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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Nesting Doll Onesie

Ahhh I love nesting dolls! I think the only line I have seen these repeatedly used in is Oilily, so I am very excited to see them incorporated into another designer's repertoire! Nesting dolls have always been one of those little things that I am drawn to, in the way that certain people love anything with cherries on it, or anything purple. They just hold a special meaning to me due to a childhood memory, and I think there are probably a lot of people who share this! I can't wait to see if nesting dolls show up in and more of D&G's fall collection! Find this adorable onesie for $50.00 at Lavish Kids.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love From Australia Sheepskin Booties

I. Am. In. Love. With. These. Booties. I'm almost ashamed to admit (okay, totally ashamed to admit) that I have never heard of Love From Australia before, but after seeing these precious sheepskin booties, I am definitely going to do a little research! It is something about the combination of the beige sheepskin with the white cable knit, which reminds me of leg warmers (LOVE) in a way. These little shoes will turn heads, no doubt about it. Find them for $76.00 at Children Salon.

Personalized Mini Rosary

So I was raised Catholic, and I currently live in the Midwest. There are Catholics here, but not like where I grew up, in upstate New York. Everyone is Catholic there. Out here in farm country (it's not that bad but I like to exaggerate) you see a lot more Protestants, so when you say you are Catholic, you often get the "Oooohhh," which seems like a code for "That explains a lot." In any case, even though I am not exactly a practicing Catholic today, I still have an affinity for rosaries. They are beautiful, and they have so so much history behind them. Pictured above is a beautiful Swarovski rose crystal and pearl "mini" rosary from Posh Tots. It measures 11.5" and can be personalized with your child's name (max of 10 letters) on the tiny sterling silver blocks. Great for a baptism gift, shower gift, welcome to the world gift, or just because gift. And at only $70.00, it won't break the bank either!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Armani Baby Wool Mittens

You know what is a strange situation? When the kids you have babysat for for about nine years suddenly become too old for a babysitter. I watched the same two kids all throughout college and continued to do so in the years that followed. Over the past year or so, I went from seeing them once a week to once every couple of weeks as their daughter started staying home alone and/or watching their younger son. Then every couple of weeks turned into once a month. Then I stopped hearing from them. I got a surprise text last week saying they needed someone for tonight and I was overjoyed. Those kids are like my family. I was only there for three hours but it was like old times, except Sean was telling me about his new email address (he sends his friends emails with subject lines like "Robots!" and "Machines!" because he loves how those things then show up in his gmail ads) and Rebecca was writing a paper on her laptop provided for her by her school. Times have changed, all around. I don't know why I am feeling so sad about it. Maybe because when I left their house, all I could think about is if I'll see them again, when for so many years it was, "See you next Saturday." Blah. I think I just have the blues today after a bad day at work and will stop rambling. 

ANYWAY, in honor of the days of trying to stuff his little hands into mittens so we could sled down the genius hill in their back yard, here we have a cute pair of wool mittens from Armani. I'm loving the wraparound logo (on the mitten where the stripes do not form the actual logo, there is a patch that reads "Armani Junior... just in case that is the mitten that gets lost, it can still be identified as Armani without it's mate). Buy these for the little guy in your life, for $53.00 at Children Salon.

Janie and Jack's New Collections

Janie and Jack may be one of the most fun clothing lines to see transition through the seasons. Why? Because their gorgeous clothing is separated into collections, and each season they are new. For example, these beautiful dresses and accessories are all part of the new "Nostalgic Holiday" collection. Yes, I said holiday. Come on people, you knew it was coming soon, might as well break the ice and start dropping the "h" word like it's hot! I am prone to talking about holiday outfits anyway, as a self-confessed Christmas fanatic (think: five trees). I am so excited to see what else Janie and Jack has in store!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Perfect (ly Expensive) Holiday Outfit from Gucci Baby.

Oh my. I fell in love with this outfit as soon as I laid eyes on it. Actually, I think it was before I even saw the whole thing. I was flipping through the slides on Gucci's website and as soon as this entered the screen I think I gasped out loud. It's gorgeous. The colors. The classic forms. The plaid. The ballerina flats. It is the ultimate holiday outfit. And to have it you practically have to pay the ultimate price. Here is the breakdown:
1) Red cashmere and wool Montgomery jacket: $475.00
2) Sleeveless tartan pleated dress: $360.00
3) Poplin shirt with ruffles and GG heart plaque: $225.00
4) Charlotte ballerina flats with horsebit detail: $235.00
This brings us to a grand total of $1295.00. WOW. Speechless. 

Fun Fall Accessories from Juicy Couture

I can't decide if I like Juicy's clothes or accessories more. Last year there were those fabulous cat ear headphones, this year we have a whole arsenal things from a Scottie dog backpack to tiny friendship bracelets. There is even more where these came from... send your little one back to preschool in style! Check out juicycouture.com for the whole collection.

From People.com: Miranda Kerr and Baby Flynn!

Who can believe this little guy is already 7 months old? Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's baby Flynn is sure to be a looker. And that pacifier? It is "orthodontic" and made to fit the natural shape of a baby's mouth. Interesting. See more celebrity babies at People.com!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burberry Quilted Hat

I just realized that I did not check my lottery numbers last night. Perhaps it was because I spent some time with a friend who I call "my talking friend." Because... she talks. Everyone has a girlfriend like that right? They tell you everything and anything. Last night I was trying to wedge my way out of her front door so I could get to my car and she was going on and on about the dreams she had had that week. Maybe I'm a millionaire and don't even know it. If I am, I will be buying this pricey Burberry quilted hat for a pregnant cousin. It's simple, tasteful, and functional, yet special because it has the Burberry logo on the band for everyone to see. All cotton, machine-washable, and this hat even comes in a cute little gift box. If you've got the big bucks, start your Christmas shopping early and find this $37.00 hat at Children Salon.

Fendi Baby Suede Zucca Boots

Oh Fendi. I thought I was impressed by your spring and summer collections when they rolled out first season. I thought that nothing could top the frilly dresses, sea creature-themed swimwear, and that ditzy flower pattern that I fell oh so in love with. Then, I saw your autumn and winter 2011 collection. Pieces and pieces keep coming out and with every new shoe or dress, I am starting to feel like this season is somehow outdoing last season! Take these brown suede boots. They are perfect. The combination of the dark suede with the lighter fleece, the open side with the buckle that give them an almost rugged feel, and that chic designer touch with the Zucca print on the toes. Everything about them is just to-die-for... including the heart attack-inducing price tag: $211.00, found at Children Salon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Juicy Couture Hooded Puffer Jacket

Man... other than the Fairisle print that I am seeing everywhere, I am suddenly noticing that leopard print is having a much stronger presence than usual. I know the whole animal print thing was huge the last couple of years, but apparently it is still going strong! For adults, I never got into it. For babies, it works in a different way. This leopard print puffer jacket from Juicy Couture is an example of making it work. It has naturally colored leopard print and not some sort of horrifying neon purple or green. Then to add a girly touch, there are little bows at the wrists and pink material lining the jacket. Tasteful and adorable. Find this for $158.00 at Nordstrom.

Halloween Clothes Sale at My Baby Clothes Boutique!

Just a heads up, here are a few of the adorable outfits that are on sale right now!

If only we could wear outfits like this as adults, especially the black and orange leggings! I love Halloween, love everything about it. Check out My Baby Clothes Boutique for discounts on these fun and festive items!

An Autumn Tutu Dress from Baby Bling Things Boutique

Although this could be a potential Halloween costume (add some wings and a magic wand and you have an instant autumn fairy) I cannot stop thinking about fall/Halloween photo ideas that would work great with this. Some scenarios:
1) Photos in a pumpkin patch
2) Surrounded by fall leaves
3) Walking in the autumn woods barefoot, a sort of natural dreamy photo
4) Various farm scenes like barns, fences, and hay
5) Simply surround with candy and take photo against an all-black background
Sometimes I think that when I have children, I am going to spend more money photographing them than I am on buying things and caring for them. I will certainly be one of "those moms" and I am okay with that. Find this fabulous dress (and one for pretty much every occasion too) at Baby Bling Things Boutique.

Oilily Fall 2011

Gorgeous, as usual. I would expect nothing less from one of my personal favorites, Oilily. See more of the fall collection (most of it is still in the pre order stages) at Little Luna Blue!

Gucci Embossed Fedora

It's 6:45am. You ever have those mornings where you just instantly wake up, pop out of bed, and are just ready to tackle the day? Yeah... I don't have those mornings. It takes hitting the snooze button an average of three times, then after actually getting out of bed, and average of three cups of coffee and a shower before I start to feel like a functioning human being. Hopefully in my next life I will be a morning person, because I have always been insanely jealous of them. It just seems like life would be so much easier. Perhaps in my next life I will also be stick-thin, mega rich, and timelessly beautiful... Anyway, here we have an expensive Gucci fedora for your little fashionista. I think the only time I have ever seen a small child in a fedora would be in celebrity baby pictures. They are one of life's little luxuries that not everyone can be a part of. Covered with the Gucci logo, any child to have this as part of their autumn wardrobe was certainly born very lucky... because it costs a whopping $135.00. Find it at Neiman Marcus.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gorgeous Colors from Catimini.

Wow. Catimini's color palette is always second to none to begin with, but this dress is just exceptional. In their usual trend of combining multiple colors, patterns, and textures, Catimini has created this dress with a corduroy overlay (it is actually one piece) with a combination of a whimsical owl pattern and small floral pattern. Pair that with an attached cotton top with faux layered sleeves and even more flowers and you have a dress that will be sure to turn heads in its uniqueness. Sometimes about teal... mermaids, oceans, twilight skies... there is just something majestic about it. Find this dress for $104.00 at Children Salon.

Roberto Cavalli Baby Girls Quilted Coat

Call me crazy, but the quilted coat reminds me more of Burberry or D&G rather than Roberto Cavalli... Cavalli usually has more wild patterns and styles (this: love of leopard) so this is a pretty tame and traditional style for them... and I am loving it. It's good to break patterns and stray from your comfort zone from time to time. Or, all the time. The bottom has an adorable pleated bubble shape to keep your baby's booty warm and a little logo charm at the waist ads that designer twist that we all go so crazy over. This one will cost you though... $280.00 at Children Salon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

High Class or Hilarious: Baby Names of the Day!

These names were found in the baby names section of Huggies Australia's website on the "unique" list. You be the judge of whether "unique" carries a positive or negative connotation! Be sure to check out their site as a naming resource in general... they even post the month's most popular names, so you can be sure to avoid them and stay original! Perhaps you could choose one of these instead...



Definitely some names in there that I have never thought of or seen before... the name game will never get boring!

Juicy Couture Tee and Leggings Set

Today was the Monday of all Mondays. The Monday people have nightmares about. We had work drama that started yesterday (it's always great when the drama starts before the week does) and carried into this morning. It did nothing but rain all day. My boss was being particularly rude ("Did we forget to do this?" "Did we forget to move these numbers?" We = me, in his stupid vernacular). I had to work 40 minutes late due to a lazy coworker. SO, my mind is shot. I am exhausted. Therefore, I chose something nice and easy and fun to write about: a simple and cute outfit from Juicy Couture. Having a groovy 70's feel, I am loving the scrunch-tie legs. Looks like something comfortable enough to sack out on the couch with a bottle in. Which is exactly what I am about to do... except my bottle will hold WINE. Happy Monday everyone, at least it's over! Find this outfit for $48.00 at Saks.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Fairisle Dress

I'm pretty sure that now it's officially official that Fairisle is one of the top trends of the winter collections. I'm kind of weird when it comes to fashion because I do not read the magazines. I don't watch the Rachel Zoe project, I don't search for what's popular each season and then form my opinions about different things based around that. I work backwards in the sense that I just look at the clothes, and I use them to determine trends. It's better this way because you are not tainted by the do's and don'ts. Maybe I am weird, but I do not follow the masses, I form my own opinions. Everyone should try it. So back to this Dolce & Gabbana Junior dress. It's so Christmas-y that I just impulsively bought a Christmas present for a family member on Etsy. Now I want to put up my decorations, but that would be extreme. Again, fairisle is popping up everywhere on mittens, scarves, dresses, and of course sweaters. Loving it. You can find this adorable dress for an adorable $242.00 at Children Salon.

High Class or Hilarious: Baby Names of the Day!

More babies from Oregon... Introducing:

Marleigh Regan
Maybelle Scott
Emree Jayde
Willow Evelyn Anne
Rayne Makynzee
Airika Kaye
Jaonnah Jean
Tae-Song Mejia
Teghan Ann Marie
Serenity Lucille
Kambrea Jade
Olora Nikayla
Andee Jean
Mea Jayd
Laeghla Mae (Uhhh...)

Keegan Lee
Izzack Xavior (If this were a Scrabble word it would be worth a lot of points.)
Autzen James (That is not a typo.)
Autto Wesley
Justyce Gregory Lee
Rowan Lamont (Sounds like a vampire...)
Merrill Wayne
Shelton Don

Eliane et Lena Fall 2011: A Beautiful Picture.

It's stunning, isn't it? A shot depicting many items from Eliane et Lena's fall 2011 collection, I keep thinking about if you had twin girls and they showed up for their first day of preschool dressed like this. I have twin brothers, and my mom had very strong feelings about always treating them like individuals. They were always called "the boys" and never "the twins." She never dressed them alike, even though they sometimes wore the same outfit but in different colors (one liked red, one liked blue, and each swore they hated the other color). I just cannot get over this picture and how the girls are so perfectly dressed. What an amazing collection. The entire thing can be seen and pre ordered at Little Luna Blue.

Halloween Costume Ideas from Posh Tots!

If you are looking for an amazing over-the-top girly Halloween costume, and not just the kind that come in the plastic bag from Target, look no further than Posh Tots. Their tutu/poof costumes are simply amazing, and you know your little girl will still be wearing it around the house months (years?) after Halloween is over. A lot of them could even be used again for a fancy photo shoot. Costume prices range from about $50.00 all the way up into the $500.00 dollar area, so there will be something for every budget!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

High Class or Hilarious: Baby Names of the Day!

From Oregon... Introducing:

Zohie Rylyn Lee
Januari Summer Reign
Jetta Lynne Makinze
O'Ryah Payzlee
Rylann Jewel
Raider June (Hmm.)
Iris Heather
Lyla Tyree
Athalia Julianne Alta
Britain Elizabeth
Mikiah June
Freija Joann
Ember Raelee
Nyree Ann
Lyric Andawn
Palee Juanita May

Jeriki Lanoy
Phoenix John Henry
Brodon William
Jaxon Eugene and Grayson Granville (twins)
Sawyer Keaton
Pepper Dylan
Kash Erich-Michael
Graesyn Biff
Mavric Parker
Granite Owen
Shilin James

From Us Magazine: Gisele Bundchen's Baby Rein!

Supermodel mom, NFL quarterback dad... what are the odds? Hopefully baby Rein is raised with great morals and understands how lucky he is!! Look at that hair and those cheeks... and of course Gisele looks picture perfect just watching her little guy play. See more famous babies at Us Magazine!

Monnalisa Leopard Print Snowsuit...

Oh boy... I don't want to get myself into trouble with what I am about to say here, but... Monnalisa, NOOOOOO!!! I don't know if it is the pink faux fur around the hood, or the belt, or the pink leopard print in general, but I am just not loving this season's girl's snowsuit. This is hard for me to say, because Monnalisa is one of my favorite names; I would pick it over many of the mega-designers any day. But this snowsuit is just a bit... tacky. I love the little pink bows around the ankles, wrists, and neck, but it pretty much ends there. Booties, mittens, and hood are all detachable which is a plus, but I am still left in the negative with this one. Sorry Monnalisa, but don't worry, I still love you. See more details of this $305.00 creation at Children Salon.

Armani Nylon Baby Bag

Purple is traditionally a color of royalty... and it still reigns this fall. Darker, dramatic versions of purple, plum, and mauve are popping up everywhere this fall so it looks like purple fever has still not run its course. I have to be honest, I am still getting used to it. I blame my college roommate's aunt for my dislike of purple. It is her favorite color; and she is maybe the most self-involved person I have ever met. Think: you are telling a story and she interrupts you to start telling her own story which is just sooo much better than yours (because it involves her) and at the end, she forgets you were even talking to begin with. I think we all know someone like that. So lately I feel like I have finally made my peace with purple and it has even snuck its way into my wardrobe. So a perfect example of a dark fall purple: this nylon baby bag from Armani. Nylon isn't the most attractive thing, but it's practical because you can wipe it clean. Besides, the Armani logo kind of negates the un-attractiveness. Nothing like a designer name to spice up an otherwise mediocre bag. If you are still feeling the purple, make this bag yours for $160.00 at Lavish Kids.

Fendi Baby Mary Janes!

Happy Saturday everyone! I had one of those mornings where I woke up (technically my kitten woke me up by attacking my feet through the covers, because heaven forbid I have to flip over while sleeping) I had that panicked feeling that I was late for work. Then, I realized it was Saturday. And even better, that tomorrow is Sunday and I don't have to wake up for work then either. I probably spend a little too much time being bitter about work... working on changing that. SO, here we have the most adorable pair of Fendi mary janes, which upon viewing became my favorite pair of Fendi baby shoes I have ever seen. Black velvet with Zucca print toes, these will be sure to impress anyone who is familiar with this famous logo. Find them for $199.00 at Lavish Kids.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fendi Baby Cream Tracksuit

This is adorable and I love everything about it. It is hard for me to even elaborate, because if I were to list the things I loved, it would be just stating the obvious and existing things that make up this Fendi tracksuit: the color, the collar, the heart, the pockets, the Zucca trim. It is beautiful and simple at the same time, elegant and casual, traditional and modern. The only thing that people may have a bit of an issue with is the price: a ginormous $355.00, found at joseph M

Chloe Baby Brown Leather Boots

Who is excited for boot season? I know that I am, that's for sure. As much as I love painted toenails and changing the color like ever other day, after four to five months of sandal season, that gets exhausting. I fee like it has been forever since I have talked about Chloe, so I thought these perfect boots were the perfect place to pick back up. Made from soft brown leather with exterior stitching for a kind of rustic feel, Chloe turns around and counteracts the ruggedness with cream bow tied around the ankles. Again: just perfect, and perfectly Chloe. Find these for $131.00 at joseph M

Days of the Week Onesies from Armani Junior

I am loving where Armani Junior is taking this. First starting with their days of the week bibs,  they have now moved on to onesies. I am just such a huge fan of the "days of the week" idea to begin with that when you pair it with a designer name then pair that with baby items?? You can't go wrong. These white and pink jersey onesies depict all things baby with a girly twist. I'm in love with them. I want them and do not even have a pregnant friend to give them too. Get yours while you can, for $180.00, at Neiman Marcus.

From Star Magazine: Selma Blair and Baby Arthur!

Look at how she is holding him so close... makes me want to hold a baby right now! Someone else's of course... See more celebrity baby shots at starmagazine.com!

Burberry Jasper Overall

When some things come out, you know they are going to be an instant hit. The Burberry infant's Jasper overall would be one of those things. It comes in the soft blue pictured above, and also white and pink. It's simple enough: crewneck, cotton, snap legs. But it is so classically appealing, with the Burberry logo on the chest, that you just know people are going to go nuts for it. Give it as a gift: the entire gift or part of a themed gift basket, dress your baby in it as either pajamas or an outfit, use it in come simplistic yet sophisticated black and white baby pictures. It's just great. You can get all three colors, for $90.00 each, at Saks

New Baby Dior Prewalker Shoes!

Not gonna lie... half the fun of Baby Dior shoes can be found in the suitcase gift box they come in. I would probably use it as a makeup case, or to carry hair accessories while I am traveling. Or maybe even a lunch box? I don't know why, but I have always loved old-fashioned suitcases. Ever seen the movie (or read the amazing book first for that matter) White Oleander? The suitcases that Astrid made at the very end which depict the different phases of her life have been a little obsession of mine for a while. If you haven't seen the movie (or read the book), I highly recommend both. Amazing. So back to the adorable little shoes that come inside the suitcase. They are made of soft leather and lined with soft toweling. I like them because they will match a lot of things. Not that that really matters with baby shoes, but still. They are sporty and fun and could go with a preppy sweater or a track suit. Find them for $145.00 at Children Salon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burberry Military Check Trousers

Well this is different! Every season, Burberry rolls out a new color scheme for their ever-popular check pattern that they are so well known for. A lot of the time they are pretty subtle: pastels, browns, purple and pink for the girls, blues for the boys. This season, Burberry has done something dramatic for the little ladies check: a military mix of greys and greens with hints of white and yellow. And I must say, I think it is amazing. These pleated trousers have an adjustable waist and offer a wide range of outfit possibilities: pair with all black, all white, be brave and try yellow? I am very excited to see the upcoming styles that feature this new tartan look! Find these pants for $110.00 at Children Salon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Dior Star Bib = Expensive.

The fact that Baby Dior is all over the star print this Fall/Winter season still has not gotten any less exciting for me. And in this bib, the stars might as well be inlaid with gold, because this thing is EXPENSIVE! For $95.00, this cotton bib comes embellished with a huge white bow laid out like a tuxedo-style collar (I bet food will love to trap itself in there) and an all-over star/splatter pattern. Adorable, but probably not something I would splurge on. Find it at Saks!

A New Playhouse from Posh Tots: A Miniature of Your Own Home.

Umm... yeah. Huh. Wow. Just... speechless. Just when I thought that Posh Tots had reached the ceiling of luxury playhouse creation, they pulled out all the stops with this idea: a playhouse that is custom-designed and built to exactly resemble your own home. The examples of these houses are amazing (see more here) and I cannot help but wonder how many lucky children have one of these. It can't be a lot. They even have landscaping! I just cannot imagine/fathom/grasp/WOW. If you are like me and very interested in the cost, you will be very disappointed to learn that this item is "Call for Pricing" only. I will go ahead and file this under "Things I Cannot Afford."

Juicy Couture Pink Terry Robe

Ahh... I just had to post about this bathrobe because I had a bit of an embarrassing experience with my bathroom today. My shower drain has been less than effective lately, mainly because of how my long, thick, curly hair tends to fall out and clog it. I called maintenance yesterday because it was draining super slow but when I came home, they had not come to fix it (they always leave a little note). Figures. So it was a very nice night here in the Midwest last night, so I decided to hit the pool one more time before they close it this weekend. To do so, I had to do some, ahem, trimming. Well, lo and behold, the drain stops draining all together. Great. So now I have standing water in my tub with little hairs skirting the top of the water. Pretty. So this morning, I woke up late. I had to shower, thankfully I was short on time so I did so quickly, standing in a tub full of now freezing water, and hair. This whole time, I am under the assumption that maintenance has forgotten about me which was fine, because I did not have time to buy a pool skimmer and get the hairs out of the tub before they came. I was just going to call tomorrow. Well. When I arrived home from work today, I went into the bathroom and was absolutely HORRIFIED to find not only a drained, bone-dry tub, but one that has been completely wiped clean. It looked like it was professionally cleaned. I am never calling maintenance again. They probably think I am a disgusting sasquatch. Okay, I'm sorry, after sharing that I feel like I should be done posting for the evening, before I scare everyone off. See details of this adorable pink terry robe from Juicy Couture for $68.00 at juicycouture.com!