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Sunday, September 18, 2011

High Class or Hilarious: Baby Names of the Day!

More babies from Oregon... Introducing:

Marleigh Regan
Maybelle Scott
Emree Jayde
Willow Evelyn Anne
Rayne Makynzee
Airika Kaye
Jaonnah Jean
Tae-Song Mejia
Teghan Ann Marie
Serenity Lucille
Kambrea Jade
Olora Nikayla
Andee Jean
Mea Jayd
Laeghla Mae (Uhhh...)

Keegan Lee
Izzack Xavior (If this were a Scrabble word it would be worth a lot of points.)
Autzen James (That is not a typo.)
Autto Wesley
Justyce Gregory Lee
Rowan Lamont (Sounds like a vampire...)
Merrill Wayne
Shelton Don

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