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Friday, January 18, 2013

Bright Summer Patterns from Kenzo!

Ugh, why is it only mid-January?? The only silver lining I am seeing to this situation is that it means I still have about four months to get "bikini ready" as they say. The holidays once again caused me to loosen my belt a notch... but that's what it's all about right? In any case, I am loving the colorful sunny patterns that Kenzo is showing for their spring/summer 2013 collection. My favorite is definitely the strawberry print headband pictured at the bottom. Also in this print you can find dresses, hats, you name it. So so adorable. Tons of bright bathing suits too, both one pieces and bikinis. Now all we need is some sun. Get ready for it and find these and more at Children Salon!

A Great Beach Bag by Parrot!

What better time to think about beaches and cruises and palm trees than the dead of winter? While there is no snow anymore here in the Midwest, it is frigid. While it's always a torturous tease to see summer clothes start emerging this time of year, it's great to have the warm weather as something to look forward to... because let's face it: January and February can be miserable. So nothing makes me think tropical cruise more than a fun nautical-themed bag like this one from Parrot. 100% cotton so it is machine washable (in case you spill a daiquiri or something on it!), this bag is perfect to tote around your kids' beach gear. Find it for $107.00 at Children Salon.

Leopard Print Love

Something about Cavalli's leopard print never gets old. My favorite thing about the collection's use of this print is that it's not the typical cutsey pink/purple babied-up version. It's chic and realistic, just like you would see on a scarf for an adult. Babies should be allowed to be chic too! To dress your chic baby in this onesie, it will cost you about $90.00. Find it and more at Children Salon.