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Friday, June 22, 2012

Jack Osbourne and Baby Daughter Pearl: Talk About Grown Up!

So I can't even lie. When Meet the Osbournes aired on MTV years and years ago, I could not get enough. Between Ozzie's mumbling and Sharon's screaming and Jack and Kelly's hilarity... I'd laugh the entire time. And now? Look at how far they all have come, making actual names for themselves. I honestly have respect for all of them and am still pretty enamored. I mean come on, could one family possibly have more charisma and personality? I think not. I'd pay a decent amount to have dinner with them, that's for sure. Aaaaanyway, Jack and his fiancee Lisa Stella welcomed sweet little Pearl Clementine about 8 weeks ago and she could not be cuter. Daddy Jack, who would have thought?!

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