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Monday, June 27, 2011

Catimini Spirit Jours Light Blue Footie

As usual, Catimini keeps cranking out the cutest of the cute when it comes to baby items. Mixtures of colors and patterns and shapes make for a veritable smorgasboard of adorable. What is kind of crazy is that right now all of the summer stuff is already going on sale in order to make room for fall. I am not a fan of this because I start to get that panicky feeling to begin with when June comes to an end. June always FLIES by for me. July too. Then in August I start to get sad because that is the last real summer month. It's so stupid. I should just enjoy the days and not worry about what month they fall in, but sometimes it's just so... hard! Oh well. This little footie is actually on sale at Mon Petit Child for a very reasonable $35.75. Grab them up people!

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