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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monnalisa White Daisy Dress

You know... daisies are not my favorite flower. I blame a friendship that went sour on that... I had one of those one-upper friends (like that character Kristin Wiig plays on Saturday Night Live) that made me feel like nothing I did was good enough. When I finally stood up to her, she never talked to me again. Point being: she loved daisies. I guess that is kind of stupid. I actually don't even know why I started talking about that. But everyone knows how people can "ruin" things for you, like a horrible hangover can ruin vodka cranberries for a lifetime. Soooo back to more appropriate baby-friendly things, this daisy dress by Monnalisa is cute enough to help me make peace with daisies. I love the summery yellow trim and the little ruffles. How many more days of winter? For $108.00, this dress is available from Children Salon.

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