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Monday, January 31, 2011

Burberry Bow Sandals

How genius are these?? I am having such a great time seeing Burberry's spring and summer collection slowly emerge at the various high-end clothing websites that I stalk at my very boring and ordinary desk job. These sandals have to be one of the cutest finds though. Made with leather straps and leather soles, these teeny sandals are of course enhanced by a bow constructed of yet another variation of that Burberry plaid that makes people go wild. Looking at these makes me want to go for a walk on the beach. Right now. See these sandals for $85.00, and more of Burberry's warm weather items, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Chloe Infant's Bird Print Dress

Another gorgeous classic from Chloe Baby. I have had thing for birds lately... they have been showing up in my artwork way more than normal. Maybe it is because of the lingering fascination I have had with the birds that started falling out of the sky on New Years Eve in Arkansas, or maybe because birds make me think of spring. Who knows. In any case, I love the antique feel of this dress, and the tie straps are even better. This springy dress can be found for $154.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catimini Dresses Are Awesome.

Catimini's clothing is easy to pick out because of the vivid colors and combinations of patters. I love their bohemian style because it reminds me of crazy 70's hippie stuff. This dress fits that idea perfectly, especially because of the (slightly odd) kitty (I think?) at the bottom. Maybe something one of the designers saw during a 70's acid trip? Who knows, but it works. My favorite part though are the little triangle tabs that stick out of the middle. See this dress for $76.00 at childrensalon.com.

Baby Dior Ladybird Soft Toy

Things that make this soft little baby toy great: it is called a "ladybird," which sounds much more glamorous than a "lady bug" (to me anyway), it has the sweetest delicate floral pattern, and it is a designer toy. How many babies are out there that cuddle with a toy with a tag that reads "Baby Dior?" Not many. Find this for $34.00 at Children Salon.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Dior Bear Bib

Ahh tax season... everyone has visions of filing their taxes and getting a big fat refund check and either using it wisely, or splurging on something they would not normally buy. Maybe something like this $65.00 bib from Baby Dior. Now first of all, as I found out today, I will not be splurging, nor spending my refund wisely, because I owe money. I was so mad when I completed my return online and saw the amount that I deleted all of my information and will not file until April. All fussiness aside, this bib is adorable: little bears, clever logo placement, and very simple. If you are lucky unlike me, and have a giant tax return, you could maybe spend it on expensive clothes at lavishkids.com.

Friday Morning French Fix: More Bbk

When I was in high school, I used to babysit for a family of three girls. I was insanely close with the oldest, she was 11 when I went away to college. We have remained in touch ever since, and she just turned 21 yesterday. She has grown into an artistic fashion lover just like myself, sometimes I like to think I had a hand in that. Anyway, we were supposed to go to Paris this spring, but the trip fell through. I remain determined to get there with her, some way, somehow. So with French things in mind, I must say that if you have not checked out the Bbk collection by Catherine Seixo yet, take a moment to do so. Take in the rich colors and classic styles, and actually, most of the winter collection is on sale right now because spring dresses are on their way. Everyone loves Paris in the springtime.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From People.com: Celebrity Kids Rock the Gray Jeans

Just look at how these kids are dressed. When comparing this to what I wore when I was their age, the difference is... umm... monumental. From left to right: Honor Warren, Kingston Rossdale, and Nahla Aubry. Talk about little fashionistas. Jeez.

Fendi Baby Spring/Summer 2011 Preview at Children Salon!!

Get ready to jump out of your skin. Fendi's Spring and Summer 2011 collection has been posted at Children Salon as a preview. No descriptions or definite prices yet, but the pictures are enough to get me excited. The items are scheduled to arrive sometime between now and March, which may be a tough wait for a lot of people if it leans more towards a March delivery. You will see everything from Zucca print hats to little star badges that proclaim "I love Fendi" to teeny tiny jeans to fabulous shoes... it is amazing. Please please please go check it out! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Armani Spilled Milk Onesie

The shock of $70.00 onesies never really wears off for me. And that is in fact how much this one costs. Kind of a genius design idea: loving how the bottle says "Armani" and the milk is spilling down into the logo. Again, Lavish Kids has seen an Armani explosion this week with a crazy amount of new onesies, bibs, outfits, and shoes. Feel free to indulge, if you are so able!

Armani Baby Blanket Gift Set

This is genius! I definitely just talked about an Armani blanket 2.5 seconds ago, but Lavish Kids all of a sudden has a ton of new Armani baby items, and I was smitten with this as soon as I laid eyes on it. Talk about a unique logo! Who doesn't love wiener dogs? Well, I'm sure a lot of people don't, but this one is so cute. And look at how he is just walking right onto the bib. I almost wish this gift set came with a dog rather than the signature little Armani duck. Adorable, expensive, $150.00, I want it. 

Armani Baby Blanket

How I love designer baby blankets. I always love to see the patterns and colors and logos that all the big-name designers use for their blankets: from Burberry's endless variations of plaid to Fendi's Zucca print. Then you have cases like this, where Armani goes for the traditional with a cluster of cute little bunnies smack dab in the middle. It is a baby blanket after all, it just happens to be a $115.00 Armani one. See details at Lavish Kids.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Junior Gaultier Girls Pink Tutu Skirt

Some things just look like they were borne from an expert designer's hand, and this skirt is one of them. Not something that you would ever see strolling down the aisles of Target or The Children's Place (although I love both of those stores), this pink tutu skirt is fashioned with plenty of puffy tulle and has a cute - but more importantly soft and non-itchy - waistband that adds a lot of casualness and has the words "Gaultier bebe" printed in black across the back. Absolutely adorable. Buy this for $99.00 at Children Salon.

Monnalisa White Daisy Dress

You know... daisies are not my favorite flower. I blame a friendship that went sour on that... I had one of those one-upper friends (like that character Kristin Wiig plays on Saturday Night Live) that made me feel like nothing I did was good enough. When I finally stood up to her, she never talked to me again. Point being: she loved daisies. I guess that is kind of stupid. I actually don't even know why I started talking about that. But everyone knows how people can "ruin" things for you, like a horrible hangover can ruin vodka cranberries for a lifetime. Soooo back to more appropriate baby-friendly things, this daisy dress by Monnalisa is cute enough to help me make peace with daisies. I love the summery yellow trim and the little ruffles. How many more days of winter? For $108.00, this dress is available from Children Salon.

The Bbk Collection by Catherine Seixo

It is no secret that I have always been a little smitten with the French and their expert eye in the fashion world. I have French roots through my grandmother, and although it is distant, I like to channel them when I am making an attempt at sophistication. With all of the cold weather and dreariness of winter really settling in now, this past week I was very happy to get a breath of fresh air through the discovery of French designer Catherine Seixo and her beautiful clothing line for children.

Catherine is an architect and designer educated in Bordeaux and currently living in Begles, France. Her collection is entitled Bbk and is a wonderful combination of classical, elegant, and chic. Looking at the collection as a whole, the styles has roots in early-century children's clothing. This can be seen through the vintage fabric choices, classic forms, and sweet embellishments like buttons and bows. One of my favorite things about this collection is that Catherine makes matching bonnets and hats to go with much of her clothing:

In a world of glitter and velour and bling and glam, I cannot tell you how refreshing it is for me to see such classic designs. If I were asked to picture chic little French children in my head, they would be wearing dresses like these. Especially the one with the cherries, it is my favorite of the collection.

Here are a couple more examples of the Bbk collection and their brilliant eye for pattern and color:

So, pretty much I was smitten with the clothing line right away. So then of course I decided to head over to the accessories. Firstly, the website is in French. It was fun for me to try and use my seven years of French I took in school to navigate around, but I eventually used a translator so I could see everything more quickly. But, it is fun to learn the French word for things like bibs: les bavoirs. Maybe I am a nerd, but I thought that was kinda neat. Anyway, Bbk also designs bags, shoes, bibs, stuffed animals, you name it. Here is my favorite bib and favorite bag:

The shape of the bib and that floral pattern on the bag are what get me. Definitely take a look at Catherine's work at www.bbkcreations.fr. Even the website design is vintage and eclectic, with old photos and maps. It really sets the atmosphere for the clothing, I can only imagine what the store itself looks like.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Round Cribs Are Awesome. And Expensive.

I have always had a small fascination with round cribs. I have never actually seen one in person and would be very interested to. I could see one in the nursery of some gorgeous restored Victorian house. Tucked into a turret or something. This crib is new at Posh Tots, it is the Addison Round canopy Crib. Available in the finish of your choice, this wrought iron crib is decorated throughout with graceful scrollwork. Without crib bedding, it costs $1590.00. 

Juicy Couture Infant Girls Polka Dot Swim Suit

Have you ever been sitting at your desk at work, minding your own business, when a friend who is on vacation texts you a picture of the beach/pool/grotto/paradise they are at? Even worse, they include some obnoxious message like "Wish you were here!" or "Heard you were having snow!" Definitely got one of those texts today from a friend who is in Belize. Meanwhile, in the midwest US, it took me almost two hours to get home from work due to a snow storm. So, so, so bitter. So thinking of warmer times, here we have an adorable ruffly polka dot swim suit from Juicy Couture. I am loving the little gold buttons up the front. I bet somewhere, someone is on a luxurious tropical vacation and their baby is wearing this suit. I want to be that baby. This can be found for $58.00 at Bloomingdale's.

Roberto Cavalli Prewalker Glitter Shoes

Well these are just about obnoxious enough to be glorious. Seemingly taking a page out of Juicy Couture's book (their velour-y, leopard-y book...), Roberto Cavalli has paired bucket of pink glitter with leopard print and leather, resulting in a creating that will make babies and adults alike ooo and aahh. For $88.00, these in-your-face baby shoes are newly available from Children Salon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Dior Christening Gown and Hat

This has been the worst day at work. I love when other people don't pay attention and make sure all their bases covered and I get blamed for it. Nice. So... trying to counteract my sourness, I tried to find the most beautiful baby item I could. So far, I am still feeling sour. However, this christening gown by Baby Dior is just stunning. The gown is pure cotton, embellished with tons of eyelet and embroidery; same with the hat. So delicately beautiful. Ready for the prices? Gown: $1335.00. Hat: $138.00. Available at saksfifthavenue.com.

From People.com: Miranda Kerr and Baby Flynn!

This is reportedly the first picture published of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's new baby, Flynn, born on January 6. There are some great genes that went into this child. Read the entire heart-warming article at people.com.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

Once again from Nebraska... Introducing:

Adellyn Ruth
Sawyer Jane
Shanti Rachelle
Harper Adaline
Eris Abbigail
Sidny Ann
Alizah Rae

Talyn Kole
Ashtyn David (way too feminine for a boy.)
Korbin Lee Kent
Breyer Dee
Houston Blaine
Kreighton Drew

Head to Toe Gucci

I am so excited about the arrival of Gucci baby clothes (I have only seen shoes in the past) at saksfifthavenue.com. I am already in love with this outfit: ruffled poplin shirt (with the Gucci name embroidered on the Peter Pan collar), demin shorts with a bow tie waist, and patent leather mary janes. Absolutely sophisticated and beautiful. Are you ready for this: The shirt sells for $155.00, the shorts for $155.00, and the shoes for $220.00, totaling a whopping $530.00. Wow.

Gucci Baby Clothes!

Maybe I have been looking in all the wrong places, but in all the sites I have visited in the name of my designer baby clothes obsession, I have only seen baby shoes by Gucci, but no clothing. Well, now your little one can wear onesies and that bear the famous name, because at Saks Fifth Avenue you can now find Gucci gift sets like this one. For $250.00, you can give the gift of two onesies, a bib, and a hat that say "I have money." Hopefully there is more where this is coming from!

Armani Wool Baby Hat

Holy expensiveness. This little hat sure packs one heck of a price tag: $125.00. FOR JUST THE HAT. Sure it is cute and all: soft lavender, soft wool, cute little pom pom, and of course the words "Armani Baby" scripted across the forhead. But $125.00 for a miniature hat? If you can swing it, feel free to visit Lavish Kids, and know that you are probably one of few who can.

Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes

I feel like I am having an affair with the seasons right now. Chili is cooking in the crock pot, lots of candles are lit to warm the place up, and I am about to crawl under three to five blankets and watch a movie because it is cold and icy outside. Sometimes I like how winter is all about laying low. Yet, at the same time, my mind is thinking of warmer weather, the pool opening, taking walks, and the sun being out until 9:30 pm. These little Dolce & Gabbana shoes? I feel like they are doing the same. They would look cute worn with white tights and a wintery dress, but also with bare feet and a sun dress. Cross-seasonal items are never a bad thing, because hey, at least you are getting your moneys worth, which helps with these $115.00 shoes. See details at Lavish Kids.

A Very Expensive Armani Bib

The designer bibs always crack me up. Bibs get absolutely destroyed with food and grime and juice... yet designer are still able to stick a giant price tag on a bib bearing their name, and they sell. It is kind of a fun idea after all, and if you have money to blow, then why not? This is a new bib from Armani Junior. It comes with its own cute little gift bag and has a cute little rabbit on it... and can be yours for a cute little price of $46.00, from Children Salon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kate Spade "Baby Makes Three" Photo Album

I don't know I don't know I don't know... Is this a fantastic luxury baby item or a photo album that can be purchased at Target for half the price with the same quality to it? I mean, a $50.00 photo album? Really? Don't get me wrong, I love Kate Spade: her bags, her china, her accessories... she is clean and classic and fun. What's not to love? But as far as baby items go, while I love her baby bags, the gifts leave a little to be desired for me. I guess it's all about the novelty of owning a Kate Spade photo album, but the novelty just doesn't sell me. See details at katespade.com and decide how you feel. 

Dior Baby Silk Shoes

If I were to ever open this item at a baby shower as a gift, I would probably pass out. These pink silk baby shoes by Dior just remind me of the ultimate designer baby splurge. The suitcase proclaiming "Baby Dior," the logo on the shoes, the silk, the bows... everything about them is just posh and perfect. Once again, Dior has outdone themselves with this seasons silk shoe design (this style has become a kind of trademark for them). If you are wealthier than I, you may purchase these for $179.00 at lavishkids.com.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Juicy Couture Madras Dress

Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and visit Juicy Couture's website, click on "Girls," and prepare to want to buy every single new item, from rompers to dresses to swim suits. Apparently the spring collection is where Juicy really shines. I am in love with this brightly colored madras dress. Anything with a madras pattern is great and reminds me of vacations. And I like to drink madrases. But that is beside the point. For $78.00, this can be added to your baby's warm weather wardrobe.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Juicy Couture Baby Bag

Why do I love this bag so much? It is admittedly kinda tacky, with the pink velour and Juicy Couture written all over it, but somehow I think it really works. Something about the "Couture Baby" logo between the handles has me smitten: it is obnoxious enough to be cute. However that works. It has quilted side pockets, zipper pockets, inside pockets... sufficient in the pocket department. All in all, a great baby bag. Visit Neiman Marcus to see more details on this $298.00 pink extravaganza.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Nebraska... Introducing:

Ali Todd
Klaire Lynnlee
Althea Margaret
Lilyan Rain
Savannah Gloe
McKinnley Marie
Ima-Jean Grace
Tesni Shea

Tekoa Azlan Gabriel
Chase Broderyc
Rowen Heath
Bryndan John

Dolce & Gabbana Ruffle Swim Suit

Perhaps this is the definition of cute. Flowery rose bud patterns never seem to get old for me, and when paired with bohemian-esque ruffles of different print? Now you've just gone too far. In a good way though. If this swim suit is this adorable off, I can barely imagine what it would look like on a pudgy little baby, maybe with a little sun hat (hopefully there is a matching one about to make an appearance somewhere). This can be purchased for $101.00 at childrensalon.com.

Philosophy Baby Grace Perfume

Maybe I am strange, but I almost always buy some sort of baby wash instead of "adult" shower gel. I like the way they smell better; some shower gels are so overpowering they make me want to gag. I am the same way about perfume: I dislike more than I like. Then I discovered Baby Grace by Philosophy. First of all, anything by Philosophy is pretty much genius, but Baby Grace is my favorite by far. It smells clean and fresh, like a baby. I bought some for Christmas and have been obsessed ever since. Just felt compelled the share. Check out philosophy.com for this and more of their awesome product lines.

Baby Dior Striped Flap Collar Dress

I feel like it has been a while since I have seen anything new from Baby Dior. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places, maybe it is the wrong time of year to look for new things, who knows. In any case, I therefore was very excited to see some new Dior items at Saks Fifth Avenue. This $242.00 blue striped dress is my favorite thus far, loving the little stars within the stripes at the bottom and the flap collar. Hurry up spring, for I am pasty pale white, and have grown too plump for my pants and need to transition to skirts. 

Kate Mack Red Check Bloomer Set and Bubble

If you've never been to My Child Clothing's website, it's really worth a few minutes of your time. They have some of the sweetest baby clothes and their prices are more reasonable than purchasing Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana. My favorites brands are Kate Mack and Biscotti. These two outfits are summery and traditional with red gingham check, eyelet, and bows. You can never go wrong with those. And for $52.00 and $44.00 respectively, you can't go wrong with the price tag either. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Paperboy Hat

This is one of the most expensive baby hats I have run across to date. It is made in Italy, and simple enough... it's a newsboy hat or paperboy hat or whatever it is called in your neck of the woods. It has some stripes, not Swarovski crystal or angora or cashmere. Yet somehow, this is a $95.00 hat. Wonders never cease. If you want to pay for this hat bearing the infamous Dolce & Gabbana name, feel free to visit lavishkids.com

John-Paul Gaultier Baby Debuts!!

I am veeeeeery interested to see what this entire collection is going to entail, new for Spring/Summer 2011. A sneak preview can be viewed at juniormagazine.co.uk, and a write-up can be viewed at people.com.

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Nebraska... Introducing:

Aleigh Ruth
Addilynn Kinslee
Brynley Mae
Jaxyn Clayr Belle
Hayden Bentley Rose
Hadlei Nicole
Adrielle Grace

Kolbe Conrad
Braylon Reid
Easton Trey
Emmett Wade
Cooper Theodore
Kyan David
Kreed Braylon
Titus Asa

Wyatt James and Amelia Reann

Monnalisa Pink Cupcake Dress

Monnalisa how I love thee. I love thee almost as much as I love cupcakes. Looking at this dress is making me think of these "Smart Ones" strawberry shortcake dessert things that I just bought at the store (they probably suck because they are "healthy"), and now I want them for dinner instead of the pizza I have cooking. Calories do not count on Fridays. It's the law. I believe there are many cupcake lovers out there, both the food and the icon, so many people will go nuts over this dress. I also know this because four of the six sizes it comes in are already sold out. Flowy and springy, this dress can be found for $140.00 at childrensalon.com.

Roberto Cavalli Baby Leopard Gift Set

Stop. I almost cannot take it. First thing I noticed about this: the bow on the leopard's tail on the onesie. If you look at Roberto Cavalli's baby girl clothes, there is almost always a little bow worked in there somewhere, somehow. Little things like that seal the deal for me. Also loving the pink leopard print trim that ties the pieces of this gift set together. This can be found for $96.00 at childrensalon.com.

Kensington Baby Hats

Apparently I have flowers on the brain lately. Another one of those wonderfully quirky items founds at Teacups and Mudpies, these sweet little hats by Kensington Baby are made of soft 100% cotton, come in a variety of color combinations, and can be folded down as your baby grows so it's not one of those "It fits for two months" kind of deals. I am slightly worried about how the topknot will look when it is actually on a baby's head, but babies can pull anything off. Cute and reasonably priced, at $20.00 apiece.

Silver Armani Baby Sneakers

These shoes remind me of the 80's. Like roller skates almost. I think it must be the silver and lavender combo paired with the double velcro straps. Ahh... a classic. These flashy little shoes are new in at boutiqueforchildren.com, another website that is starting to show signs of spring collections. So they are cute, not my favorite, not my least favorite. The Armani logo on the side warrants the $115.00 price tag, otherwise I would never guess these babies could be so expensive.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Modern Cribs

I feel so unsophisticated for saying this, but I do not like 95% of "modern" furniture that I come in contact with. It seems so sterile and sometimes space-age-looking. I have a particular distaste for monochromatic, hard, oddly-shaped modern couches. I have an overstuffed suede sectional. It is great for reading on, sleeping on, eating on, practically living on. I like traditional. Comfortable. Functional. So for this reason, I do not like most modern cribs. Some look like they are made of plastic and belong in institutions. I was browsing the modern collection at petitetresor.com, and ran into this crib, part of Muu's Sam Collection. This brand is made in the US by a family who has been wood working for three generations. I like that. It can be customized endlessly, including colors and finishes. And it's actually... attractive. The cherry blossoms don't hurt either; they are one of my favorite design elements. Modern carries a hefty price tag as far as this piece goes, it sells for $1175.00, which seems to be the norm amongst cribs of the like. 

On Sale: Juicy Couture Baby Snowsuit

Now would be a great time to swoop in and take advantage of all the sales on winter collections, especially for those of us (ahem... me) who do not have the budget to purchase designer clothing at regular price. Now, some sales are better than others. This Juicy Couture snowsuit is not the greatest steal, it is normally $215.00, on sale for $193.00. I mean 20 bucks is 20 bucks, but the deals will get better as we get closer to spring (yay!). This snowsuit can be found at alexandalexa.com, where pretty much everything is on sale right now.