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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Fairisle Dress

I'm pretty sure that now it's officially official that Fairisle is one of the top trends of the winter collections. I'm kind of weird when it comes to fashion because I do not read the magazines. I don't watch the Rachel Zoe project, I don't search for what's popular each season and then form my opinions about different things based around that. I work backwards in the sense that I just look at the clothes, and I use them to determine trends. It's better this way because you are not tainted by the do's and don'ts. Maybe I am weird, but I do not follow the masses, I form my own opinions. Everyone should try it. So back to this Dolce & Gabbana Junior dress. It's so Christmas-y that I just impulsively bought a Christmas present for a family member on Etsy. Now I want to put up my decorations, but that would be extreme. Again, fairisle is popping up everywhere on mittens, scarves, dresses, and of course sweaters. Loving it. You can find this adorable dress for an adorable $242.00 at Children Salon.

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