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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Juicy Couture Ballerina Crib Shoe

Oh Juicy Couture... why do I hate the majority of your adult clothing yet love your recent baby items so? These little ballerina flats are a tiny version of the ones I am seeing everywhere for grown ups, with the genius scrunch-in-the-middle effect. It's not like this effect even matters when they are on, but I love it. Everything from the metallic pink leather to the button flowers on the front screams "Diva In Training." And it's genius. While the baby is still a baby anyway. These shoes can be found for $58.00 at neimanmarcus.com.

From People.com: Jodie Sweetin's Baybay!

Why it seems like just yesterday that Jodie Sweetin's Full House character was telling us how rude we were. Now she has a little one of her own... born on August 31, 2010, pictured here is Beatrix Carlin. 

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From New York.... Introducing:

Jaella Maeve
I'mani Louise
Riya Francis
Annabelle Lee (like the Edgar Allen Poe poem...)
Diamond Lydia
Celinda Madelena
Jaylah Margaret
Camila Danka
Malania Cheyanne
Naturelle Kyra
Gariella Justina
Lila Saffron
Aviona Alexandra
Amaiya Simone Beyah

Giovanni Cheffon Frances
Darragh James (this sounds like a noise I make when I'm angry.)
Christy Michael Maurice
Kian Donovan

Burberry Quilted Diaper Bag

Really? What can I really say about this bag? It's gorgeous. I can creepily say that I can practically smell the leather just looking at it. I remember going into Wilson's (does it even still exist?) with my mom when I was little and complaining that it smelled funny. She ALWAYS used to tell me, "You will love the smell of leather someday." So for time number 49528404, my mother was right. This bag has gorgeous soft quilted leather, brass hardware, and plenty of nooks and crannies for your baby's necessities. This bag can be found for $1095.00 at neimanmarcus.com.

Anthropologie Baby. Strangely Genius.

Anthropologie is definitively unique. Every piece they make, whether it be clothing, accessories, glassware, kitchen gadgets, home decor, what have you, everything is kind of unlike anything you have ever seen before. This is why I love Anthropologie. I am borderline obsessed with the place. Their kids and baby line does not have a huge amount of volume, but the things they do have pushes the limits of uniqueness even more so than their clothing for adults. You can get away with a lot when it comes to children's clothing, and their designer know that. Perfect example: the Mr. Fox Sweater. Very busy, a lot going on, pretty weird. Yet for a child... adorable. See this sweater for $39.95, plus many many more quirky items at anthropologie.com.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hmm... Dolce & Gabbana Sweater Dress

 At first glance I really loved this wintery Dolce & Gabbana dress... then I realized that the front is just a faux print. It's not really a sweater/skirt combo dress, they just added a layer so it looks like that. The entire dress is actually gray, as seen in the back view. Kind of weird... I am not a big fan. See more details of this unique (expensive) $225.00 dress at lavishkids.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Nevada... Introducing:

Scarlett Makena
Anel Isabel
Dreya Ann
Charlise Loreign
Elle Olivia
Ryland Maryn
Myrarii Marie
Tyndall Ann

Davin Anthony
Curran William
Anders Charles
Ansel Webster
Avery Alan

Armani Baby: Inspired by... Humpty Dumpty?

Okay okay, I know that the only reason that this onesie looks so wide is because of the way it is laid out... but when I saw it I had to giggle because it reminds me of the ill-fated Humpty Dumpty. This little onesie is embellished with sparkly faux suspenders. How fancy. This is not my favorite thing I have seen from Armani by a  long shot, but the idea is kind of fun. See this for $100.00 at www.boutiqueforchildren.com.

Roberto Cavalli Baby Ballet Shoes

You know... some things you can just look at and think, "Yep, those are expensive." These Roberto Cavalli ballet flats most definitely give me these thoughts. Satin ribbons, leopard print lining, stitched logo... yes yes. These baby shoes have it all. Retailing for $165.00, these can actually be purchased for $82.50 at boutiqueforchildren.com. Practically free. (not.)

Stella McCartney Organic Onesies

Why hello cuteness. Stella McCartney's baby and kids clothing line is very very new but she keeps cranking things out week after week. My new favorite of hers are these adorable onesies made from 100% organic cotton. Now, confession. I am not entirely certain when all the toodaloo about organic baby clothes came about and what exactly it's all about, all I know is that people flock to it. See these $36.00 onesies and more organic baby clothing at stellamccartneykids.com.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bonnie Baby: My New Love.

So I first posted about designer Bonnie Baby here, and since that discovery I have seen adorable cashmere items by them everywhere. Not only are all of the baby soft sets made of cashmere, they are machine washable. There is just something about the stripes and the colors and the tiny details (bows, buttons...) chosen by the designer that sets Bonnie Baby apart for me. This gift set comes with a hat, romper, and shawl, costing a total of $256.00. See more of this posh collection at childrensalon.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Pennsylvania... Introducing:

Aurora Cadence
Shanaila Amoni
Fallon Kathryn
Cheyenne Lily

Maysen Georgios
Sawyer Farnsworth
Abin Leroy
River Walker
Cannon Andrew
Leo Baxley
Grady Arthur
Raiden Robert

Cora Taylor and Cali Star

A Very Expensive Dior Tracksuit.

Good lord. Buying this tracksuit would take up just about half of my Christmas budget. Brought into existence by none other than Dior, this gray boys tracksuit is 100% cotton yet still somehow carries a $369.00 price tag. Stating "Raise your voice louder!" on the front, the only bells and whistles this outfit seems to have are a couple zippers and pockets. I guess the Dior name speaks for itself. See these pricetastic sweats at lavishkids.com.

Juicy Couture Baby Voile Bodice Dress with Bolero

And once again, Juicy Couture has impressed me. This dress is absolutely adorable. There is no velour, no glitter, no rhinestones, and no fuzz or fur. The little bolero jacket that comes with this classy dress pretty much seals the deal for me. Find this perfect holiday outfit for your princess at juicycouture.com for $128.00.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

From UsMagazine.com: Katherine Heigl and Naleigh

Naleigh was adopted by Katherine in 2009; she is from South Korea. Look at those rosy red cheeks.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From New York.... Introducing:

Cambree Aleeta-Rose
Nasia Renee
Mimi Marie
Allegra Lynn
Lenox Mielle
Egypt Mariela
Zyra Dianna

Graham Lux
Marland Jack

Monnalisa Baby Tartan Headband

Well, when I first saw these headbands from BonPoint Boutique, I was pretty taken aback by their $45.00 price tag. Those now pale in comparison compared to this headband by Monnalisa, which boasts an even larger ticket: $70.00. Red tartan... the new gold? Maybe it's the tulle detail around the rose that is so expensive. I do love anything with a tartan print, and this is red which I am also a sucker for, but I still can't justify the price. See more from Monnalisa at childrensalon.com.

Chloe Baby Cashmere Bonnet

In a world of beanies, fedoras, cab driver hats, and berets, I think that sometimes baby bonnets are pushed by the wayside and forgotten. But...a classic is a classic and classics never die. Leave it to Chloe to take it back to the basics but with an exquisite touch that is anything but boring. This chunky white bonnet is a cotton/cashmere blend, complete with a little gold Chloe charm on the bottom. I would make room next to a fedora for this $61.00 throwback, from www.childrensalon.com.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From New York... Introducing:

Zoelle An-Yi
Olivia Jazalene
Kaybreann Earline
Arden Acacia
Shemira Angel Meshea
Birkley Lark
Colbi Lynn
Katerrica Syria Lee
Klo-e Madison (seriously.)
Hayden Ponder
Jannie Karoline
Amari Janae
Navaeh Traeshay (I hate the heaven spelled backwards name to begin with, but now it doesn't even make sense. And the middle name looks like "Trashy.")

Roman Gerard
Jakob Evander Quinn
Maddox Ayan
Cashton Nicholas

Unique Furniture - Anne Armoire

This strikes me funny. Like I honestly chuckled out loud when I saw it. This is the Anne Armoire excludisvely from poshtots. It reminds me of the clock from Beauty and the Beast because he was always fussy, but this dresser is definitely female. Even if it didn't say "Anne" in the name, I would say it was female. If dressers could have genders anyway. Made of stained maple, this expensive armoire would be the perfect place to store your baby's expensive clothing... for a gigantic price of $7200.00.

Ultimate Luxury - Burberry Baby Towel

Only Burberry could make a cotton and polyester towel that costs $225.00. This expensive piece of cloth is quilted on one side and "fluffy towel fabric" on the other. Yes, that is how saksfifthavenue.com described it. Don't forget that it ties in front with a cute little ribbon. That must account for $50.00 or so of the price. Sometimes I am just amazed. Lord help you if you wanted a set of them. At least babies can't mess up towels and permanently stain them with eyeliner so this should stay relatively like new. Hopefully.

Baby Ugg Boots...

I am trying not to be disdainful... I am really trying. Things I hate for adults I sometimes love on babies. But Ugg boots? I don't know if I'm that strong. I was in college when this disease started to spread. EVERYONE had them. They wore them with sweat pants, dress pants, and they made microscopic jean skirts suddenly acceptable to wear in the winter. Ugg boots. I could not get away from them. So while this teeny tiny version is admittedly visually appealing, these sheepskin and suede boots are not a purchase I would ever make. See more Uggs at saksfifthavenue.com.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sara Kety is Funny.

Why do I have a feeling that there will be some person out there who is so offended by Sara Kety's B.Y.O.B romper that they will write an outraged letter or email... that will fall on deaf ears? I'm sorry, but I think that they both are hilarious and I think that sometimes people are just looking for something to be mad at. Sara Kety is a fairly new name to me, but even so, I have seen a lot of it in the past few weeks. Her designs have the sharp but simple wittiness that make you say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" See these $18.00 onesies and more of her designs at bloomingdales.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Oregon... Introducing:

Arella Lauren
Cheyanne Naomi
Rikki Donna
Katrenna Rose
Mansa Rae
Coreena Joy

Brogan James
Mathu Patrickk
Cyris-Alan Blaise
Dallan Channcerick
Calum Sawyer
Keaton Peter

From People.com: Heidi Klum and Her Posse

Spotted by people.com, Heidi is pictured here with Leni, 6, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 13 months in Brentwood, CA. 

All the Rage: MamaRoo

These things are getting rave reviews left and right... but what exactly is a MamaRoo? This space-age-looking baby seat was designed based on the idea that babies love motion: rocking in their parents arms, bouncing, swinging... so this seat does all of that. It is built in with five different motions: 1) A car ride. The seat moves like a figure 8 on its side. 2) The Kangaroo. An up and down bouncing type of deal. 3) The Tree Swing. A side-to-side swinging motion. 4) The Rock. Simple back and forth rocking. 5) An Ocean Wave. Around and around in a big circle. There are also built-in nature sounds, OR, you can connect your mp3 player to create your own mix. Play some Ke$ha and hit the Kangaroo button. Who knows. As if this was not enough, the plush balls that hang from above are decorated in the style of the masters: Van Gogh, Monet, and Seurat. This seat is available for $200.00 (although I imagine they may become the next Tickle Me Elmo and impossible to find) from retailers ranging from amazon to petittresor.com.

Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Dolls. So Awesome.

I'm sorry, but these are amazing. I might even venture to say they are one of the coolest things I have ever seen. These dolls, designed by Madame Alexander, have that fantastic old-fashioned face and stunningly detailed clothing. The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tin Man even come with the gifts they receive from the Wizard. Each doll is sold separately at prices ranging from $64.95 all the way up to $134.95, so this is quite a pricey cast of characters. See details at niemanmarcus.com

Unique Holiday Gift... Juice Couture Connect Four?

Yes, this is for real. I imagine it can be found at multiple stores but I saw Juicy Couture's version of the classic Connect Four at neimanmarcus.com. This game was always tricky to play with me when I was little because if I was about to lose I would just hit the bar at the bottom to make all of the pieces fall out. It seems they have altered the structure to keep ill-tempered children from doing this. Smart Juicy, very smart. The game folds into a gift box and even has the logo printed in gold at the bottom. Kind of ridiculous, kind of fun.

RED!! Monnalisa Hat, Scarf, and Leg Warmers Set

Today was the day that I finally started to feel the holidays coming. I was in bumper to bumper traffic coming home from work due to the fact that peoples' driving takes a grim turn when it rains and there were accidents everywhere. So as I sat on the highway, I decided to blast Christmas music with the windows down. And sing. Everyone should try that in traffic. People see you, and smile. After an hour and a half of inching along the highway I finally hit my exit. I have to drive by a Target every day on my way home. It's hard. Since I was feeling the holidays all of a sudden, I stopped, shopped, and how have the trimmings for my new (third) Christmas tree. SO, this Monnalisa baby hat, scarf, and leg warmers set is so holiday red that I am instantly in love. Made of mostly wool and angora, it is even trimmed with little pearls. This great holiday gift can be bought for $139.00 at lavishkids.com.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Pennsylvania... Introducing:

Madelyn Olive
Ceyvn Kaycy
Ruth Nela
Gianna Sage
Gracelyn Elizabeth
Khaylii Rose
Ryleigh Alise
Idalia Evet
Teagan Abella

Gaetano Thomas
Drake Samhuinn
Nikko Geovonni
Leland Moses
Amos Lane

Burberry Baby Girls Pink Quilted Coat

This coat is fairly simple: no sheep skin, no leather, no rabbit fur... just polyester and soft fleece. Classic and gorgeous. The bubble hem makes me chuckle to myself because while I love them, it is not an element that is suitable for my body type. At all. This Burberry jacket can be purchased for $173.00 at childrensalon.com.

Bonnie Baby Pink Stripe Cashmere Set

When I was poking around childrensalon.com, I came across a name I have not yet seen: Bonnie Baby. The price tag on this cashmere set was quite large, $224.00 for the matching hat, booties, and blanket. Turns out Bonnie Baby is a fairly new designer, they popped up in 2004. The clothing is described as "luxury baby knitwear" and has attracted celebrity fans such as Gwenyth Paltrow and the Crown prince of Denmark. The founder and designer's name is Tracey Samuel and she began making and selling children's clothing after the birth of her daughter, Alice Bee. I love a great old-fashioned success story and am adding Bonnie Baby to my yes list. See more of this impressive collection at bonniebaby.co.uk.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From South Carolina... Introducing:

Harper Elizabeth
Mattie Jane
Brynlee Kathryn
Tristen Bailey
Miasia Bernae
Ceanna Beth
Zion Ciara
Cornelia Alexandrea
Annina-Marie Elizabeth

Emery Keagen
Sheppard Lee
D'mitri Anthony Adrien
Hayes Matthew
Paxon Clay
Bowen James
Ira Franklin

Jimmie Randall and Jimiyah Sierra
Bianka Luna and Brianna Estrella

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hermes Baby Mittens

Hmm... it seems as though legendary French designer Hermes has added quite a few baby items to their collection since I last checked up on them. Aside from pricey sterling silver gift-type-things, Hermes now has mittens and hats. These mittens come in two other colors and are 100% jersey knitted medium cashmere, embroidered with the rocking horse, of course. How much will they set you back you ask? How about $195.00. See for yourself at hermes.com.

From Starmagazine.com: Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Brad and Angelina's little tomboy tackles a zip line in Budapest, Hungary. She looks 100% excited and 0% scared!

Four Charm Icing Bracelet

Not gonna lie... kind of love this. Like a lot. It is so simple: a leather cord with sterling silver clasp, adorned with four hearts made of white, yellow, and rose gold. It is exquisite. It is also...... $900.00. Hopefully those gold charms are securely fastened on there. See details at poshtots.com.

Baby Dior Medallion Nest

I was first introduced to Baby Dior's 'Medallion' print with this snowsuit, which has been receiving rave reviews everywhere since its debut this season. I fell in love with this print at first sight, so I guess I am compelled to revisit. This baby nest would be perfect for a walk on a chilly day (you wouldn't have to worry about tucking in blankets that come loose and drag the ground)... lined with pink fleece and conveniently fastening down the front. Cutecutecute. The price you must pay to keep your baby stylish and warm is a large one... $309.00, available at childrensalon.com.

Dolce & Gabbana Patent Leather Sneakers

Apparently my tirade continues... because I am not so impressed with these. These $220.00 Dolce & Gabbana baby boy sneakers are new at lavishkids.com, so they jumped out at me right away since I stalk that website daily. These sneakers are patent leather and suede with some gray, some white, some blue... it's just too much for me. It's like a blah shoe that is trying to redeem itself by slapping the D&G logo on it. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am talking about baby items, and that it's not that serious.

Really? Designer Hospital Gowns?

Alright, tell me I am not being ridiculous about this. But designer hospital gowns? This $72.00 get-up from celebrity favorite PetitTresor gushes about the soft fabric, loose fitting, and fashion-savvy look. Seriously? First of all, I am pretty sure you could give birth wearing a shirt made of thumb tacks and not notice anything but the feeling that your vag is about to self-destruct. Second of all, very few women look like nothing happened after giving birth. Most look like their vag just self-destructed. So why bother wearing an "attractive" hospital gown? I, for one, would not give a damn if I had on an flashy paisley hospital gown. I would care about holding my new child... and maybe a little about pain killers. Maybe the stress at my job is getting to me lately and I am displacing my anger, but this is just one I just don't get.

Burberry Nova Heart Check Skirt

Why do I love skirts with gappy side pockets? I do not know. I love them for adults, kids babies, pets, you name it. I also have been very impressed with Burberry as of lately, as they seem to be drifting away from the traditional a little bit. This adorable little skirt reminds me of this diaper bag and it is genius. Things that you can pair with black, then wear again and pair with white to make two completely different outfits are also genius. This $135.00 piece of adorableness can be purchased at burberry.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Wisconsin... Introducing:

Willa Bryn
Phoebe River
Gatien Marcella
Fallon Kaye
MayLee Lou
Violet Bonnie
Taelyn Marie
Brinley Mae
Lux Lillian Miel
Brynna Rose

Michard Jean Charles
Fletcher Breyden
Holden Sutherland
Briar Liam
Ryker Ole
Axel Rod (no.... please no.)
Brannon Ray

Sophia Lorraine and Jaelynn Ember

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From People.com: Miranda Kerr - Pregnant and Even Gorgeous-er

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is maybe one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen. The fact that she is married to one of the hottest men I have ever seen, Orlando Bloom, makes me very curious to view their offspring. Here, Miranda poses nude for the December issue of W magazine. Stunning.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Kentucky... Introducing:

Christian Jean
Jazlyn Arianna
Maece Jo Gracelynn
Desteny Reigh
Peyton Eliz-abeth (this is not a typo.)
Jayden Elizabeth
Roxy Lee

Bentley Cole
Easton Riley
Tallen Duke Anthony
Draven Moon
Charles Verl Bentlee
Brayson Elijah

Glenna Jean Central Park Crib Bedding

So.... confession: I do not know that much about crib bedding. I know that is seems a little more complicated than the bed-in-a-bag idea that you can see at Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond, it seems expensive no matter where you buy it, and it seems like there are an overwhelming amount of choices. What I have learned from poking around various boutiques' and specialty stores' websites is that these smaller places harbor the best crib bedding, and not stores like JC Penney. Sorry JC Penney... I used to have a great time making paper dolls out of the people in your catalog back in the 80's, but the world has moved on. In any case, thefrogandtheprincess.com has some of the best crib bedding I have seen around, like this Central Park Crib Bedding by family-run company Glenna Jean. This set costs $385.00, which is about the average for what they offer. Not too shabby!

Baby Dior Balloon Print Onesie

It's hard for me to justify a $169.00 footsie. This is probably the case for a lot of people. But... Dior makes it slightly less difficult, because let's face it: their prints and designs are second to none. They can take such simple things, like balloons, and add a few bows and a charm and the Dior logo... instant hit. This footsie has a Winnie the Pooh-esque whimsicalness. See more of Dior's winter collection at lavishkids.com

Monday, November 8, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Colorado... Introducing:

Sondraya Rayne
Lexi Hazen
Lorelie Addison
Matilyn Nicole
Kenna Elisabeth
Autumn Bahozho Eagle
Evangeline Sage
Emany Loucretia
Mayzie Elizabeth

Timothy Junior-Gemini
Daymien Ray
Kingston Carter
Keegen Ronney-Ray
McCoy Dailey
Kai Tiger
Davian Matthew
Milo Anderson
Cougar Waylon
Tayvian Orian

Tennie Bryann

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Armani Junior Logo Necklace Bodysuit

Okay so you know those hipster t-shirts that have the illusion thing going on: shirts that are printed with headphone strings dangling on them like they are in your ears, the gross bow tie shirts, or how about the classy bullet hole shirts that make you look like you have been shot yet do not bleed? You know what I am talking about. Don't like them. At all. But apparently I don't feel that way when they are for babies because I love this. It has the necklace thing going on which I actually think is a creative way to display the Armani logo (Armani seems to be very good at creative logo incorporation. Opposite: think Juicy Couture). See this cute and pricey $70.00 body suit at neimenmarcus.com.

Burberry Metallic Leather Diaper Bag

Now here is a diaper bag that defiantly stomps out the idea that diaper bags are frump and fug and not so much a fashion statement. I'm sorry, but I would carry this as a purse. I think it is fabulous. Made from anthracite metallic leather and a black lined interior, this is a diaper bag that many-a-moms would be thrilled to own. The only catch? It has a $1095.00 price tag. See details at neimanmarcus.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

Can't seem to get out of the south this week. From Alabama... Introducing:

Ardreena Angela
Khia Sybella
Brailynn Shae
Lendaysha Tashayla
Zaharra Renee
Ali James

Kelzic Trinton
Nickalas Todd
Bra'Darius Ty'Qwan
Brandshawn Spencer
Quaveion Remone
Lathan Pierre

Buy A Bentley For Your Child.

When I was watching a DVR'd episode of America's Funniest Home Videos today, there was a little boy who got a new toy convertible and he drove it into the mailbox... and smashed the front end in. He of course cried, but his parents laughed. Would they be laughing if he has been driving this $8951.00 Bentley from ChildrenSalon? This car is a replica of one of the original classic models of this luxury car. It can actually reach up to 12 mph, so if it crashed into a mailbox it would indeed do some damage. As if this whole idea wasn't enough to begin with, this car can be personalized. Intense.

Roberto Cavalli Baby Ivory Silk Velvet Dress

I believe it is safe to say that everything about this dress is over the top. Not necessarily in a bad way; just observing that the amount of adjectives in the name of the dress itself seems to be proportional to the amount of tulle it took to construct it. Again, not a bad thing, just an observation. It would be interesting to see a baby version of "Who Wore It Best" featuring this, because the white leaves a lot of room for accessory options. See this $269.00 investment at childrensalon.com.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Arkansas... Introducing:

Asiah Yanisha Roxy Lashanda
Shaylee Brook
Zaylie Jane
Brylie Nakole
Addilyn Avery
Drew Anne
Annsleigh Kate
Harlie Lyn
Ellice Marie
Zoeigh Frances
Danlee Abigail

Octavius Garrett
Prince Kinlan
Houston Jacob
Abel Halbrook
Desmas Xavier
Bristen Lake
Cashtan Lee
Jayton James
Brantley Grahem
Chaysten Blayke
Hayes Henderson
Kiptyn Steven

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Raggedy Ann and Andy... No Longer "Raggedy."

I had a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll set when I was little... did you? As I mentioned before in this post, I had a Raggedy Ann and Andy baby book, and when I was in kindergarten my mom was a room mother... she decided to dress as Raggedy Ann for Halloween (what? It was the early 80's!) and dyed her hair "temporary" red, which did not wash out for weeks. ANYWAY, this dynamic duo was everywhere, it was a dime a dozen, etc. Anymore? They are a novelty. These hand-made dolls from elegantchild.com are recommended to be hand-embroidered... maybe so you can get your $470.00's worth?? Wait... you have to add $20.00 for the embroidering. So dolls that sold for maybe $1.00 at flea markets in 1984 are now almost $500.00. I am kicking myself... are you?

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Washington state.... Introducing:

Nai'a Juliette
Divinity Zoe
Ayla Kaikala
Emily-Taylor Leilani
Scarlett Samantha-Briar
Nataleigh Viviana
Mialinda Sade

Forrest Jorgan
Cabhan Patrick
Leeautry David
Lucien Henri
Lyken Artemis Wallace
Quillen Arthur Olen
Rylen Mikahla
Osiris Jordan Ashur
Mackalister Qynn
Aksel Douglas
Atticus Winter
Augustus Jennings

Lakota and Raven (both girls)

Introducing Stella McCartney Kids and Baby!

Well, the much-anticipated Stella McCartney Kids and Baby clothing line is finally available online and in stores. Her designs for petite fashionistas reflect those of her grown-up clothing line in style and in her values: they are made from "organic and sustainable fabrics." (read that on people.com) So far the baby part of the collection only has a few items, but they are simple and adorable and so far, I like. This jumpsuit is a wool-cashmere blend with cute little front pocket and shoulder buttons, retailing for $88.00. Keep it coming, Stella! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From People.com: Savannah and Eden Cross-Mahoney

Check out the curls on Marcia Cross's 3-year-old twin girls! They are getting so big.

Armani Junior Quilted Embroidered Shoes

I cannot quite put my finger on what these remind me of. Something with the pattern... I don't know. A quilt, of course, but something else maybe? In any case, I couldn't help but notice how the word 'Armani" is embroidered across the strap... gotta appreciate tasteful use of logo. These adorable $105.00 shoes are available at neimanmarcus.com.

Baby Einstein Deluxe Gift Basket!

Okay... I love making my own gift baskets, especially ones with a theme. Some pre-arranged gift baskets can be kind of lame... but not this one. When I worked at a preschool, I used to have a shift or two a week in the infant and toddler room. Baby Einstein was fairly new to the mainstream back then and I was instantly impressed and in love. So, this basket would be a fantastic baby shower gift. It includes: Touch and Discover Giant Board Book, Baby Einstein Keepsake Handprint Tin, Nature Discovery Gift Cards, Baby's First Moves DVD, Baby Einstein Animal Discovery Washmitt, Baby Einstein Link Set, Baby Einstein Plush Caterpillar Ring Rattle, Baby Newton Touch & Discover Pal, and Pinwheel Keepsake Bucket. Be the hit of the party and get this for $149.00 at thefrogandtheprincess.com.

More Pricetastic Luxuries from BonPoint

I've said it once and I'll say it again... BonPoint can do no wrong. This wool coat is no exception.... it is actually half yak/half laine. Laine is French for wool. No I did not google that (...............I googled that). It is double-breasted and has a little pompom that you can either throw over the back or let hang in the front. The cost of this veste francaise? A whopping $295.00. 

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Iowa... Introducing:

Karsyn Jae
Ruby Bess
Blythe heather-Sophie
Kenley Marie
Brooklynn Fall
Cambry Jean
Taytum Belle
Tierney Lea

Brockus Richard
Gannon Thomas
Anistyn Roger
Sander Dale
Kase Darrel
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Very Expensive Baby Sweats

Now I am all about sweats. I mean who isn't? Especially nowadays that they are socially acceptable to wear to the store, the bank... within reason of course. And some people pay insane amounts of money for their sweats. I could buy $7.00 purple sweatpants from Wal-Mart and sew "LOVE PINK" across the back... but that goes against the principle of the whole thing. So what about insanely expensive baby sweats? Examples are above: Roberto Cavalli Baby for $369.00 and below: Dior Baby for $349.00. So much money for a lot of cotton and polyester blend. I wish my name was so famous that I could sell a sweat suit for 8000 times its production cost, just because it's stamped with JennaLou. See these and more crazy luxuries at lavishkids.com.