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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chloe Baby Pink Velvet Onesie

Is it just me, or has Chloe baby kind of slowed down production a little? It honestly could be just me, as I have not had my sensors out this summer like I normally due. But in any case, I have decided to revisit Chloe baby with a perfect example of what defines them: a classic. Here we have a onesie that is soft, velvet, pink, and has a pleated neck with cuffed sleeves. Chloe always sticks with the feminine and traditional (with a modern twist of course) and I am a big fan of that. See more details of this $135.00 onesie at Children Salon.

Oilily Travel Print Baby Bag

Why is it that I have been seeing and hearing about travel everywhere I go lately? Last weekend I found a map of the US (you know.. the kind you could never fold back up correctly that lived in your glove box before GPS) and used a yellow highlighter to draw the route of my ideal road trip for next summer. Two months, 36 states, by myself. Yeah. I need to make it happen. Anyway, Oilily is genius to begin with. Bright, bold, beautiful. Their colorful designs are eye-catching to just about anybody, and this baby bag is no exception. I love the craziness and business. And, due to the material it is made from (mostly polyester), you can wipe it clean! See more details of this $269.00 bag at Children Salon.

Fendi Baby Zucca Cashmere Blanket

Kind of almost speechless about this one. We all know Fendi is a big name, and with a big names naturally come big prices. So here we have a Fendi baby blanket, made with a cashmere/virgin wool blend, with the all-over Zucca print. It comes with a storage bag (not pictured, because it is ugly and I'm not sure who would ever even use it) and is 36 1/2" x 52". What do you get when you combine all of these elements? How about a $447.00 blanket. No, I am not kidding. Not gonna lie... some designer baby blankets just look luxurious and expensive but this one... I just don't find it to be that cute. At all. I know many will disagree though, so if this is up your alley you can find it at Children Salon.

Gucci Blanca Baby Ballerina Shoes

Well these looks remarkably familiar... maybe because Baby Dior has almost the exact same pair? Except for the obvious difference: their's say "Dior" in rhinestones and not Gucci. Duh. But who cares? The ribbon-tie satin ballerina shoe is a classic, especially with a big designer name spelled out in tiny crystals across the top. Is this not the baby gift to end all baby gifts? I don't know if I would smack my friend or kiss her for giving me a pair of $165.00 baby shoes. That money could buy a lot of diapers! Ooooooor... one fabulous pair of shoes that you will want to show off as much as possible. Buy these for a friend, or for your own baby, from Neiman Marcus.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burberry Infant's Check Snowsuit

Wow... as much as I am not ready to start thinking about snow, I must say... this season's snowsuits are AMAZING! The designer baby snowsuits are always interesting to see roll out, because it seems like the brands all try to outdo each other. Last year, the Dior Medallion snowsuit seemed to fly off the shelves the fastest. I don't know what will happen this year, but everything I see is just beautiful! Included in that idea is this check snowsuit from Burberry. Faux fur hood, gloves, booties... this is not only guaranteed to keep your baby warm but to keep them lookin' good while doing so. Love love love. See more details of this $350.00 snowsuit at Saks Fifth Avenue.

True Religion Baby Denim Mini Skirt?

This makes me laugh, just because of the thought of putting a mini skirt on a baby. A mini skirt, whose purpose is to show off the legs. On a baby, who has an oddly-shaped body by nature. I judge people that wear horribly tasteless mini skirts, especially in the dead of winter. Just stop. You are wearing it because you have nice legs and want compliments on them, even if you near hypothermia in the process. Learn to gain self value from something else and have some taste and tact. But on babies?? Okay! It's cute and fun and you know they will ride up because of the Buddha belly and you will constantly have to be pulling that things down. And True Religion for babies, what could be cuter? Find this interesting little skirt for $66.00 at Nordstrom.

Catimini Urban Striped Hat with Crochet Flower

I'd wear this hat, not gonna lie. Although a coworker of mine shared an interesting theory of his recently: he said he does not date girls that are "Hat Girls," i.e. girls that wear hats all the time because they usually end up being crazy. I am wondering if this is just his personal experience or if it could harbor some potential truth? Who knows. I wear hats when it's cold, pretty simple. Catimini is genius, we all know that. Pretty much every piece of fabric that they touch turns into gold, yet in a crazy, colorful, multi-pattern sense. Their fall and winter 2011 collection is no exception. You can pre order this har for $42.00, as well as their other things, from Forest and Zoe.

Monnalisa Patchwork Blanket

One year in college, I lived with three other girls. What a mess that was. But one of the girls, in her free time, sewed a quilt. She went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought all different materials that she liked, which was a daunting tast in and of itself considering the amount of material they had there. Then she cut all the pieces into little squares. Then she HAND-SEWED them together, added some stuffing and a solid back side and voila: a patchwork throw. It was amazing and I loved it, but she worked on that thing for like five hours a night for maybe three months. I lack that kind of dedication. But ever since then, I have had an affinity for patchwork blankets and quilts. So naturally, Monnalisa who I love to begin with, comes out with a patchwork blanket! One side is soft ivory fleece while the other side is patchwork squares with a pink fleece trim embellished with bunnies and the Monnalisa logo. LOVE. Find it for $166.00 at Children Salon.

A Very Expensive Dior Hat.

No really, this hat is retailing for $209.00. Sometimes I think about people with excessive amounts of money, particularly celebrities. I think about what they spend their money on: $500,000.00 shopping trips, multiple cars, personal trainers and chefs and drivers... it's almost disgusting. I'm not saying they don't work hard and don't deserve the money, but it's just funny to me that what they can spend in a day is significantly more than what I make in a year. Oh well... maybe someday I will strike it rich! So yes, back to this insanely expensive hat. It is lined with fleece and trimmed with real rabbit fur. Don't how how I feel about that, as I have a particular affection for bunnies, but it is a cute hate nonetheless. If you have $209.00 just laying around, this can be yours, found at Lavish Kids.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Armani Junior Bedding!

Okay let's face it: your bed only resembles the beds in department store adds sometimes. You buy the matching sheet set that goes with the comforter... but you know what? Sometimes those sheets need to be washed and sometimes you need to put a backup sheet set on your bed that DOESN'T match the comforter. Everyone does it! Who cares? Same with crib bedding, especially with crib bedding. Babies throw up. They drool. Their diapers overflow. You wash and wash and wash, even if there are no visible stains, you wash because of germs. So as your back up sheet set, why not leave that to Armani? That way, you don't have to feel so shameful about having sheets that don't match the bedding (why can I not stop thinking about the carpet/drapes situation...)! This three piece set includes a pillow case, mattress cover, and top sheet, and has that cute Armani pacifier pattern that is gracing their newest baby items. It is the perfect back up plan. For $180.00, get yours at Children Salon.

Burberry Baby Cotton Tee, Leggings, and Bib Set

Well this is something that stands apart from all of the other Burberry things out there: a comfy cotton outfit, embellished by plaid (naturally), and including a cute little bib. There is even a soft check pattern that is visible within the blue fabric of the shirt and pants. So an outfit so comfortable for your baby that is almost like pajamas, but is distinctively Burberry due to the plaid (but the trained eye could pick this out as Burberry regardless). It's the best of both worlds! For $175.00, see this at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Animal Print Bibs from Mud Pie

Interesting concept going on here... an over-the-top bib. Ever seen a plain cloth bib completely destroyed by baby food carrots/squash/sweet potatoes/peas/etc? Of course you have; anyone who either has a baby or has been around a baby has seen that. Imagine that hot mess tangled up in bows and ruffles. There would be no wiping this bib clean; it would need a trip to the washing machine, every time. Even so, it's kind of cute, and I have never seen a bib like it before. Unique is always good right? Stock up on Tide and grab these for just $12.99 each at My Baby Clothes Boutique.

Knit Flower Rattles from Boutique Brands

So these are adorable. When you think "baby rattle," it is hard to not think of some plastic contraption that is either shaped like a rocking horse or that is a circle with a handle and is decorated by a rocking horse. Boring. Isn't it important to dare to be different? So how about opting for a knit baby rattle shaped like a flower, like this one (not to mention there are many other colors available) from Boutique Brands. Other rattles you may put in your dishwasher to rinse away the germs; this one just goes in your washing machine. Easy peasy. Personally, I think this would be a great embellishment on top of a present, like instead of a bow, tape this rattle to the top. For only $16.00, find them at Children Salon.

Oilily Red Floral Puff Ball Skirt

Alright wine drinkers out there... have you officially made the switch from white to red due to the coming colder months? The change for me is almost ritualistic. I cannot drink white wine when it's cold outside. The thought of it gives me chills. The first bottle of white wine is never purchased on the first random warm day of spring, but on the warm day that you know is the start of consecutive warm days. Red is a little different. I cannot drink red during the summer, yet if it is still warm outside and I start to feel ready for fall, I can buy my first bottle of red. This happened tonight, and it is the worse bottle of Shiraz I have ever had. Oh well, you can't win them all. So red wine, red skirt, red roses, it all kind of ties in right? Another colorful gem from Oilily, this skirt is fanciful but made of 100% cotton with an elastic waistband so your little lady will be very comfortable while she is impressing people at parties. A great holiday skirt, this can be found for $82.00 at Children Salon.

American Idol's Jason Castro Is A New Dad!

His wife Mandy gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday and they named her Madeleine. So precious!

Junior Gaultier Sailor Stripe Hat

When I was in art school, "juxtaposition" was the buzz word. Two things unalike, acting as one. A drawing of beautiful daffodils with discarded cigarette butts in the soil they grow from. Art students try so hard to be different that they pretty much form one boring type within themselves. Sidenote: I have strong feelings about what I learned (and did not learn) in art school. Juxtaposition is what leads me to this hat. A winter beanie with a summery sailor theme. It's pretty odd, but it works. This is 2011 people, the nautical theme is not just for summer anymore! Feed your need to stand out and buy this for $60.00 at Mon Petit Child.

Sugar Plum Chandelier

I know I know... more stars. But I love them! I wish I could remember when the whole shabby-chic revolution started... ten years ago? More? Less? I'm not sure but whomever pioneered that one was surely a genius because it is still going strong today, and I am a definite supporter. Vintage meets modern, what's not to love? This Sugar Plum Chandelier from 2 Little Monkeys is a prime example because chandeliers date waaaay back, but you add a little purple and a few stars to give it a modern twist et voila! A genius light source. The only setback may be the price... a steep $510.00, but, you get what you pay for!

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Mary Janes

Why hello there hairy little shoes. 

Is everyone having a lovely Monday? Mine is just fabulous, as when I approached the road my work is on I realized that it was closed and I had completely forgot. After getting lost on a detour I arrived 20 minutes late, only to find that our fancy schmancy Keurig coffee maker is refusing to make coffee. My boss is also particularly sour, and today his favorite questions is, "Are you taking care of this?" This has been used for numerous tasks ranging from completely changing payroll companies for our ENTIRE corporation and killing a spider in the bathroom. Then he complained that we got shipped two boxes of something from the same place when this place could have put them in one big box and saved us on shipping. He says this to me in the middle of our office building that is COMPLETELY torn to shreds because he is spending close to six figures redecorating because his wife told him "The place looks boring." 

Okay, I feel better now. So why not talk about some furry leopard print shoes from Dolce & Gabbana? Animal prints and fur are not usually two design elements that I go for but they are really working for me with these shoes. Maybe it is the "Babies Can Get Away with Anything" phenomenon striking again, but I just like them. Made from calfskin leather, these shoes will set you back $210.00. Find them at Lavish Kids.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Armani Baby Blanket in Gift Box

I have seen a lot of baby blankets cranked out by the big name designers, but I surprisingly must say that this one may be my favorite. It isn't just a recognizable pattern (i.e. Burberry baby blankets) or just plain expensive for the sake of the name (i.e. Hermes baby blankets), but it is a soft fleece blanket on one side and jersey cotton with an adorable pacifier pattern on the other side. AND, the Armani logo is tastefully embroidered in one corner. Soft brown colors also make it acceptable for both sexes. AND, it comes in a branded gift box. Well done Armani, this is pretty genius and is likely to be a huge seller. You can get yours for $121.00 at Children Salon.

Armani Junior Days of the Week Bibs

Days of the week sets are just great, especially for the generation that has new babies right now: for the majority of us probably had at least one "Days of the Week" set of undies. And like us, our babies now probably wear Tuesday's bib on Sunday, but who cares? It's all about the novelty of the idea. We love it, no explanation necessary. This is why I get excited when I see a new days of the week set, like this one from Armani Junior. Seven bibs, each with a different picture for each different day. What is interesting to me is that the day of the week is on the tag sticking off of the item, when it is the word "Armani" that is displayed underneath. I love a little twist like that. You must pay the price though, of $114.00, to brighten your days with these bibs. Find them at Children Salon.

Gucci Mama's Bag

A red leather baby bag! How exciting is this? And just in time for fall and the holidays. This bag would look great over just about any outerwear: soft white, black leather, brown suede... the possibilities are endless. Who knew a red bag could be so versatile? Not all of them are, but something about this one just seems different. Branding the Gucci logo all over, this bag has a side pocket, three zip pockets and one open pocket inside, a changing pad, and a bottle holder. Better start saving your money while it's still summer, because this baby will cost you $990.00. Found at Neiman Marcus.

Princess Wall Sconce from Posh Tots

Crystals and roses and beads oh my!If this isn't a fancy sconce then I don't know what is. I am envisioning this above a little girl's bed or crib and put on a dimmer switch, that way if she is scared of the dark, you can dim its lights way down low and leave her with the soft glow of the crystals. Wow... that sounded really cheesy. But hey, I was scared of the dark until, well, I still kind of am scared of the dark but that is beside the point! The point is I would have loved to have this beautiful sconce to give off a little bit of light to help me feel safe. Find it for $308.00 at Posh Tots.

Pretend Play Food from Teacups and Mudpies

 What is it about play food that is still cool to adults? Come on, you know it is true. Remember those plastic milk bottles that went with the Playskool kitchen? There were six: white bottles with yellow, blue, red, and green tops, then an orange bottle with a white top (orange juice maybe?), then the brown bottle with the white top. The chocolate milk. The one that my brothers and I used to fight constantly over. Pretend food has come a long way since then, and a few fun examples are the felt dessert creations from Teacups and Mudpies. They are made from 100% recycled eco-friendly felt - no wool. Maybe wrap them all up in a fancy box and give them as a gift. Prices range between $8.00 and $30.00 for the sets, so they are fit for any budget as well!

Jennifer Garner is pregnant? Where have I been??

No really... I had no idea. Baby number 3 will soon be joining Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose. I am interested to see what this baby will be named because unlike a lot of other celebrities, I think Jennifer has given her daughters beautiful names, while still being apart from the norm. Read more about it at People.com.

Monnalisa Pink Prewalker Shoes

Aww... Monnalisa's things are always so soft and pretty. These shoes combine satin ribbons, a soft knit outer (it's very hard to see in the picture but there are actually little ivory hearts under the knitting), a faux fur interior, and a frilly front. All things girly and fabulous. And while their prices are definitely high, they are not enough to break the bank. At $88.00, these shoes can be purchased at Children Salon.

Burberry Nova Check Dress and Leggings Set

With how many hundreds of times I have visited Children Salon's website, I somehow missed the fact that there is a section where you can buy entire outfits as a set. That is where I found this adorable nova check set from Burberry. It comes with three pieces: the dress, leggings, and gillet. The gillet makes me giggle a little bit because I am wondering the percentage of little girls who will have it on for 30 seconds before promptly removing it and refusing to wear it. Kids are so funny about clothes sometimes. Oh and the price? Just about as large as one would expect: $216.00. 

Fendi Fall & Winter 2011: WOW.

Wow. Just wow. have I said wow enough times? Fendi has really outdone themselves with their Fall and Winter 2011 collection. I had such a hard time picking favorites to share because everything is so beautiful so please visit fendi.com and check out the whole thing! You will not be disappointed!

Unique Gift Idea: Lavender Bloom Hair Bow Holder

In an age where gift cards reign, I sometimes believe that unique gifts can be a very refreshing way to show someone that you really thought about what to get them instead of just grabbing a gift card off the rack while you are checking out at the grocery store. Just check out places like Etsy; it is a treasure trove of gift ideas hand-made by artists and artisans who make a living doing what they love. The Frog and the Princess is also a great place where you can find customized gifts, like this Lavender Bloom hair bow holder. At 40" long, it will hold up to 80 hair bows: just clip them on the ribbons that hang from the dress to create a full and frilly ball gown made of your child's hair accessories. You can even customize the colors and flowers if you can't find one you like on the website. For $45.00, give something like this a try. Buy gift cards for teenage boys and coworkers, people you don't know how to shop for. Little girls are a piece of cake. 

Bonpoint Pajamas Are Expensive.

My official "Summer 2012 Road Trip Fund" is being started on September 1. Therefore, for the next few months, I must practice frugality and restrain. All I can think is "I have never practiced frugality or restrain EVER in my life." But I really want this, so I am going to give it a whirl. I am going to channel my misery towards my day job into energy focused on getting out of it. Anyway, if you are into practicing frugality, these Bonpoint pajamas will not fit into your budget. For a massive $110.00, these cute little PJs are 100% cotton, nothing fancy nor fabulous, but they are Bonpoint. What is kind of fun about the American flag jammies is that the flag seems to be covered with Bob Dylan lyrics? I'm not completely certain, but it says "Bob Dylan" in the middle with a bunch of phrases surrounding so one can only assume. I'd Google but I need to get a couple of posts in before I start my Sunday Funday festivities with a good friend. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Hairy Vest. Yikes.

So this is what Mongolian lamb fur looks like. Maybe I am just thinking inside the box and need to be more fashion-forward, but this vest by Derhy Kids is maybe one of the most disturbing and hideous things I have ever seen. It reminds me of:

1) A transient's beard.
2) The hair pile that gets swept up after Don King gets his hair cut.
3) The hair I pull out of my shower drain (minus the gray - thank you Garnier). 
4) Alec Baldwin's chest hair in the "Canteen Boy" SNL skit.
5) One of those dogs that somewhat resembles a mop.

I am almost speechless. What would this even look like folded into a box and given as a gift? In my opinion, please leave the Mongolian lambs alone. It is cold in Mongolia. They need their fur. And it has to look better on them than it ever could on us. If you disagree and would like to own this... anomaly, you can find it for $90.00 at Children Salon.

Roberto Cavalli Baby Leopard Print Snowsuit

Aaahhh!!! I get very excited when I find usage of leopard print that actually appeals to me! I can't get into the whole animal print thing that everyone is so wild over right now and sometimes it makes me feel like a freak (or maybe just an independent thinker...) so when I see likable animal print usage it is a big deal. The designer snowsuits are always fun to see roll out every winter and this year, Roberto Cavalli certainly did not disappoint. A beautiful ivory white lined with satin leopard print (which also appears on the bottom of the booties - LOVE IT), the logo is even beautifully embroidered on the chest. Ready for the price? $422.00, at Children Salon.

Mario Lopez with Baby Gia!

What is it about guys with babies that makes us go nuts?? And umm... check out that arm on Mario. Must be nice to be one of those people who has aged flawlessly thus far! See more celebrity babies at Star Magazine.

Eliane et Lena Atsuku Plaid Jumper

It's official: I am starting to feel ready for fall. You know when you reach that point in the summer when you are burned out on going to the pool because you lose interest in maintaining your tan, you're tired of sweating whenever you go outside, you're bored of all your sundresses and skirts... I have reached that point. Hoodies and football and fall leaves are sounding pretty good right about now. This dress reminds me of all things fall, and even dare I say it's Christmasy? By Eliane et Lena, this dress is pre order only right now at Forest and Zoe, but I can see this being a good picture dress, or a good Thanksgiving gathering dress. For only $89.00, you will still have plenty of money to accessorize too!

Juicy Couture Baby Hat and Mittens Gift Set

Aww... how cute would a brand new baby girl look coming home from the hospital in a cute pair of Juicy mittens and a Juicy hat? It seems like babies are popping up left and right; my personal Facebook page is constantly full of birth announcements. It's so much fun to see the babies of friends old and new: who they look like, what they name them, and of course what they dress them in. The holidays are quickly approaching and this set would make a fabulous gift for an expecting friend or family member. Find it for just $28.00 at juicycouture.com.

I Found A Fendi Baby Bottle.

Okay... other than kind of a fun novelty gift so you can shock one of your girlfriends by how much you splurged on them, why would anyone really need a Fendi baby bottle? For the purposes of taking it out into public and proudly whipping it out on a park bench so passers-by can whisper "Was that a..." after they quickly walk past? Probably. But isn't that really the purpose of any logo-covered designer item? It's all about the display, and I am guessing this bottle would fair very well in the shock value category. It's kind of fun, but really? At least it comes with that cute little carrying case. For $129.00, get yours at Alex and Alexa.

Fall Colors from Burberry

Over the years, Burberry's baby items have changed my opinion about the brand completely. What I once saw as a boring plaid-loving over-rated name I now see as an always elegant and classic style that sticks to its roots but always adds new twists. A fine example: this gorgeous red quilted jacket. Burberry comes out with new baby and children's jackets every season, like a lot of them. They are always different, but you can always see one and immediately recognize it as a Burberry. The color of this nylon jacket is beautiful and would also be good for hiding dirt and stains. The hood zips off so if you have one of those children who hates hoods for whatever odd reason, it can be removed. Pair it with these dark jeans and maybe a plain white t-shirt and you are ready for fall. Find the jacket for $165.00 and the jeans for $90.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Gucci Rain Boots

I just don't know about rain boots for adults. Some patterns are fun, some are obnoxious... On certain days when it's pouring and I am running through the parking lot in my ballet flats trying to hold up my pants so the bottoms don't get soaked looking like a moron, I think "This is why people wear rain boots." Then I think back to preschool when we had to have these things called "rubber shoes" which I don't even know if they are made anymore but they were just black rubber slide-on shoes that went over your regular shoes to protect them from mud. Then I think back to the days that I was a preschool teacher and the cute little rain boots that kids came in wearing... I probably would die if I ever saw a child waltz in in these: Gucci logo rain boots. They come in either this cocoa color or pink and are most likely made of the finest Italian rubber. My next task will be seeing if there is a matching umbrella. For $145.00, you can buy a pair at Saks Fifth Avenue.

A Sparkly Pink Frilly Girly Dress

The instant I saw this dress, I smiled. Children's clothing is obviously created by adults, and for the most part (aside from tiny baby clothes) the styles mimic whatever is in style for adults that season. Patterns and colors are kid friendly of course, but a lot of the styles are just mini versions of the big people stuff (I feel like I did a horrible job explaining that so hopefully it makes sense). Then you see a dress like this one from Luna Luna Copenhagen and you know this was created with a little girls wishes in mind. Sequins, sparkles, ruffles, frills, and pink pink pink: things that make the majority of little girls go nuts. This dress was created for them, and it makes me smile to think about how many happy ladies out there who will dub this dress as the favorite item in their wardrobe and wear it until it is practically falling apart. For $114.00, you can pre order this at Forest and Zoe.

Baby Dior's New 2011 Print: STARS!!!

So maybe I am not quiet about my random extreme fondness for anything involving stars. After last years Medallion print from Baby Dior was such a smashing hit, I was wondering what we would see gracing their new items for the upcoming season. Much to my pleasant surprise, it is a classic favorite: stars. And what I also love about this new print is that is comes in both pink and blue (as far as I know, there was never a boy version of the Medallion print). I found the star print on the new Dior baby buntings with their cute little peaked hoods. These can be found for a massive $359.00 at Lavish Kids.