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Friday, June 22, 2012

Jack Osbourne and Baby Daughter Pearl: Talk About Grown Up!

So I can't even lie. When Meet the Osbournes aired on MTV years and years ago, I could not get enough. Between Ozzie's mumbling and Sharon's screaming and Jack and Kelly's hilarity... I'd laugh the entire time. And now? Look at how far they all have come, making actual names for themselves. I honestly have respect for all of them and am still pretty enamored. I mean come on, could one family possibly have more charisma and personality? I think not. I'd pay a decent amount to have dinner with them, that's for sure. Aaaaanyway, Jack and his fiancee Lisa Stella welcomed sweet little Pearl Clementine about 8 weeks ago and she could not be cuter. Daddy Jack, who would have thought?!

Cute Adorable Baby Headbands!

Baby Dior

Sonia Rykiel Enfant



Young Versace

What is it about babies in headbands? They are just so cute... hair, no hair, some hair, who cares? And who cares if they are pulling it off their head every few seconds? Start them young and you are sure to have a hair accessory addict in training. There are endless options nowadays as far as headbands go... and these are the best of the best from the brands you love. Find them all at Children Salon!

Hello Expensive Fendi Baby Dress!

Okay first of all, happy best part of Friday to my fellow M-F 9-5ers!! How great does it feel on an early Friday evening when you have the entire weekend in front of you? And when it is a beautiful evening (in the midwest it is anyway) AND the first weekend of summer? Bliss. What a magical evening. Aaaanyway, let's go over the top right now and talk about this new dress from Fendi's baby collection. Talk about classic: soft satin with a Peter Pan collar and organza overlay with simplistic flower embroidery. It's beautiful... although despite the color it honestly reminds me more of a holiday dress. IE pair it with black tights and shoes, add a black bolero or cardigan, and voila: instant hit. But I suppose at the same time you can add some cream colored open toed sandals and have a sweet summer look as well. Oh, and the price? How about $356.00, at Children Salon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Elegant Elephant Boutique: The Big Brands for a Smaller Price!

Okay, let's face it: for some of us, stomaching the prices of high-end clothing is pretty difficult. We scrounge and save up in order to buy that one dress, pair of shoes, raincoat that you just have to have. We don't have disposable incomes, lottery winnings, trust funds, whatever... We have what money we have, and we have to use it wisely. But what if you still yearn to buy a Burberry jacket for your baby? Well, that is where places like the Elegant Elephant Boutique become your best friend. At Elegant Elephant, you can find "previously oohd and aahd" clothing from brand like Burberry, Armani, Catimini, D&G, the works. Will anyone even notice that it has been loved by someone else before you? Would anyone even care?? Besides, each item is hand-picked and only picked if in "like new" to excellent condition. How great of a job would that be? Scouring cities and stores for gorgeous designer baby clothes... Sounds pretty much like a dream job to me. Check out their selection; now you can afford the dress and matching shoes you've always wanted! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adorable Top & Bloomers Sets from Stella McCartney - ON SALE!

Oh my goodness... it's like a delicious combination of boho and eyelet and ruffles and patterns... These top and bloomers sets from Stella McCartney Kids are too cute for words. I am loving the all white Isabella set because there are about a million options for accessories and shoes... not to mention there is eyelet. Eyelet makes me crazy; I adore it. And with the Lorena paisley patterny colorful set just as much; anything boho also makes me crazy.And the best part? They are both on sale! The Isabella set is marked down to $101.00 while the Lorena set is just $47.00! Get yours while you can!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute New Sandals for Summer!

Baby Graziella


Roberto Cavalli

I love how summer creeps up every years and somehow I seem to fall short of my springtime fitness goals... except this year I randomly decided to get back into running and am up to five miles a day. Even crazier yet, I have signed up for a half marathon in October. Goals are good to have, right? In any case, one of my favorite parts about summer is ditching the socks and shoes for painted toes and sandals. And why should your little one be left out of the fun? Especially with all of the cuteness popping up around Children Salon lately, wow! I went ahead and picked some favorites (pictured above) but there are soooo many more to choose from. This year seems to be about embellishments galore: ribbons, bows, charms, flowers... loving it all. I guess the only issue might be settling on just one pair or two that you like!

A Fabulous Orange Gucci Baby Bag

Wow, I am dragging this morning. After a cup of coffee before leaving for work and a Red Bull on my way to work (please do not judge my inappropriate love for caffeine), I find myself contemplating another cup of coffee. So what says, "Wake up! Good morning!" better than a shockingly orange Gucci baby bag? A world apart from Gucci's usual tan bags, I am absolutely in love with the brightness and impressive size of this bag. I mean you could probably fit your actual baby in it. Don't do that though. Pluses: made of Nylon so it's easy to wipe off and clean, includes another storage bag inside, the straps attach right to your stroller, and of course that recognizable GG pattern covers the entire bag. Minuses: just one really: the price. A nominal $635.00. Definitely not your ordinary bag. If you've got the bucks to spend, find yours at Neiman Marcus.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beautiful Simplicity: Baby Dior's Tulip Print

I've said it once and I'll say it again: I love seeing the signature prints emerge from the big brands every season. How fun would it be to be the person who looks at the work of presumably hundreds of talented designers and pick their favorite to be used in future items? I'm sure it's as stressful as it is fun, but still. So far this season I'd have to say my favorite is Baby Dior's tulip print. It is so soft, sophisticated, classic, beautiful... the list goes on. I'm also loving the white stick detailing you can see in various parts (like around the edges of the pattern itself on the dress and romper). Reason #19829845 why I love Baby Dior. Find all of these and more at Children Salon.

I Pinco Pallino Makes Expensive Pretty Things.

It's so much fun to stumble upon a brand that I have never heard of and learn a little bit about the story behind it. Today a gorgeous dress caught my eye while I was peeking around Children Salon. A few clicks later I was falling in love with the brand I Pinco Pallino. Children Salon describes the brand, "Founded by Imelde Bronzieri and Stefano Cavalleri in 1980, I Pinco Pallino is a romantic brand with fairytale detailing that demands attention." I can definitely see the fairy tale quality in these dresses; they are just stunning! Maybe even a little Alice In Wonderland-esque? In any case, these are every girly-girl's dream. The only downfall one may find would be the huge pricetags... these dresses will set you back anywhere between $300 and $500! Oh the price we pay to be stylish.

A Couple Girly Things from Juicy Couture!

To me it seems that Juicy's baby collection just keeps getting better and better. Or maybe it's because the brand has slowly won me over with it's baby and kids collection, who knows. Who wouldn't want to be folding these into their baby girl's suitcase while packing for a summer vacation? They are so beachy and whimsical and just plain cute. It's hard to believe that summer is already here again. Everything about this time of year is just fantastic to me. If you have a fun vacation planned and need a couple of perfect outfits for one lucky lady, you can find these at Saks.

Burberry Baby Knit Booties

I randomly dreamed about frogs last night (I was chasing them and trying to catch them... what am I, 5?) so when I saw these cute little green booties, it seemed oddly fitting to talk about them. Hi, by the way. I know it's been a while. More on that later. So a little break from the normal for Burberry, these colorful booties (this shade is appropriately named "asparagus") are made of soft knit cotton and would be a fun addition to any outfit. Find them for just $60.00 at Saks.