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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bonpoint Pajamas Are Expensive.

My official "Summer 2012 Road Trip Fund" is being started on September 1. Therefore, for the next few months, I must practice frugality and restrain. All I can think is "I have never practiced frugality or restrain EVER in my life." But I really want this, so I am going to give it a whirl. I am going to channel my misery towards my day job into energy focused on getting out of it. Anyway, if you are into practicing frugality, these Bonpoint pajamas will not fit into your budget. For a massive $110.00, these cute little PJs are 100% cotton, nothing fancy nor fabulous, but they are Bonpoint. What is kind of fun about the American flag jammies is that the flag seems to be covered with Bob Dylan lyrics? I'm not completely certain, but it says "Bob Dylan" in the middle with a bunch of phrases surrounding so one can only assume. I'd Google but I need to get a couple of posts in before I start my Sunday Funday festivities with a good friend. Have a great day everyone!

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