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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Word About April.

April is a dirty, wicked bitch.

At the beginning of the month, I read an article on CNN about how conspiracy theorists believe that there is just something about April that attracts disaster and tragedy. The Titanic sank, the Branch Davidian compound burned, the Nazis invaded Warsaw, the Columbine shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing... Amongst my friends and family, there are so so many death anniversaries in April.

I had not experienced tragedy in April... until this year. My kitty of 8 1/2 wonderful years suddenly became sick at the beginning of the month. I pretty much stopped everything in order to focus all of the attention and energy towards her. She has NEVER been sick, so I of course thought that she was going to get better. After all, she was only 8.

Unfortunately, she took a turn for the worse last week and had to spend two nights at the animal hospital. Thousands of dollars later, I was able to take her home with six different medications because no one could figure out what was wrong with her. She continued to deteriorate over Easter weekend, and I sat with her and pet her all day, every day. Yesterday morning, she passed away.

So thank you April, for now including me in your list of victims that you have shit on. If anyone out there reading this has also experienced April's wicked ways, my heart goes out to you, and I am right there with you. Yesterday I found that shots of Jameson help, but my best advice is let's buckle down and tough it out because May is just around the corner.

Just thought that I owed an explanation as to why Designer Baby suddenly dropped off the charts. I will be back in full force soon, as I need something to focus my energy on.

Four more days until May!


Monday, April 11, 2011

From StarMagazine.com: Marion and Tabitha Parker

Look at how big these little cuties are getting... from Star Magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker takes her ladies Marion and Tabitha out on the town.

Fabulous Hispanitas Red Leather Shoes!

How great are these shoes?? Granted they automatically fall into the "love to pieces" category for me because they are red, but aside from just that, they are... fabulous! Hispanitas is another brand that I am not terribly familiar with but have been introduced to via Children Salon. These shoes combine shiny red leather, little glittery polka dots, and a big frilly flower to make them almost like dress up shoes. Destined to become your little princess's favorite pair of kicks, these won't even break the bank at a reasonable $73.00.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Mamas and Papas Loop Highchair??

While scouring People for celebrity babies in $1000.00 outfits, I came across an article about this futuristic-looking contraption that is in fact a highchair! Read all about it here, this thing is amazing!

Burberry Baby Check Jumper

I swear I am not trying to only talk about baby girls clothes all the time... but it is so easy to when there are dresses, hair stuff, ribbons, ruffly bloomers... I really feel like I ignore the boys clothing unintentionally because there is always such a massive amount of girl stuff to oogle over. So now it's time to oogle over some boy stuff. This jumper and tee shirt set from Burberry is that classically adorable look that I adore. Pair this with some little brown loafers and a newsboy hat and you will have the cutest baby for miles and miles. The jumper boasts a large $150.00 price tag and the tee shirt $50.00; both can be found at Neiman Marcus.

Roberto Cavalli Ruffle Dress

Why oh why do I love this dress so much, when it contains multiple elements that I am traditionally not a fan of at all? Leopard print... normally find it to be trashy, in pretty much every aspect. Even kids clothes. Sorry, just my opinion. Excessive ruffles? This is when my "know when to stop" pet peeve kicks in. This dress combines BOTH, yet I love it. Maybe Cavalli just has that Midas touch of being able to turn anything into gold, who knows. But this dress is great in so many ways, and it leaves open a huge amount of options for accessorizing. Find this for $429.00, new at Lavish Kids.

Cheerful Dress & Bloomer Sets from Lily Pulitzer

I do believe that spring is finally here to stay! Designer Baby has taken some time off lately due to some unplanned business trips, and I am happy to say that the weekend that I am home for good is the weekend that the temperature is hitting 80 for the first time! Sorry, I'm just a bit excited. So what better thing to talk about than brightly colored dresses with vivid patterns, perfect for a day of playing in the sun. Lily Pulitzer is a brand that I haven't talked about too much because, honestly, I just haven't been too bowled over by anything I see. These dress and bloomer sets are pretty fabulous though... there are probably 8-10 different patterns available at Saks, for a very modest price of either $48.00 or $68.00, depending on the set. Could make a cute surprise gift for a friend, one of those "just because" gifts. Go ahead, make someone's day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Monnalisa Gift Sets!

Be sure to check out Monnalisa's website to see all of their fantastic spring and summer looks! And, they may have the most adorable pint-sized models I have ever seen. All gift sets can be found at Children Salon.

The Perfect White Sandals!

While continuing on through Children Salon's latest additions, I saw these Baby Dior sandals and think that they are a perfect match for this Fendi dress that I just talked about. They are white white white, airy, and classic. For $109.00, they also come inside a cute little suitcase gift box.

Fendi Beige & White Stripe Linen Dress

We are having some straaaange weather in the Midwest US today... it is about 50 degrees, half bright sun half dark clouds, with a downpour every hour that lasts one minute, and hail. I guess I'd rather have this than snow; besides, it is keeping things interesting. Looking into this coming week, it appears the warm weather will be creeping in and here to stay. So it's a perfect time to talk about gorgeous dresses like this linen dress by Fendi. Crisp, clean, and summery, I am loving the little details like the false ruffle pockets and the embroidered zucca logo. Even the buttons say Fendi. Add a pair of white Mary Janes and your little one will be the best-dressed baby wherever you go. But first, you must pay. And the price on this lovely thing is a large sum of $240.00, found at Children Salon.