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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unique Gift Idea: Lavender Bloom Hair Bow Holder

In an age where gift cards reign, I sometimes believe that unique gifts can be a very refreshing way to show someone that you really thought about what to get them instead of just grabbing a gift card off the rack while you are checking out at the grocery store. Just check out places like Etsy; it is a treasure trove of gift ideas hand-made by artists and artisans who make a living doing what they love. The Frog and the Princess is also a great place where you can find customized gifts, like this Lavender Bloom hair bow holder. At 40" long, it will hold up to 80 hair bows: just clip them on the ribbons that hang from the dress to create a full and frilly ball gown made of your child's hair accessories. You can even customize the colors and flowers if you can't find one you like on the website. For $45.00, give something like this a try. Buy gift cards for teenage boys and coworkers, people you don't know how to shop for. Little girls are a piece of cake. 

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  1. Lovely hair bows! My niece has a collection of hair bows and I think this would be very helpful for her mom to organize it. Thanks for sharing!