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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Ultimate Baby Gift

I was a bit confused about what this was at first. It is PoshTots' Peaches and Cream Baby Cake. At first, I thought it really was a cake. What it really is: a "cake" made of baby items, like those diaper cakes you always see. Inside this monster you will find:
1) one sun hat
2) two skull caps
3) one cuddle blanket
4) six burp cloths
5) twelve receiving blankets
6) three sleepers
7) twelve body suits
8) six wash cloths
9) two garments (??)
10) three pairs of socks
11) two pacifiers
12) one pair of booties
Good lord. One would think there could possibly be a bulk discount or price break of some sort... but no. This mother of all baby gifts retails for $700.00. Wow.

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