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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Custom Strollers!

This would be a real head-turner walking down the street... It almost looks like a chopper. By Kid Kustoms, these futuristic-looking contraptions START at $1999.00. You can choose the seat color, wheel cover color, and tire color. All black tires are an option, and they look like motorcycle tires. Neato. If you have a few thousand extra dollars you could be the talk of the town by purchasing this stroller here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guess the Price: Hermes Baby Blanket

Legendary French designer Hermes is not exactly known for baby items. There really are only a handful. But what they lack in quantity they certainly make up for in price. This wool and cashmere blanket, measuring 40" by 56," will set you back a whopping $680.00. Would the owner have to be constantly boasting that the H's stand for Hermes? I for one would never guess otherwise. For the millions of people interested in purchasing this blanket for the very reasonable price, it can be found here.

That Burberry Plaid.

Maybe I am not the best person to ask, but I feel like the Burberry Plaid has seen its hayday. Seen it come and seen it go. I can't help but roll my eyes when I see it on a scarf, hat, wallet, etc. The same way I roll my eyes when I see a preview for a movie that looks good, then it says "Directed by M. Night Shaymalan." Groan. Not again. That being said, for whatever odd reason, I love this little ensemble. Maybe it's the pale, soft, feminine colors. Maybe it's because I enjoy plaid skirts in general. But this gets my vote. For $235.00, this can be purchased at saksfifthavenue.com.

Chloe Infant's Bib Set

Saksfifthavenue.com says that with these bibs, your baby girl can make a fashion statement, and that they come in their own bag! Wow. Is this why they cost $74.00, for two bibs? Nah... that's just because they are made by Chloe. I can't lie, I got a bit of sticker stock with this one. I do adore the whimsical and dainty drawings but unfortunately, I could only ever afford the knock off.

Teeny Tiny Gucci Shoes

Miniature Gucci shoes from saksfifthavenue.com. And I thought I had seen it all. Probably only worn by the finest of the fine baybays in NYC, I find myself asking "Is it worth it?" The girls Ankle Strap shoes have a $225.00 price tag on them, and the boys Leather Boat shoes boast a $275.00 ticket. Maybe I just cannot fathom what it would be like to drop almost $300 on something that will a) get ruined quickly and b) get outgrown quickly. Or maybe I like to imagine what the rest of the outfit will look like and cost when it begins with $300 shoes. Ahh... to be rich.

Chanel Car Seat Liner

Holy luxury. This car seat liner just screams posh and makes me want to take a nap just looking at it. What child could spend a car ride screaming when they are riding in this thing? Probably the majority of them. But still... this has satin ruffle detailing around the edges, faux fur lining, and a gorgeous mocha and red floral pattern up the sides. Although this is a design from 2008-2009, it is still available for purchase at 1butterflystreet.com for a whopping $232.99, more than some actual car seats.

Holiday Dress Time!

Imagine the possibilities for holiday pictures with this dress! Black and whites, red drapes, throw in some greenery, fake snow... its endless. By Haute Baby, the Holiday Chic gown can be purchased for $54.00 at www.littledragonflies.com. The hat is unfortunately separate (of course), but a must-have at just $18.00. Add this to my favorites please and thank you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's Play Can You Spot the Differences.

Now... on the left we have Kitchen A. This is the kitchen I had when I was growing up, a Little Tykes classic. The best part by far was that sweet yellow phone. It had an oven, not a microwave, not a dishwasher. Those were most likely not even invented yet. But that kitchen saw a lot of plastic meals prepared in it and was loved very dearly. Then there is Kitchen B, specifically the Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen made by KidKraft. Wow. In this kitchen we have a SILVER phone, fridge, microwave, oven, dishwasher, freezer, the works. This thing is more fully loaded than my kitchen at home. For $199.00 this gourmet kitchen can be puchased at ababy.com.

Cinderella Carriage Baby Crib

Now... for the price of this crib ($5430.00, not including linens, mattress, or shipping), I think this is a little lacking. In fact, it kind of reminds me of a Charlie Brown Cinderella Carriage Crib (like a Charlie Brown tree... am I reaching too much...). It just doesn't wow me and seems kind of bare bones and simplistic. Cinderella's carriage was magical and elegant, this looks like it was made of a few twigs. Loving the idea, just not so much the design. This crib and many other high ticket monsters are available at ababy.com.

Max and Emme Lopez-Muniz

Look at those little curly kiddos. And does J. Lo ever age? She looks as beautiful as ever. Sigh. If only all of us were so lucky. Sidenote: kind of pumped to see her on the new season of American Idol.

Juicy Baby

That title just sounds a little wrong. Now, I get kind of a bitter taste in my mouth when I think of the people who wear Juicy Couture. Mainly people who wear the sweatpants with the word "JUICY" plastered across the backside. All that velour and bedazzling... it is a bit much for an adult to dress head to toe in purple velour. Now Juicy Couture Baby... I'm not sure. The little gold buttons on this Devoted to Couture Logo Velour Set are cute. And I'm very happy that the word Juicy is on the hood and not the butt. But again, when I think of a baby wearing this I can't help but picture what her mother is wearing. Most likely a mom-size juicy track suit complete with Ugg boots and a Ralph Lauren Polo hat. If I were to purchase something for my child from Juicy, I would more likely go with these:
The little crowns are cute, and they are just bedazzled enough to be obviously Juicy Couture. The Crown Studded Ballet Flats can be purchased for $58.00, and the track suit for $88.00 at juicycouture.com.

Swarovski Raggedy Ann and Andy Diaper Wipe Case

Because who doesn't need a $200.00 crystal-studded diaper wipe case? I haven't seen Raggedy Ann and Andy in years... reminds me of my childhood. I however had the baby book, not the fancy diaper wipe case. And my mom went as Raggedy Ann for Halloween when I was in kindergarten... I remember because the red hair dye she used didn't come out in one wash as the box claimed it would, and she cried. Ahh memories. This adorable case can be purchased at babyblingthingsbooutique.com.

I Love Cupcakes.

It's true. Maybe because I love eating them I in turn like items depicting them. There are only a few things I like to eat more than Funfetti cupcakes. So Baby Bling Things Boutique has a pretty decent array or pacifiers and pacifier clips, but these are naturally my favorite. The Sweet Cupcake clip is embellished with tiny crystals and is $32.99, and the matching pacifier, not to be outdone, has GLITTER within the plastic for $7.99. Add this to my list please.

Vintage Circus Toy Chest

Another beautiful piece from poshtots.com, I am instantly attracted to this because it has "vintage" in the name. Most things vintage win an automatic pass into the "genius" category for me. This toy chest is of course hand-painted and custom made per order. Because of this, the price tag is a whopping $1680.00. Then your child can bang on it and scratch it up to further add to the vintage, distressed look. 

Hello Beautiful Expensive Dress.

Poshtots.com never fails to come through with some jaw-dropping prices. This Ciel Bleu Gown is no exception, priced at $575.00. The color is describes as that of the winter sky, but this definitely looks like a spring dress to me. Maybe add a white shrug for Easter, or no shrug for a warm outdoor wedding. Or if you have the money to blow, a beautiful dress up princess or Alice in Wonderland dress. Either way, tres cute.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Diesel Baby

Lovelovelovelovelove. Diesel makes some of the most fantastic shoes known to man, and apparently jeans too, although I have never purchased any. I have been "losing weight" and am waiting until I do so to purchase more jeans. I have been "losing weight" for maybe ten years now. Probably should just call it a day and buy jeans. But, I digress. I love everything about this outfit, especially the fact that they have made mixing pink with red work, and look cute. The little red boots are my favorite, of course. The entire diesel baby collection can be viewed here.

From People.com: Levi McConaughey

Maaaaybe one of the cutest children I have ever seen. Matthew McConaughey's son has great hair and a very laid back sense of style. Okay, so it's not his style yet. But at least he will not look back on childhood pictures like I do, in all of their early 80's glory, and think "My parents put me in THAT?"

From People.com: Kingston Rossdale

Not too sure how I feel about the blue thing with the giant bunny on it... or the auto mechanic-looking thing on the right with the yellow shoes... but I'm loving the middle ensemble.

From People.com: Bjork vs. Honor Warren

I remember all of the Halloween costumes inspired by Bjork's 2001 Oscar dress. Timeless.

Lookin fierce, Honor. You got my vote.

Baby Buntings Still Exist

This is what a baby bunting looks like. I had no idea. At first glance I thought this thing was a big ugly purse. I guess it kind of is... a big purse that holds... your baby. It doesn't attach to anything, you just put the baby in and snap the top closed to fit around his or her head. Designed by Monnalisa, it is embellished with ruffles and lined with plush leopard print something. I can't decide if it's ugly or elegant... just that it's interesting. At $210.00, this bunting can be purchased at www.monpetitechild.com.

An Armani Baby.

This is what an Armani baby looks like. My interest has been piqued by baby clothes by big designer names... I am just having trouble figuring out how much all of this stuff costs. I guess if you have to ask you can't afford it, as they always say. The little guy is adorable, dressed in some of Armani Junior's Fall 2010 collection. My favorite part is the plaid detailing on the cuffs of the jeans. So preciously expensive.

Dolce & Gabbana Junior

I do not like boots that look like Ugg boots. On adults, teens, tween, college students (I like by a large campus, they invade the place beginning in September every year)... but apparently I like them on kids, because I'm sorry, this is adorable. Found in Dolce & Gabbana Junior's Fall/Winter catalog, I cannot even imagine the price of this little snow bunny outfit. The website is worth a look at, it's very animated and adorable, and the "music off" button is in the upper right corner.

Dior Baby??!!

Why yes, Dior Baby in fact exists. I was browsing around saksfifthavenue.com, when I came across this expensive little number. Elegantly named "Infant's Tiered Demin Dress with Bloomers," (wow.) this little number will deduct $275.00 from your checking account. Not including a t-shirt to put underneath. If you do not want your baby to look like a shirtless redneck in (very pricey) overalls, you will need to purchase the bodysuit for an additional $135.00.

Fortune Tees Gift Set

Okay, this is just genius. And trendy. And different. And I love it. Fortuneteeshirt.com is a small operation based out of LA and is popular with Hollywood's finest. It actually has a really cool story... the founder was at a Chinese restaurant and got a fortune cookie that said "You will make a fortune with a friend." Well, she apparently used "The Secret," (read that book), took that as a sign, and boom. Made her own company. I'm sure there were bumps in the road, but she worked it out and now has made a fortune. In any case, the stuff is fortune/zodiac/Chinese New Year themed and fabulous.The "Drool is the nectar of knowledge" bib does kind of gross me out to be honest, but I'd still buy it.

Glamajama Rock 'N' Roll Baybays

Ridiculous or cute? Can't decide. Babies can get away with anything, so I'll go with cute. From glamajama.com, the Lil Dive Schoolgirl Bodysuit is one of many rock n roll inspired baby outfits. It is not surprising that Britney Spears is rumored to shop here, this schoolgirl action reminds me of her Baby One More Time video. Check out the website, everything is unique and reasonable priced. This bodysuit is actually on sale right now for $14.99. Cuties.