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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Illinois... Introducing:

Kinlee Dawn
June Avonlea
A'Lanna Crystal
Ophelia Sue
Brea Shalyse
Rylin Rae
Jilleeanne Mariea (I love vowels! Let's use as many as we can!)
Ella Pearl Ruth-Marie
Brenyn Ann Marie
Brenley Angeline
Tinley Rynne Whitney

Kymon Ricky
Nevan Hunter
Zaiden Joe
Jacoby Jones
Axil Malachi

Friday, October 29, 2010

Holy Expensive Crib Bedding.

I mean... crib bedding is expensive... but $2400.00 expensive? That is the price on the Alpine Baby Bedding from poshtots.com (that is not including three accent pillows, those add another $427.00). This is a five piece set that includes a bumper, coverlet, two-tiered crib skirt and sheer overlay, and fitted sheet. Intense. It looks absolutely gorgeous against the dark wood of the crib they are displaying it on, like something you would see in an old Victorian house. Lucky, lucky babies.

Janie and Jack Quilted Corduroy Coat

Janie and Jack is definitely a website worth visiting. They have their baby clothes separated into different collections: things like Sweet Kittens, Petite Rosette, and Baby Penguin for girls and Polar Bear, Vintage Train, and Baby Dinosaur for boys. As you can imagine, completely adorable. Popular with the celebrities yet not out-of-this-world expensive, Janie and Jack has all sorts of unique items, like this quilted corduroy jacket for $48.00. 
Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Burberry Cashmere Hat

Well now this is just adorable. It looks so comfortable... maybe the softness will make your baby less likely to yank it off and throw it in the mud. Which, if that happened, they would be ruining a $115.00 hat. If you are feeling multiple impulse buys coming on, burberry.com also has the matching mittens for $70.00. Hopefully they are as warm as they look, because if you are like me you couldn't afford to pay your heating bill after such a purchase.

From StarMagazine.com: Estela Landry

Dressed like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ali Landry's daughter Estela looks just the part with her dark hair and eyes.

Dior Baby Music Box

Little bears on a couch with some Dior shopping bags close by... a scene right out of... a Dior music box? The subject of this lavish baby gift are a bit odd, but it's Dior. They can get away with just about anything. Honestly, ever since I was little I have found music boxes and music-making toys in general to be annoying. I used to have this jewelry box that I loved, except for the ballerina that would play "Dance Ballerina, Dance" when you opened it. My solution: just never wind the thing. If music boxes are your deal, visit lavishkids.com and have $219.00 ready to go.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Knoxville.... Introducing:

Maycee Grace
Mariabella Elizabeth
Baylaa Kay
Nazareth Bethany
Na'Miah Brielle Elizabeth
Aliveah Bliss
Kynslee Nicole
Demitria Rain
Sayde Belle
Hollins Elizabeth
Charli Reese
Bromley Elizabeth
Hadley Rashael

Thaddeus Jude
Geode Thomas
Braycen Miguel
Jameson Cozmo
Braelyn Izaac
Killian David

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dior Baby Boy Snowsuit

Down filled, fur hood, detachable mittens and booties, double zipper so it's not nearly impossibly to stuff your baby into it... oh yeah, and it's Dior. You're thinking, "Wow... this must cost a fortune." Yes... to create a designer Eskimo baby boy, you will need $344.00 and you will need to visit childrensalon.com to purchase this Dior snowsuit. 

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day, Part Deux!

Because I'm bored and have been watching scary shows about UFOs, aliens, and ghosts (in honor of Halloween) and need a distraction, and because most of these are too disgusting to wait until tomorrow...

Frooooooom Oregon! Introducing:

Tyleisha Jo
Makylie Ann Michelle
Lyric Averie
Ava Aieksandria
Shachaiah Grace Nomel
McKinnley Christine
Bryar Rayne
Sequoia Kaydence
Nayeli Louise
Macle Rose
Shyanne Marie
Kameo Faith
Oakleigh Rayne
Janasa Suganthyann
Talon LeeLynn
Jakaia Raeann
Ayvah Rain
Keyona Melody
Paityn La-Rai
Voisie Jean
Elysium Amaya
Alura Jade Ann
Raven Chanell (way to peg your kid as a porn star.)
Charis Lynlee
Starlett Rose
Joziphine Mae
Evelina Therese
Kyra Jo'Lynne
Temperance Annabelle
Bayleigh Caldona Jade
Adley Hope
Zapheara Arawen
Aspen Ann
Lylah Patricia
Daelyna Maria
Akira Dawn
Eden Baylee
Neriah Chael
Belle Seraphina
Sapheryn Leona
Neykah Lorene Ann
Ayame Ivy (the most disgusting spelling of Amy I have ever seen.)

Gavin Jay-Dean
Dakotah Andrese
Eithin James
Jhett Maximus
Kyrin Wayne
Bane Gordan
Talyn Turk
Sailor Ray
Trevyn Jordan
Koda Ray
Faller Woods
Jhonathon James (you've got to be kidding.)
A'Ngel Santos
Dayson Dale
Ryker Aldon
Behlam Huck
Tylan Jacob
Degan Kale
Beowulf Arthur
Silas Storm
Asher Zayan
Castin Mark
Tayten Jace
Treyton Joshua
Zeppelin Lee
Micean Daniel
Telyn Lee
Amadeus Dmitri-Owen

That was intense. My fingers hurt from typing.

From UsMagazine.com: Honor Warren

Honor Warren, daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, in BonPoint and Janie and Jack.

From UsMagazine.com: Max and Emme in Burberry

The twin two-year-olds of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in matching Burberry bathing suits.

BonPoint Newborn

I might be mildly obsessed with BonPoint. Sometimes I feel like I scour the website looking for something I don't like. That search is still an ongoing one. This little collection is something they put together, like a gift basket. Each piece is sold separately: everything is organic, the sweater, hat, and booties are alpaca. The grand total: $530.00. Not including the bag in the upper right corner. Mon dieu. 

Fairy Tale Bed!

This. Is. AWESOME! A cottage playhouse and a bed, all in one. You can't see it in this picture, but inside the door on the left is a staircase leading to the top floor of this ambitious piece of furniture. Since it is hand-painted, like the vast majority of PoshTots' furniture, you can choose from different styles of flowers and colors. Oh, and it only costs $13,430.00. Right in my price range. 

Oilily Floral Diaper Bag

I love Oilily! Colors and designs and patterns in your face!

I may have had too much coffee this morning.

But this bag comes fully loaded, or ready to load, with pockets and zippers and a changing pad. Carry your baby's arsenal in style; get this bag for $198.00 at nordstrom.com.

Little Marc Jacobs Bubble Sleeve Dress

I usually don't see much that wows me in the Little Marc Jacobs category... in fact I believe this is the first time I have posted about a piece of his baby collection. So here you go. Adorable little bubble sleeve dress. Kind of vintage-y if you ask me, right up my alley. For $117.00, this can be found at nordstrom.com.

Dolce & Gabbana Boots

Well aren't these fancy! Italian leather with a shearling cuff, these little Dolce & Gabbana boots are sure to keep a lucky baby's toes warm this winter. That is, if said baby's keeper has $170.00 to shell out for them. See details at neimenmarcus.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Washington... Introducing:

Jayda Rose
Acadia Idabelle
Ruth Maude
Annalena Isabella
Aubrie-Sage Dee
Maren Winifred
Piper Hardt
Dahlia Phoenix Elizabeth
Charlie Starling

Riordan William
Maynard Joseph Robert
Leeland Raymond
Schaefer Kevin

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From UsMagazine.com, Ricky Martin's Twins!

Too precious! Ricky Martin's surrogate twins, Valentino and Matteo.

From UsMagazine.com, Harlow Madden

Dolce & Gabbana Silk Pajamas

Wow. So these are Dolce & Gabbana baby boy pajamas... made of silk. Like a little silk onesie. Funny thing is... it kind of reminds me of the get-ups you see Hugh Hefner tooling around in. You could have a little sophisticated Playboy baby and maybe sit him in a leather chair with a pipe. Then get child services called on you. Chances are not many people would have to worry about it, because these pajamas cost $284.00, at lavishkids.com.

PoshTots' Wild Things Chandelier

This is definitely an interesting spin on the traditional. I like it, but the only thing I'm not sure about are the leopard print shades. They look rather... cheap. They are optional, so I would opt for something else. Maybe black. See this $580.00 fixture and more unique lighting ideas at poshtots.com.

Juicy Couture Infant's Striped Jersey Gown

For the longest time I looked at this wondering what it was reminding me of when suddenly it dawned on me... Cindy Lou Hoo from the Grinch! This is one of my favorite baby items I have ever seen and surprisingly, it is Juicy Couture! I love the pairing of the lace with the stripes but the way the bottom cinches up is what seals the deal. For $68.00, this adorable gown can be purchased at saksfifthavenue.com.

Baby Dior Cashmere Set

Yes, this is every bit as expensive as you think it is. Dior plus cashmere, the magical that equals a credit card max-out (probably not for anyone actually purchasing this). I love the sweet little bows and the cashmere hearts on the feet. See this $403.00 set and more new Dior baby items at childrensalon.com

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Upstate New York... Introducing:

Willow Lynn
Lissa Linn
Kamrie Jean
Lennon Beatrice
Kaedon Marie
Avan Gemma Christine
Shaelyn Nicole
Stormy Lea Jaimes

Keon Ariel
Cato Ayden
Rhett Wesley-James
O'Riley Cain Richard
Xayden Gabriel
Axel Micah-James
Avorly James
Aidius Ethan
Tennison James
Rahley Kristofer
Freedom Walter

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enchanted Dreams Princess Dress

So I was just browsing PoshTots with Halloween in mind, and this is the most expensive costume they have (although they are offered year-round, not just during Halloween). This dress is a mess of sequins, satin, lace, pearls, and tulle. It doesn't have to be for Halloween, it could be appropriate for a birthday party or even a wedding. I just don't think I'm wowed, especially because this dress boasts a $650.00 price tag. For costume purposes and for the price, I would definitely go with PoshTots' mermaid costumes.

Dolce & Gabbana Baby Boy Snowsuit

I am a little torn on this... this being a Dolce & Gabbana snowsuit for a designer baby boy. On the one hand I think it looks so expensive that I wouldn't even want to touch it for fear of damaging the fabric. On the other hand, it is shiny like a Hefty bag. The attached mittens and booties are cute... the description on lavishkids.com describes the color as "metallic blue-grey..." but to me it looks purple. I just don't know... but the fact that this fleece-lined snowsuit retails for $390.00 is making me sway in the direction of "looks expensive and out of my league."

Chloe Baby Cashmere Jacket

Everything about this jacket is gorgeous. I don't even know what to say. White cashmere with a black belt, interior lined with soft cotton... I guess the only downside of it would be that it would get dirty after just one tumble by the lucky baby wearing it. For $226.00, this jacket can be purchased at childrensalon.com.

Chloe Baby Toy Mouse

Today I learned that every season, Chloe produces a soft toy mouse wearing a signature look from that season's collection. I had no idea. Here is Chloe's fall mouse, wearing a white dress with brown ribbon, reflecting the items in the fall baby collection. There must be people who collect these Chloe mice (just almost typed mouses), and I am interested to see what mice from past seasons looked like. Start your collection with this mouse, for $86.00 at childrensalon.com.

From people.com: Marion and Tabitha Broderick

The adorable 16 month old twins of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick... I think one looks like her and one looks like him!

Rock Star Crystal Pacifier Clip

I think this is kind of genius because I love the majority of baby boy things with the rock star theme. It is becoming more mainstream and common, but it's still different and edgy. This crystal-studded pacifier clip could be the perfect baby gift for many moms to be. For $85.00, this can be found at rubyskids.com.

Round Cribs

It's pretty much a given that round cribs - like this - are expensive. They are just awesome... but totally more a show-off piece for the parents than a privilege for the baby. Babies can sleep on the hairy chests of their fathers. Or on the floor. They don't care; they don't need a round crib. So naturally if you can afford a round crib, you probably don't care about the price of specially made crib bedding, such as this Carmella Round Crib Bedding from 2littlemonkeys.com. For $950.00, this bedding says, "I belong in a fancy crib." I couldn't help but notice that there are even matching shades on the chandelier. Oh to be wealthy.

Dior Ivory Cashmere Mittens

They just look expensive, don't they? Ivory cashmere with soft details, Dior adds another exquisite accessory to their baby collection. For $53.00, these can be purchased (or oogled at) at childrensalon.com.

Corsican Paris Canopy Crib

When I was little I always wished for a canopy bed. One that had the curtains that you could close to be specific. It would be like my own little fort, and the curtains would be monster-proof. There is just something magical about canopy beds. Now I have only seen a few canopy cribs in my time and this one by Corsican is a stunning example. For a stunning $3200.00, this hand-crafted-to-order beauty can be viewed at jenklairkids.com.

Chick Wagon Gift Set

I am totally that adult that goes to the state fair (I only go sometimes okay? There's nothing wrong with craving deep fried Twix) and goes absolutely ape over the baby chicks. Kids get annoyed with me, because I will not move out of the way. I just want to hold them. If you are the same way, then you will also fall in love with the "Just Hatched" 7 piece layette set from jenklairkids.com. This would be the perfect unisex gift for a mom who wants her baybay to be a surprise. Well worth the $80.00 pricetag for sure.

Sonia Rykiel Enfant Diaper Bag

I pick on Sonia Rykiel a lot, so when I saw this baby bag I knew I had to talk about it, because I like it. It reminds me of the 80's. I think I used to own a pair of pants with these exact same colors and stripes. And yes, they were as pretty as they sounds. This is just a neat bag. It's velour, it's colorful, it's different, and it holds a gigantor amount of stuff. One point for Sonia. For $282.00, this bag is available at childrensalon.com.

$55.00 Fendi Baby Beige Zucca Bib

Yes, you read that correctly. This single bib costs $55.00. I would like the contact information for anyone who has purchased one of these to see if they could possibly pitch some money towards my collage loans that I am STILL paying off many, many years after graduation, because they obviously have a lot of money to blow. Childrensalon.com describes this bib as "a luxurious and practical gift for a new arrival." I will let you be the judge.

Monnalisa Baby Diaper Bag

Things I love about this: The polka dot strap. The polka dot ribbons weaving in and out of the pockets (what, I like polka dots okay?). The jewels on the sides. The changing pad is made of pink satin. The gray wool material. So pretty much... everything. It is classic and unique at the same time. I would expect nothing less from elegant Monnalisa. See this baby bag for $259.00 at lavishkids.com.

Hmm... A Carrot Dresser.

The vast majority of the furniture that poshtots offers is absolutely breathtaking, both for beauty and price. Then there are pieces like this... things that make you go "Hmm." Obviously it's a dresser, obviously shaped like a carrot. What bedroom theme would this fit into? Peter Rabbit? Warner Brothers? Maybe I am missing the obvious, but I just can't figure it out. This thing is of course hand-crafted and is monstrous at five and a half feet tall. If a carrot dresser fits into your child's bedroom decor, this can be purchased for $9000.00. Hmm.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Wisconsin... Introducing:

Romi Danielle
Onica Jade
Cheyanna Kay
Kyihla Mae Rose
Matalie Isabella
Xaley Eyahna
Janya Ananti

Vander Michael
Sai Santana
Truett Turner
Blaise Lee
Henrick James
Tyrus Amrose
Lukah George
Briggs Benjamin
McClane Joshua
Monteray William
Toryn James
Jabauri Bryce
Gavin Innocente (wow)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Armani Baby Jeans

Have you ever seen a $155.00 pair of jeans with an elastic waistband? How about a $155.00 pair of jeans that are only about a foot and a half long? Well... this is what we have here. Armani baby jeans, in all their glory. Why can't they make jeans this roomy in the ass for adults? Not that I need extra room in the ass of my jeans... (I need extra room in the ass of my jeans.) These are crazy expensive, but admittedly adorable. More of the Armani Baby collection can be seen at nordstrom.com.

Gucci Baby Leather Loafer Booties

These just crack me up... because I can totally picture them on a little Sopranos Italian mafia baby. They just look so sleek and fancy and unlike anything I have ever seen for an infant. Made of Italian leather with a little horsebit detail, these Gucci booties are sure to be a topic of conversation at some fancy party somewhere. For $245.00, these can be seen at saksfifthavenue.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Cape May... Introducing:

Lenna Louise
Tallie Bronagh
Jae'lynn Tonette
Liberty Taylor
Oleksa Marie
Lilyauna Marie
Saige Catherine
Kyle Ann Kennedy
Georgie Rose

Terrel Danyon
Jovaniel Jose
Marley Cole

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Ultimate Baby Gift

I was a bit confused about what this was at first. It is PoshTots' Peaches and Cream Baby Cake. At first, I thought it really was a cake. What it really is: a "cake" made of baby items, like those diaper cakes you always see. Inside this monster you will find:
1) one sun hat
2) two skull caps
3) one cuddle blanket
4) six burp cloths
5) twelve receiving blankets
6) three sleepers
7) twelve body suits
8) six wash cloths
9) two garments (??)
10) three pairs of socks
11) two pacifiers
12) one pair of booties
Good lord. One would think there could possibly be a bulk discount or price break of some sort... but no. This mother of all baby gifts retails for $700.00. Wow.

Burberry Baby Blanket

As you can imagine, any baby blanket with the words "Burberry" and "cashmere" used to describe it is undoubtedly expensive. This blanket is no exception, with a price tag of $375.00. Some things I still cannot wrap my mind around. See more expensive baby items at neimanmarcus.com.

From people.com: Lou Samuel

Recently turning one year old, Seal and Heidi Klum's little one looks exactly like a doll I had growing up. Can't get enough of her precious little face and all that hair! Her bright mix of clothing makes me wonder if she picked this outfit out herself :)

Burberry Check Heart Diaper Tote

Here we have a Burberry bag that has a fantastic twist on the over-used traditional Burberry plaid. I am loving the incorporation of the hearts... it makes it child-like yet still sophisticated. Complete with plenty of interior pockets and a changing pad, this is definitely a top-of-the-line baby bag. For $695.00, this and more available at saksfifthavenue.com.

Chloe Baby Changing Bag

Pretty disappointed by this. While I love baby bags that do not look like baby bags, I am  not a fan of the khaki canvas used here. At all. It looks like an 80's bowling bag. Honestly if I saw someone carrying this with the huge "Chloe" logo on the side, I would most likely assume it is fake. For a hefty price of $743.00, I would definitely expect more. See details of this bag at childrensalon.com.

This Is A Tuffet.

Now I highly doubt Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet this fancy... I mean she was eating curds and whey, not caviar. No way she could have afforded a luxurious designer tuffet. This looks like something out of a Victorian painting... and it's a little obnoxious. If you would like to pay $660.00 for the privilege of owning this, please visit ababy.com.

2010 Classic Pram

This stroller gets an immediate pass into the "Most Expensive" category. Definitely a head-turner, anyone walking their baby down the street in a stroller like this is smiling at you and thinking, "Yes, this was as expensive as it looks." For an amazing $1299.00, the English-style beauty can be seen at ababy.com.

Holy Lord. Armani Baby Dress.

For the child of some very rich parents, this velvet and taffeta creation from the Armani baby collection costs a whopping $435.00. Better get your baby's holiday photos taken wearing this so you can brag about it all year long. See more of Armani's holiday collection at lavishkids.com.

Is it too early to be thinking Spring?

So I might be jumping the gun on this one. We haven't had the first frost, my heat still has not been turned on... January 2 is usually the day that I start thinking spring. I adore the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years trifecta, then after that I am done with winter. If January 2 was the first day of spring and if fall lasted until December 1 I would be a very happy camper. In any case, this yellow spring dress by Baby Graziella is to die for and I don't care if it is out of season right now, it cannot be ignored. Besides, it is on sale. Originally a steep $229.00, it can now be purchased for a still steep $183.20 at lavishkids.com.

Aletta Knit Baby Hat

Aletta pretty much can't lose in the baby department. Their hats have some of the most amazing detailing I have ever seen. The knit flowers that adorn this one are awesome, especially at the ends of the ear flaps. The price on this is pretty awesome as well... in order to own said cute hat, one must first shell out $125.00. Knit flowers are apparently a hot commodity. See this and more from Aletta's collection at lavishkids.com.

Catimini Spirit Waffle Hat

Love love love love. This little hat would be the perfect addition to any edgy, punk-ish, snowboarder baby boy wardrobe. I would pair it with a military-style navy jacket... and actually the more I look at this, I think it could be adorable on an edgy little girl as well. The Catimini Spirit Waffle Hat can be purchased for $40.00 at monpetitchild.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From New York... Introducing:



Twins & Triplets:
Adonis and Ahmari
Angel and Angela
Archer, Ariya, and Aurora
Cullen and Senora

$45.00 Headbands from Bonpoint.

That is a pretty serious price tag for a cloth headband. But again, they are from Bonpoint, and they are French, so that is okay. And... they are very, very cute.

I love just poking around the website because honestly I have yet to find something that I do not find classically adorable and perfect. Some of the clothes are just so sophisticated, they don't even look like children's clothing. No over the top fuzz, fur, glitter, sparkles, spangles... just perfectly assembled little fashion statements. Je l'adore.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Want to be a hit at Christmas?

All you have to do is purchase this $52,000.00 pirate ship playhouse! This ship has a captain's quarters, upper AND lower decks, and it even has a crows nest up top. Apparently the captain's quarters is big enough to seat 3-4 adults and comes complete with leather benches. This is a pretty big deal. I am an adult and would enjoy having my own miniature pirate ship in my back yard. I said it. Check out more details at poshtots.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Texas... Introducing:

Ja'Taveon LaShun
Krystalyne Dawn
Kynlee Madisyn
Dayla Grace
Klarysa LaShay
Jaeda Roxanne
Karagen Leigh

Dax Andrew
Langston Quinn
KaiDen Rusty
Jayven Ian
Kadance Dawson
Cutter Noah
Kord Kent
Cullen Bristol
Korbin Asher

Ralph Lauren Crochet Cardigan and Blanket

Now this is just precious. A perfect baby gift, this Ralph Lauren cardigan and blanket set is dainty and feminine. I am just loving the ruffle trim around the bottom of the cardigan. The blanket can be purchased for 125.00, and the cardigan for $65.00, at neimanmarcus.com.