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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gorgeous and Girly Summer Dresses from BonPoint

My obsession with BonPoint  is growing as fast as my longing for warmer weather. I was late for a 3:30 meeting today, so as I hustled up to the building it was being held in, I was annoyed to see a large cobblestone walkway, completely blanketed in an icy sheet of death. I tried to keep up my hustle, which naturally resulted in a fall. I think that is my #4 public fall of the season, up from last year. I must be getting old. So pretty much, it's about time for the kind of weather that these adorable dresses can be worn in. 100% cotton, feminine and fun, I would pair these with some mary janes and maybe even a floppy straw hat, then call it a day. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Juicy Couture Baby Onesie Gift Set

Bad day at work today. My boss made me very angry because while he sits in his gigantic office and watches TV on his gigantic flat screen, I sit in my tiny freezing office and work my ass off. Then he emerges from his gigantic office and instead of seeing the things I have worked on, he sees the things I have not worked on. "Hey, I don't know if you knew this, but there is a rubber band on the floor over here. No rush." REALLY? Work makes me jaded lately. Maybe it is the dead-of-winter blues. Or, maybe it is the my-boss-is-a-douche blues. Anyway, I have been trying to decompress for about four hours now and finally feel like I can focus on something other than my anger. Cute Juicy Couture onesies are a good start. I just love everything about these: they are fun, colorful, and different. A great gift for a friend who would never expect such a big name to be present at her baby shower. 100% comfy cotton, this set of adorable onesies can be found for $85.00 at Children Salon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feast Your Eyes Upon Catimini Accessories

Reason #9483573945 why Catimini is one of my all-time favorite clothing collections. Everything they touch is just so bright and fun and unique, right down to pairs of socks. Visit Mon Petit Child to see more of this fantastic collection.

Junior Gaulter Bebe Signature Set

Mon Petit Child is a treasure trove for new spring clothing right now, it makes me sad that we still have probably two solid months before the season of patio drinking begins. When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining and it just looked warm outside, so I immediately rushed to my living room and flung open my patio doors to let some air in. Turned out to be 38 degree air, so I promptly closed the doors and pouted for a bit. At least it's not January I guess. So Junior Gaultier... I have had my eye on this collection since it made its debut, but I don't really see anything that wows me. I think some designers start a baby clothing line just to have something else to put their name on, while others (like Baby Dior and Dolce & Gabbana) put forth a giant effort to create amazing things in mini sizes. This $102.00 set by Junior Gaultier is one of the cuter things I have seen from the collection, I especially like the little hat with a top knot. Still waiting on something that gives me the wow factor though. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Great Floral Patterns: Marie Chantal Bibs

I don't know that I have ever seen bibs this shape... it's like a tear drop meets a handkerchief. I must say I kind of love it! The patterns are what got me though, pretty much any of the patterns utilized by Marie-Chantal = fabulous. At $24.00 apiece, I would be tempted to collect the whole set. 

Patterned Dresses from Marie-Chantal

Marie-Chantal seems to be another celebrity favorite. The company was started by a mother of five (four boys, one girl) who decided to try her hand at designing children's clothing that "took a classical design and gave it a playful, contemporary twist (from mariechantal.com)." This is music to my ears because I love anything that has its roots in classic styles (think BbK and BonPoint). Keeping true to this season's trend of floral patterns, the dresses in this collection are a mixture of dainty and feminine. These cap-sleeved dresses are made of 100% cotton, have matching bloomers, and sell for $139.00 apiece. Now all we need is a little sunshine.

Cutest Easter Photos Ever:The Chickee Poof

Although I fear that baby photos with huge tutus and giant embellished headbands have become so popular that they are bordering cliche, there are still some very interesting and unique tutus or "poofs" as they are often called. The Chickee Poof from Teacups and Mudpies is a prime example. First of all, I have seen grown men coo like babies when in the presence of baby chicks. I, as a grown woman, angered many children at the state fair this past year because I was hogging the front row at the chick cage for a bit too long. So, need a unique idea for Easter photos? Look no further: you can create your own little chick in the grass. Surround with colored eggs and bright flowers and voila: a masterpiece.This set includes the skirt and headband for a very reasonable $50.00. 

Dolce & Gabbana Beach Towels

I was wondering when these were going to make an appearance. Dolce & Gabbana has rolled out their own raft and floaties bearing the famous D&G, why not dry off with one of their luxurious towels after using them? Coming in two of their seasonal patterns, Exotic Fish and Lemon Garden, these towels are BIG (61" x 30"), and so is their pricetag: $93.00. Good thing I can't afford tropical vacations, because I definitely could not afford to buy and bring these towels. You can find these and the rest of the swim collection at Children Salon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tiffany & Co. Man in the Moon Feeding Spoon

I have said this before, but Tiffany & Co.'s baby gifts are not something that I go gaga over. That being said, there are a couple of items here and there that catch my eye as wonderful. One of them being this sterling silver feeding spoon. I love nursery rhymes. I love that they were read to kids in the 1800's and they are still read kids today. They have staying power, even if some of them don't seem to make and sense. This spoon is decorated with five stars and the man in the moon embedded in the handle. Measuring 6.25" long, this tiny gift packs a punch: its price. $125.00 at tiffany.com.

Must Read: Christina Applegate in People Magazine

I snatched this copy of People off the shelf (I really should just bite the bullet and get a subscription) as soon as I saw Christina Applegate and her new baby, Sadie Grace on the cover. The article is guaranteed to make you cry, and the way she describes seeing and holding her baby for the first time is so touching. This is a GREAT period read. You know what I mean.

Move Over Diaper Cakes. Make Room For the Baby Bunch Bouquet.

Remember when diaper cakes were all the rage? Whoever was the first person to gift one of those at a baby shower, mad props to you. But anymore, they have become just another one of those "eh" gifts. The new kid in town: baby bouquets, like this one from The Baby Bunch. They come in three color themes: pink, yellow, and my favorite pictured above< purple and blue. Within this bouquet you will find two bodysuits, one tee shirt, two pairs of socks, and a hat. Essentials can be kind of a blah gift, but you have to give this big points for presentation. Order your Baby Bunch Bouquet for $59.95 at nordstrom.com.

Little Marc Jacobs Infant's Mouse Booties

I look at these shoes and predict that they will be the shoes that your child loves and wears constantly, to the point that they start to fall apart. They are just adorable, with their little mouse faces. And, if you look closely, you can see that they even have WHISKERS. Made from crackled gold leather with suede soles, these shoes pretty much need to be added to your baby's wardrobe immediately. The Little Marc Jacobs collection has this quirky weirdness that I was unsure of at first, but am slowly falling in love with. Get your pair for $57.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print Blanket Set

So the fashion psychics were pretty accurate when they said that florals were going to be the big trend this spring. So far, my favorite signature patterns are Fendi's dainty flowers and Dolce & Gabbana's girly rosebuds, as seen on this blanket, hat, and booties set.  Whoever decided to pair the pattern with a soft periwinkle blue was pretty much a genius; it is a gorgeous duo. Aside from this set, D&G also has shirts, onesies, and bibs in this same floral motif (the word motif ALWAYS makes me think of Mrs. Doubtfire to the point that I almost cannot use it seriously). So this set without any of the matching clothes costs a heaping $360.00. Being in style don't come cheap y'all. 

Cute Pink Armani Onesies

Lavish Kids is still adding Armani Baby items in mass quantities, I can hardly keep up with it. These two are interesting to me because they are just simple and sweet: no huge frills or bling or obnoxious logo usage. They are just regular-looking baby clothes. I actually think they would make cute Valentine's Day outfits for twin girls (I sit around at work and dream up dumb things). The only thing that is not so normal about these pink onesies? The price of course. Duh. $95.00 apiece. Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Juicy Couture Ruffle Party Dress

Light, feminine, and feathery... those adjectives just sound appealing to me. Possibly because after my Valentine's Day feast that I had with another single friend of mine last night, the adjectives that currently describe me are plump, bulging, solid, and muffin top. And yes, I realize that muffin top is not an adjective. This dress reminds me of one of the birthday parties that I saw on one of the Real Housewives of whatever shows that I always get sucked into. It was an enchanted tea party birthday and the mom got drunk off of pink cocktails. Classic trash TV. Love it. Juicy Couture has some adorable baby dresses on their actual website that I have never seen anywhere else. Definitely check it out. This dress is one of the best, and of course has a matching diaper cover with the Juicy logo. All for a price of $88.00. Cute comes costly.

IT'S HERE!! BonPoint Spring/Summer 2011 Collection!!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting... My weekend was pretty jam-packed, all the way up until the big day yesterday (Valentine's Day). I don't have a traditional valentine; I have a friend who is perpetually single like me, and on Valentine's Day we go out and eat cake and martinis for dinner and see a "chic flick." (Sidenote: No Strings Attached is a surprisingly witty and lovable movie). Anyway, point being I have not had a chance to stalk BonPoint in a few days. I was pleasantly surprised when I jumped on on my lunch break and was met with a vast new collection of spring and summer clothes. Demin, overalls, and plaid seem to be big for the boys and it is all about floral patterns for the girls. I shall post my favorite outfits as follows:

And I can't forget this adorable newborn outfit:

I could go on forever but I can't post about everything at once, I would never make it to fall without something new to talk about. I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Store.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Dior Teddy Bear in Gift Box

Another thing that interests me: designer stuffed animals. I have seen them from Chloe, Hermes, and one of my all-time favorites, a soft ladybug by Dior. This is another from Dior, a sweet little teddy bear that displays the logo on his paw, and he comes inside a little gift box. When I think of these toys, I can almost picture them all on a shelf or window sill together, all of the big names all in a row. Probably would be about a $10,000.00 toy collections. Craziness. This little guy costs $110.00, and can be found at Children Salon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Last Few Winter Items: Armani Baby Wool Set

I got sick of winter faster than usual this year. Usually I don't start to get stir crazy until March; that is usually when I start to feel the itch for dinner on patios and the sun staying up past 6pm. This year, that feeling started in mid-January. I think I have been posting nonstop about spring items since then, trying very hard to look forward to warmer days. However, as over winter as I am, this three piece set from Armani cannot be ignored. Beautiful little mittens, hat, and scarf, all made of 100% wool with delicate pink trim, this set might be a great thing to purchase when it goes on sale within the next month or so, then given as a gift next year. Or kept for yourself, if you are expecting a little one. For $150.00, you can see more details at Lavish Kids.

Sonia Rykiel Baby Rainbow Knickers

If Sonia Rykiel and I were in a Facebook relationship, it would say "it's complicated." I go back and forth with her designs: I love the signature black and rainbow stripes that show up in much of her clothing (although it's more the kids line rather than the baby things). But mostly everything outside of the stripes (fur coats, velour onesies) I do not care for at all. These little knickers are rainbow, therefore they fall into the "likeable" category for me. Besides, rainbow is always great because it leaves you a lot of options of colors to pair with. Obviously. See these $28.00 knickers and more from Sonia at Children Salon.

Dolce & Gabbana Red & Navy Open Sandals

Designer name meets sporty practical sandals in the adorable little shoes by Dolce & Gabbana. I love the look of them because they are not out-of-this world obnoxious about the logo and style: they are your typical sandals that your little boy will run around in and get dirty and wear to death. All leather with lots of great details including red stitching and sporty striping, these $140.00 sandals can be found at Children Salon.

"My Little Black Bib" by Sara Kety

I first blogged about Sara Kety here... and I still think she is hilarious. And a genius. A play on that little black dress that every woman should have, every baby girl should have a little black bib as well. Love it. Find this for $16.00 at Barney's New York.

Gucci Bibs Cost A Lot.

If you saw a baby in a restaurant wearing a Gucci bib, would you think it was real? I might be inclined to think that it came from some crazy designer knockoff van parked in a church parking lot (you know the kind I mean... they sell knockoff bags out of the back until a cop rolls by, then they speed away). Perhaps I feel this way because I probably would never be able to afford to eat in the same kind of restaurant that people who own Gucci bibs eat at. Who knows. But three bibs, all very cute, all brandishing the Gucci logo, $150.00 total. So much for the price break for buying the set. See more unimaginable luxuries at gucci.com.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From People.com: Honor Warren. Could not be cuter.

This child is just always put together. Sweater dress, leggings, adorable boots... even a matching scarf. She looks more put together than I ever have on a work day. Jealous.

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Dolce & Gabbana Swim Suits!

They just keep coming! I was a little weirded out by the realistic fish print at first, but when paired with a little ruffle and orange trim, it's not so strange. I don't know that I have ever seen a tube top bandeau swim suit for a baby, but I kind of like the idea. It's different. You can find this fancy D&G swim suit for $70.00 at Lavish Kids.

Fendi Makes Expensive Socks.

No really. These are $25.00. Definitely not my 3 for $10.00 Target socks, but Fendi Zucca print little pink socks. Just another one of life's little luxuries. That I will most likely never get to enjoy. Someone seems to be enjoying them though, because the 0-6 month sizes are sold out. Must be nice. See more crazy expensive luxuries at Children Salon.

Springy Skirts from Forest and Zoe

I have said this lots of times, but I am mildly obsessed with skirts. Skirts for adults:  I wear them to death and use them to hide my disproportionately large thighs. They work amazingly. Skirts for babies: adorable because you can pair them with fancy little sets of bloomers. They can be thrown on over a plain white onesie and you are good to go. Forest and Zoe is a great place to skirt shop because they have tons of colorful options. Clockwise from the top left we have Mim Pi, naf naf, Oilily, and Room Seven, all for between $55.00 and $75.00. I wish they made the Room Seven skirt in adult sizes because I would considering wearing that one myself!

Oilily Spring 2011 Collection: I Am In Love.

Colors and patterns and brightness, oh my! Forest and Zoe definitely perked up my morning (them, and about four cups of coffee actually) when I saw that they started posting pictures of Oilily's new items for 2011. Staying true to their tradition of vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns, the collection is full of eye candy for everyone to feast upon. I picked a few of my favorite items, first being the Timone Fairytale Blouse, which almost reminds me of a crazy 80's shirt I once had. I am also loving the Daisy Blue Sensa Dress with its delicate floral patterns and plenty of ruffles. Lastly, a cupcake purse, because anything having to do with cupcakes is genius. With prices ranging from $186.00 (the dress) to $36.00 (the blouse), Oilily definitely falls into the fabulously reasonable category. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentines Day Dresses from My Child Clothing

Remember making Valentines Day mailboxes out of shoe boxes and wrapping paper when you were little? I was always very competitive in this area, because I have a very crafty mother who always made sure that my mailbox was, well, over the top. I remember to this day what each of them looked like. Kind of an odd tradition, but a fun one. Nowadays, being a still-single woman in my late 20's, I go out with a close friend of mine (also a late 20's girl flying solo) and we have cakes and cookies for dinner at our favorite bakery, then see a "chick flick." This year we are seeing No Strings Attached and I am pretty excited. Anyway, I also got excited when I saw that My Child Clothing had a special section for Valentine outfits. I wasn't blown away, but there were a couple of fantastic dresses, like this chiffon dress by Biscotti. I love the patterns and ruffles and bows. The cardigan is actually not attached, so you can go with it or without. And for just $72.00, this is a very reasonable purchase for your little cupid.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pristine Baby Set from Janie and Jack

Whether it be for a wedding, Easter Sunday, a fancy garden party, or whatever other springtime even you can dream up, this set from Janie and Jack could not be more prefect or exquisite. The Pristine Baby set, which consists of a delicately embroidered silk pintucked dress, a tiny cropped cardigan with scalloped trim, a silk headband with bow, and toppped off with silk crib shoes that tie with white ribbons. It sounds like something out of a dream and I wish I could see a picture of a baby wearing it. Janie and Jack describes this set as "vintage elegance," and I cannot agree more. Purchase this at their website for a small fee of $282.00. Looking pristine comes with a price.

Getting Anxious for the BonPoint Spring Collection

Where is it?? This is my first transition from winter to spring as a blogger, so I have never seen the emergence of a spring collection from BonPoint. I feel like I am waiting for Christmas. What is awesome though is that the discounts on the cold weather stuff keep going up and up and up. This is especially great news is you are looking to put together a custom gift set, like the one pictured above suggested by BonPoint. Normally, it would cost $810.00 for all of the pieces, but at sale price right now, it is $534.00. Okay, that is still a huge investment, but if you think about it, it's almost $300.00 off. Someday, I will own something from this store. Someday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Chandelier

How fantastic is this? I am loving the idea of a hot air balloon chandelier because it's like it is really floating away, up into the ceiling. The base that the arms of each light come out of is even a basket. Embellished with hanging crystals and soft pompoms, each chandelier is hand-crafted by artist Teresa Thompson. No two pieces are exactly alike, which makes this eccentric accent even more special. The cost? A lot. Like $1360.00 a lot. More of this collection is also available at The Frog and the Princess.