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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ralph Lauren Skull and Bones Slipper

My thoughts about slippers are similar to my thoughts on bathrobes... don't really get the concept. Maybe it's because I am a bare feet person, even in the winter. The thought of sleeping in socks makes me cringe, like I nearly get a physical reaction imagining it. 

I guess the same does not go for babies, whose feet need to be kept warm. Therefore, I can get the concept of baby slippers. And even as an adult, I still enjoy items adorned with skulls. It's just fun. My favorite part about these black velvet slippers is the red satin lining. They are very posh, like they should go with a little smoking jacket and fake pipe, to be worn in a room full of leather-bound books.

In any case, these Ralph Lauren slippers can be purchased for $40.00 at www.ralphlauren.com.

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