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Monday, August 23, 2010

Lollipop Supersoft BabyLegs

I'll say it. I love colorful legwarmers on babies with a simple onesie and ballet slippers. Their chunky legs look adorable sticking out of the top. It is maybe the only time that the cupcake effect is lovable. And they have a note of practicality: they can protect little crawling knees from rug burn. What's not to love? You can find these legwarmers for $22.00 at www.thetrendybaby.com.

Bumble Bee Bling Pacifier Clip

Okay... I am not into things categorized as "bling" 99% of the time... I do no enjoy "bedazzled" clothing or "bling" cell phone cases dotted with crystals. Tacky. Gross. Barf. Gag.

Then why oh why do I love this? Maybe because it is a bumble bee. Maybe because you can get away with things that are tacky for an adult when they are for a baby. For whatever reason, I think this is fabulous. For $29.00 the Bumble Bee Bling Pacifier Clip can be purchased at www.thetrendybaby.com.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Froggy Flower Parade Rug

I like the idea of frogs for girls. It is different; most people associate frog or bug themes with boys so I like the idea of making feminine little girl frogs. This circular rug could work anywhere... a bathroom because frogs like water, a sunroom because they are outdoorsy, a bedroom just because... for $180.00 this rug can be purchased at www.poshtots.com.

Ralph Lauren Striped Cotton Mittens

What is it about baby mittens that makes people want to faint over the cuteness? They are so tiny, a baby's little hands look precious all bundled up in mittens. These Ralph Lauren mittens caught my eye right away, I even have to admit that the polo horse looks cute on them too. For $30.00, they can be purchased at www.ralphlauren.com.

Ralph Lauren Winslet Tartan Dress

One of the most unique and sophisticated baby dresses I have ever seen. Very comfortable, made of cotton flannel, this tartan plaid dress would be a great time to accessorize. Different color tights, different shoes, bows in the hair... love it. This dress can be purchased for $45.00 at www.ralphlauren.com.

Ralph Lauren Skull and Bones Slipper

My thoughts about slippers are similar to my thoughts on bathrobes... don't really get the concept. Maybe it's because I am a bare feet person, even in the winter. The thought of sleeping in socks makes me cringe, like I nearly get a physical reaction imagining it. 

I guess the same does not go for babies, whose feet need to be kept warm. Therefore, I can get the concept of baby slippers. And even as an adult, I still enjoy items adorned with skulls. It's just fun. My favorite part about these black velvet slippers is the red satin lining. They are very posh, like they should go with a little smoking jacket and fake pipe, to be worn in a room full of leather-bound books.

In any case, these Ralph Lauren slippers can be purchased for $40.00 at www.ralphlauren.com.

Sage Creek Organic Terry Bathrobe

Bathrobes always seemed kind of useless to me... I just never could get into the idea. You give your child a shower or bath, towel them off, and then put on clothes. Where exactly does the bathrobe come into play?

This being said, I still think that children's bathrobes are adorable. This organic terrycloth bathrobe by Sage Creek even has a little tail on the back. A TAIL. Although I might not use it all the time, I might be inclined to purchase this for the purpose of taking pictures of my little guy wearing it.

For $59.00, this bathrobe can be purchased at www.mychildclothing.com.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

80's Cube Rubber Duck

Every child should have at least one rubber ducky. It's practically the law. So why not shake things up and get them a funky twist on a classic? My favorite is the 80's Cube Rubber Duck from www.wallsneedlove.com. Plenty more designs to choose from.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Victorian Tea Chandelier

Stunning. Gorgeous. Absolute masterpiece. One of the most unique light fixtures I have ever seen. This could work in a cottage-themed room, a fancy Victorian-themed room, a tea party theme (obviously)... I'd be tempted to go a little Alice in Wonderland with it and create a scene in the woods with a mad tea party, wall murals, the whole nine yards. This chandelier can be purchased for $674.00 at www.poshtots.com.

Lemon Loves Lime Pearl Dot Tee

This outfit by Lemon Loves Lime almost reminds me of a miniature, more subtle version of the outfits seen on shows like "Tudors." Maybe it's the hat, I'm not sure. I'm not sure what my favorite part of this is, the hat, the adorable jumper, or the polka dots. Quite possibly one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen, and can be found at www.poshlittleprincess.com.

Flit & Flitter Esme Pocket Tank Capri Set

Okay okay, I know that summer is almost over and everyone has already moved into the fall clothes frame of mind... but this outfit is too precious to not talk about. The femininity of soft pink and green together is timeless, the paisley pattern is gorgeous, and the style is unique and modern. AND, it is on clearance right now at www.littleposhprincess.com.

Janie and Jack Corduroy Blazer

From the Rugby League collection by Janie and Jack, this tiny version of the classic blazer even has faux leather buttons, buttonholes in the collar, and leather elbow patches. Something about toddler boys all dressed up like little men just has the ability to stop traffic. At least if I am driving.

Reese Li Dynasty Lexington Diaper Bag

Why settle for a plain old pastel gray-blue-pink-whatever diaper bag for your baby when you can carry his or her arsenal in style? I for one am always drawn to exotic patterns and themes, so this diaper bag by Reese Li caught my eye right away. Not only is it gorgeous, it's waterproof, it's wipeable, it converts from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag, and it fits a laptop. For $150.00, this bag can be purchased at www.tuttibella.com.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Victorian Playhouse


 Living Room


I am in utter awe of this. I keep thinking back to the PlaySchool play houses my brothers and I had when we were little. If they had a phone inside them, it was a big deal. We had a plastic log cabin that had a table with two chairs. Huge deal. 

This house has a porch, upstairs, downstairs, multiple rooms, kitchen, fireplace. It is able to have running water, electricity, central air, and a communication system. The decorations inside can be custom-made to suit any style. I am just in shock imaging a child's reaction to having a small house, all of their own. For a hefty price of $23,400, this dream house can be purchased at www.poshtots.com.

Monkey Toes Buzz Bees Hand Painted Shoes

How much fun are these?? Fashioned to look like bumble bees, complete with corkscrew "antennae" laces, these hand-painted shoes are quirky and original. I always love things that can be for both girls and boys. Pair them with a little black or yellow dress for her, or jeans and a white t-shirt for him. For $31.00, they can be purchased at www.forestandzoe.com.

Still Reeling Over the Heels

So it's been almost two months since this picture of Suri Cruise hit the internet and caused a frenzy...

I mean what child has enough dedication to wear heels? I don't have enough dedication to keep mine on at the end of the work day when I get in my car. Heels come off. Immediately.

They can't be comfortable... is it wrong to teach a child at such a tender age that women wear such things because "pain means beauty?" Kids can't understand that kind of abstract thought. Can they?

Truthfully speaking, she does look adorable, clutching her Elmo wearing her tiny heels. I wish I could peek into her closet.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Room Seven Jazzy Boy Suitcase

Okay okay, I am not one for bears-country-cowboy-camping-type themes, and this suitcase it a bit cheesy... but I love it. It's just ecclectic and collage-y enough to work. 

Perfect for the jet-setting baby boy, this adorable bag can be purchased for $129.00 at www.forestandzoe.com.

Catimini Skirt and Tights

In. Love. With. This. Skirt. Myself, I own four eyelet skirts, I pair them with everything. Dress up or dress down... they are a staple for me during the warmer months. I am not sure how I feel about the tights along with the skirt, it might be too much color for me. I could more see the orange eyelets with chubby bare legs and little brown sandals, maybe a brown cab driver cap. Too sweet.

These items can be found at www.forestandzoe.com.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Old World Cradle from LuxuryLamb.com

Wow. Sometimes when you see so many over-the-top frilly baby things, it is great to be brought back to basics with things like the Old World Cradle. Perfect for the first few weeks of your baby's life where you may want them sleeping next to your bed in your own room. It is 25" wide by 39.5" long and stands 36" high. Not huge, but large enough to make a statement. This reminds me of something you might see in castle next to a fireplace. Cradles aren't something you see very frequently anymore and I am always one who wants to do something different and stand out. Loving this... figures, I am always a sucker for cherry finish.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Excessive -or- Thoughtful: Elsa Peretti Apple Spoon

I have a thing for apples. I think apples are a cute and not overdone baby theme. Therefore, I can justify this as an acceptable baby gift. It would be a great centerpiece to a baby shower gift basket, the piece de resistance of little apple-themed gifts.

As if it isn't simply beautiful as it is, there are engraving options.

For $125.00, the Apple Feeding Spoon can be purchased at www.tiffany.com.

Posh Bebe Crib Bedding

Image found here

I am a horribly indecisive individual. I am in the process of redoing my own bedroom right now, and currently have a notebook of stores I have visited and bedding that I like. I always wait for that wow factor, the bedding that screams "I'm the one!" But everything I see that wows me stays on the shelf, for I fear the moment I buy it I will see something that wows me more.

This crib bedding wowed me. Honestly, I get annoyed with the overly girly, boy-y overused themes: zoo, butterflies, cowboys, sports, princesses... My children would have something different. I am a sucker for bohemian-looking patchwork quilts, so when I saw this, I thought "Wow."

The Posh Bebe Crib Bedding is described as "youthful yet sophisticated" for obvious reasons. There are so many elements and colors to pull from here. It is displayed in white, but I think it would look gorgeous against dark cherry. Red walls, green walls, pink... endless possibilities.

I am in love.

For a very large price, this set can be purchased at www.luxurylamb.com.

Abbyville Girls Dresser

Image found here

Swoon. Although it does slightly resemble a bird house (but there is really nothing wrong with that), this Abbyville Dresser is a perfectly unique and feminine place to keep all of your baby's clothing. I keep thinking about what I would put in the open space above the drawers. Pictures? Stuffed animals? I think a huge flower arrangement would be perfect. In any case, this dresser would be an eclectic addition to a little girl's dream room.

The dresser, along with other pieces of furniture in the set, can be found for $1645.00 at www.luxurylamb.com.

Bon Bon Baby Back Zipper Hooded Sweater

Image found here

Made audible noises when I came across this sweater on the Estella NYC website. It reminds me of an Eskimo, and I adore the tassel at the tip of the hood. Do not fear, the sweater is made of a "non-itch blend" so it doesn't drive your baby crazy.

If only they could do this with every single adult sweater.

For $135.00, this can be purchased at www.estella-nyc.com.

Crochet Hats for Babies!

Image found here

At www.mybabyclothesboutique.com you can find many styles of baby hats... sun hats, driver caps, beanies, etc. My favorites are the crochet hats embellished with ribbons, flowers, and bows. They are not bulky and look pretty comfortable. There are some multi-seasonal possibilities here... I could see them paired with both sun dresses or with a girly white winter coat with little purple mittens... precious.


Images found here

Simple. Adorable. Mix and match. These "Lotsa  Blue X" and "Lotsa Yellow O" wall hangings create endless possibilities and combinations. Each color comes with an X version and an O version. I have always wanted boy-girl twins, as twins run strongly in my family. A cluster of blue and pink X's and O's would be perfect. Create a tic tac toe board, so string them in a line. However you decide to do it, they can be found for $72.00 apiece at www.bellydancematernity.com