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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Babies Organic Bath Products

Alright, for all of you organic-obsessed moms out there (the number seems to be growing and growing still), I was cruising People and came across these organic baby products. Do these bottles remind anyone else of Baby Magic?? According to the article, the ingredients are certified organic and vegan and were never tested on animals. Everything is plant and fruit-derived, and of course it is all tear free. Visit Green Babies to purchase yours (they are between $9-$11, and apparently can also be purchased at Whole Foods), and check out the rest of what they offer!

Fendi Baby Tweed Dress

Good lord. I knew this was going to happen, but the snowsuits are already out at Saks Fifth Avenue. I have barely started working on my tan yet and the stores are already making me think about shoveling and car-scraping. Alas, we still have at least four good months. I am counting September and October because I love fall. So this dress makes me think fall. It makes me think of school and crisp air and crunchy leaves. It may be one of the cutest dresses I have seen to date. Leave it to Fendi; I am not surprised. The Fendi logo runs along the neck, on the bows, and within the pleats of the dress. Be it known though that the onesie underneath is not included. That costs $174.00 while the dress itself costs an impressive $330.00. Yeah... I would have to split that one out among a couple of different credit cards, but if it's in your budget, get to Saks!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gucci Anna Lou Ballerina Booties

Posting is proving to be a bit difficult tonight due to my new kitten. She has two modes: psycho and sleep. Right now she has what I like to call "the zooms." If you have had a kitten you know what I mean. It is hilarious, until she pulls down the curtains in my office. Anyway. Must concentrate. I needed new curtains anyway. So Gucci has a bunch of new baby shoes out right now (you can see the collection at Saks Fifth Avenue) and they are naturally all above $200.00, even these little bootie-style shoes. They are very sweet and feminine, and actually look comfortable. Some of Gucci's baby shoes look torturous. They are not leather, just knit and fabric yet sell for an astonishing $220.00. Which reminds me, I need to check tonight's lottery numbers. 

More Very Expensive Designer Toys

What can you really say about something like this? What baby has a set of blocks (if you can call four blocks a set) that spell out a famous French designer's name? I am guessing these might be more of a decorative piece rather than a toy, which is fine because you can't really spell much with four letters. What if you lose the I? Then you can only spell "ROD." I have always had an odd fascination with designer toys, just cause. They are kind of neat, kind of crazy. At least each block makes different sounds: they squeak, rattle, and rustle. Grab yours for $116.00 at Children Salon.

Hey! Calvin Klein Baby!

Interesting. I'm not sure if I have seen Calvin Klein baby items before and just not liked them enough to write about them, or if this is the first of the baby line? No clue. Calvin Klein is funny to me... I remember the obnoxious perfume commercials back in the 90's (you know which ones I mean) and I remember wearing the t-shirts with the "cK" logo and feeling like I was super cool. Now... I dunno. We have outlet malls near us and there is a Calvin Klein outlet... which is always devoid of human activity. I don't mean to hate on Calvin Klein, and hey, I really like these little onesies. At first glance I almost thought they were Juicy Couture because of the bright colors and variations. I am interested to see where this goes. At least the price range is on the low end: $$37.00 for the whole set! Find yours at Children Salon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Fun Flowery Chandelier

I keep going back and forth about this. While I am loving the uniqueness of the green flowers, there is something about the bulb holders that really bugs me. Why are they #2 pencil yellow?? The arms themselves are lavender (it's hard to see in the picture, so why would they stick those ugly yellow candlesticks in there? This chandelier is from Posh Tots though, the magical land where everything is hand-crafted and customizable.  And for the steep price of $1506.00, I would hope you could get just about any color bulb holder you want!

Crazy Expensive Yet Genius Stuffed Animals from Posh Tots

Yeah... so I am going to come right out and say that these stuffed animals are $128.00 apiece. Which yes, seems a bit outrageous. However, this is the neat thing. They are all completely different, because they are hand-sewn using scraps of fabric used to make other fabulous Posh Tots creations. No two are exactly the same. You can make color requests, but there is no guarantee of anything. It's kind of an awesome idea in my opinion, and there a handful of animals to choose from other than the ones pictured above: owls, turtles, squirrels, elephants, and bunnies. Hey, if you have a ton of money, collect the set! Or, give one as a unique gift. They really look like something even an adult might like.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Former Bachelorette Jen Schefft's Baby: Mae Elizabeth. Stop. So Cute.

How have I never seen this before? Back in January Jen Schefft gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly announcing the arrival of her baby daughter, Mae Elizabeth, with dad Joe Waterman. I am loving the way they are posed in this picture, hopefully some people get inspired!

A Strange Juicy Couture Diaper Bag...

Okay, am I going crazy here? Did I miss a major release or something? Firstly, this bag is so not something I would expect from Juicy Couture. It's just kind of... gross. I do not like the colors; they remind me of either flesh or vomit, I cannot decide. The whole thing seems to be a bit outdated, like something someone wearing a Members Only jacket would carry. Not to be hateful towards Juicy, but this is just not my idea of a cute baby bag AT ALL. It is a terry cloth bag that is listed at $298.00 at Neiman Marcus. I will be patiently waiting for the next baby bag that Juicy tosses out in to the world and hope that it will redeem this mess.

Ralph Lauren Baby Sundress

Ralph Lauren is an anomaly to me. The brand seems to be popular with just about everyone (that is a pretty big generalization, but still.), including my mother who has impeccable taste, but I have never been super impressed in general. Every now and they I will see something that really strikes me (everything I have written about on here Ralph Lauren-wise, that was the case), and this little sundress is one of those things. What's not to love about a small print floral pattern dress? It's light and fun and the red trim adds the necessary extra flair. Striped polos with embroidered horses? No thank you, not for me. Sundresses without the logo splattered across the front? Okay in my book. See this for a very reasonable $45.00 at Neiman Marcus.

Fabulous Blumarine Red Tartan Skirt!

I apologize for the obnoxiously large size of this picture (which is a bit too big to even fit across the page) but I just had to so that everyone could see the close-up details of how simply amazing this skirt by Blumarine is! It is a combination of a gorgeous wool tartan with red tulle underneath. Then to top it all off, it is covered with another layer of embroidered tulle which is covered with red roses. Oh, and we must not forget the little red bow and embroidered "B" on the waist band. I am in love. Children Salon shows this being paired with a white long sleeve t-shirt with a puppy on it, which I am not a fan of at all. This skirt needs something way more sassy, like a black leotard and then a fancy necklace. Very holiday-esque and out of season, but I am guessing they wanted to roll this one out early knowing it would most likely fly off the shelves. At $142.00 each, someone is going to capitalize on this!

Catimini Spirit Jours Light Blue Footie

As usual, Catimini keeps cranking out the cutest of the cute when it comes to baby items. Mixtures of colors and patterns and shapes make for a veritable smorgasboard of adorable. What is kind of crazy is that right now all of the summer stuff is already going on sale in order to make room for fall. I am not a fan of this because I start to get that panicky feeling to begin with when June comes to an end. June always FLIES by for me. July too. Then in August I start to get sad because that is the last real summer month. It's so stupid. I should just enjoy the days and not worry about what month they fall in, but sometimes it's just so... hard! Oh well. This little footie is actually on sale at Mon Petit Child for a very reasonable $35.75. Grab them up people!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Off-Topic: Say A Prayer for Baby Grace: Rylie Ann Sawyers

I cannot get this story out of my head. I was falling asleep on the couch one night last week and my TV was on the Investigation Discovery channel. A story began about "Baby Grace." My interest was captured because I vaguely remembered hearing about it on the news a ways back. After five minutes I was about the farthest thing from falling asleep and over a week later I still cannot stop thinking about it. Please visit this site which explains Rylie's story and even has a section where you can write a message and light a candle for this tiny angel. What is awful is this is just one story out of a countless number, a countless number that never gets any press or websites or laws passed or candles lit. I'm not a very religious person, but I said a prayer. If not a prayer, send some positive vibes. Share the story with a friend. Anything. But this has to stop.

A Fun 4th of July Hat by Monnalisa: On Sale!

I mean come on, what's not to love about this hat? Granted the "blue" flowers are actually black, I still think this could pass as a very cute hat for the 4th of July. Which, by the way, who can believe is coming up in the next week? Where has time gone. In any case, I stumbled across this hat while browsing around Lavish Kids and I honestly do not know if it is on sale because it is from last year or for some other unknown reason. Point being: it's on sale. Originally $95.00, this sweet little hat is now a whopping 50% off, taking it down to $47.50. Come on, who cares if it's last year's. It's adorable. Don't be one of those people. Just buy the hat. 

Great for Nurseries: Dream Catchers.

I have always had an affinity for dream catchers. I remember when I was maybe 9 years old, my parents got me a dream catcher kit for my birthday. I read the little note inside about what they were, then looked at the picture and thought, "There is no way I can make this."                                                                                                                                                                                                               It was so elaborate, I remember perfectly: the outside was wrapped in brown leather, there were beige and blue beads, blue feathers, and strings that I tied to it with  more feathers that hung down. I made it, all by myself, and kept that thing for probably 10 years. If you are looking for a GREAT gift idea for a 8-12 year old, get them a dream catcher kit. Trust me.                                                                                                                                                         So anyway, ever since then, I have loved the things. When I saw this pretty little creation by Boutique Brands, I was instantly in love. It is everything girly with sparkles and beads and even a little fairy hanging from the bottom. Maybe instead of the traditional mobile, you could hang one of these above your baby's crib. Let the good dreams through, filter out the bad. This is a steal, for only $20.00 at Children Salon.

Aaaaaaand... We're BACK!

Okay people, here is the deal. And I am totally okay with this making me sound like a crazy cat person. This is the timeline of events that caused me to take a month off of anything that I didn't absolutely HAVE to due, due to having to get my feet planted again.

My kitty, Ellie, became sick back in April. I had her for 8 1/2 wonderful years: all throughout college and throughout much turmoil. She was a long-haired all white beast who loved licking feet and ranch dressing. She passed away on April 25, my mother's birthday.

That week, a stray kitty showed up at my mom's work. She was pregnant. Two weeks later I agreed to give her a foster home. I picked her up on Thursday, took her to the vet on Saturday, she had one single kitten in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He was impossibly small, maybe the size of a mouse, but with a voice so loud I was afraid my neighbors would complain. He was doing great for the first week, then seemed to stop squirming and crying. 

I took him to the vet and they said that he was born very early and at eight days old he only weighed 2.7 ounces. They said there was nothing I could do for him but keep him comfortable. Two days later, he passed away in a blanket in my arms. 

It wasn't fair. It wasn't how the story was supposed to end. Once again, a hard lesson learned on the fact that, well, life just isn't fair. Crappy things happen all the time, and you just have to stand up and move forward. Long story short, I am keeping the mama kitty. Her name is Lucy. She is fascinated by the toilet and also has a foot fetish. She was spayed on Monday and of course her incision is infected and she has an arsenal of antibiotics and a lampshade collar that she just loves. 

ANYWAY, I am excited to get back to blogging and get back to doing all the stuff I normally do. Pictured above my extensive ramblings are two swim nappies by Archimede that I thought were just cute enough to be my first post in a month. The patterns are adorable and I am pretty sure the way these things work is you just put them over your baby's diaper and then it's swim time; no top necessary. Oh the things little ones can get away with... find these for $56.00 at my always favorite Children Salon.