Even if skinny jeans are more fashion-forward, I opt for the flair. It's just what I like. That, and I am very "pear-shaped," as most sources gently describe people with a giant ass. So back to the bag, it is flashy and unique and actually faux leather, so it can be easily wiped clean. This bag can be found for $175.00 at nordstrom.com.

Bellage Swarovski Kitty Headband

Confession: I am a cat person. I have an all white long hair cat named Ellie. She is eight years old and has the biggest personality of any cat in the world. In my humble opinion. I love her to pieces, and while I do not have a house full of cat-themed items (rugs, paintings, lamps, pilllows, etc.), I am sometimes drawn to things depicting cats. So maybe that is why I am drawn to this headband so much, maybe it is the Swarovski crystals, who knows. Made by the prestigious designer Bellage, this headband boats 28 crystals total, and is described as "not easily breakable." Well, for $90.00, I would certainly hope so. See this posh accessory at childrensalon.com.

While We Are on the Subject of Cupcakes... Knitted Cupcake Rattles!

As if the cupcake Christmas stocking wasn't awesome enough, now cupcake knit rattles! They come in a gingham bakery tray, and all four are different. What is it about cupcakes that I love so much... I may never be able to put my finger on it. But I want to get both of my entire hands on these rattles: such a fantastic gift! See these for $32.00 at childrensalon.com.

Cupcake Christmas Stocking!!

So I may mention every two minutes or so that I love cupcakes. Like actual edible cupcakes and any item depicting pictures of cupcakes. Now a cupcake Christmas stocking? I am bowled over. Cupcakes, bows, pearls, lace, and glitter... I am adding this to my Christmas list. See this fabulous stocking for $40.00 at childrensalon.com.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From California... Introducing:

Presiliana Joann
Avaniee Alyssa
Lucky Diamond
Herminia Abbygail
Janelly Grisselle
Mixtly Ketzalli (I wish I was kidding.)

Shyllyn Kye
Alijah Daniel
Mackayle Konnor

Gorgeous Baby Graziella Dress

Well this is just stunning. Simply made of linen and tulle, this ivory-colored dress by Italian designer Baby Graziella strikes me as versatile; it could be either for the cold holidays or the warm spring. This pairs just enough ruffles and tulle without going overboard, and somehow manages to utilize a bow in a way that I actually like (I usually boycott large bows). This gorgeous dress can be found for $179.00 at lavishkids.com.

Serendipity Crib Bedding from TheTrendyBaby

I am forever on the lookout for crib bedding that is anything but pastel pink, blue and yellow, depicting typical things like ducks or bears or baby blocks. I like different, and this Serendipity crib bedding from thetrendybaby.com is one of my favorites thus far. It is bright and cheery and leaves a million options for accent colors to pull. I would probably skip the brown and green wall shown here and go for something crazy, like one of the reds or dark pinks. Cute cute cute, $504.00.

Adorable Christmas Elf Outfits!

Okay so these are kind of tacky but since I love anything and everything that has to do with Christmas, these La Top Adorable Elf Outfits get a free pass into the genius category. I love everything from the thin candy cane stripes down to the pointy little elf shoes. And there is a his and hers version, Christmas-tastic! Turn your baby into a Christmas elf with these $44.00 outfits, from mychildclothing.com.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monnalisa Baby Puffer Jacket: Know When to Stop.

You know when you are laying on the couch and your husband/boyfriend/friend/brother/whoever tickles your feet? At first you laugh and yelp, "Stop!" Then they do it again. You laugh more, then say stop again. Then... they do it again. You feel the first twinge of annoyance. "No really, STOP." And then... they do it once more. You become the epitome of fussy. Some people yell. Some kick. Some leave the room. But the message is clear: you need to know when to stop. These are my feelings on the amount of ruffles and folds and floof of this jacket my Monnalisa, who normally I think can do no wrong. It gives me that yikes feeling, like my feet are being tickled for the fourth time. If you like yikes, this can be yours for $255.00 at monpetitchild.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Massachusetts... Introducing:

Brynn Autumn
Giorgia Grace
Emylee Teresa
Aurelia Marie

Armanii Nikolas
Mattias James
Bay Warren
Callen Michael
Anderson John-Michael

Dolce & Gabbana Baby Silver Snowsuit

Tis the season for expensive snowsuits, and Dolce & Gabbana Baby's Silver Snowsuit is of course no exception. Lined with soft jersey material and padded with loads of down, this snowsuit also has a detachable hood, and the mittens and booties can be removed also. Kinda-sorta plain yet kinda sorta fancy with the silver color, this $367.00 investment can be purchased at childrensalon.com.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Expensive Baby Shoes from Gucci

Gucci definitely takes the cake (and the paycheck) so far when it comes to this season's most expensive baby shoes. From ballet flats to boots to boat shoes to sneakers, at least they offer a variety of things to gouge your bank account with. These little sneakers are brown canvas with Gucci logo print, trimmed with soft pink leather. See this $230.00 investment with the rest of Gucci's expensive baby shoe collection at saksfifthavenue.com.

Fortune Tees is Funny.

I first wrote about Fortune Tees and their story in this post and ever since I have been wishing for someone close to me to have a baby so I can buy something from their site. It's kind of genius the way they have it set up: first you pick a fortune, then you pick which clothing type you'd like (onesie, hoodie, shirt, etc.), then the color. Fantastic. Oddly enough, onesies are the most expensive item at $22.00 each; the hoodies and shirts range from $12.00 to $15.00. Definitely take time to visit fortuneteeshirt.com.

Burberry Baby Shearling Duffle Coat

Why hello adorable. Another one of those things that just looks expensive, this little coat from Burberry is made from dyed lamb shearling, lined with curly lamb shearling. The lambs come from Spain, which somehow makes it even cooler. While I love this coat, I think it may be a little tricky for a baby because, well, babies get things dirty. They get things dirty very very easily. While I have never owned anything made of lamb shearling (that I know of), it does not sound like something that would enjoy a cycle in the washing machine. See this coat for $395.00 at burberry.com.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

From People.com: Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Thanks to Perez Hilton (I may be a little addicted to his website), whenever I see this adorable child's name all I can think it "Sunday Roast."