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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oilily Paradiso Baby Changing Bag

So I am not quiet about a lot of things: my love of kittens, my love of wine, my disgust towards spiders, my terror towards grasshoppers, my lust towards George Clooney... the list goes on. And on that list: my love for Oilily. Back in the day, I used to get Oilily and Catimini confused. Maybe the funky names and the bright colors and patters, who knows. But now I am familiar and know that I love both of them equally and separately. So this new baby bag from Oilily? I especially love it right now because for some reason, it reminds me of vacation. And right now, things suck at my day job and all I can think (fantasize) about is vacation. The bag is colorful canvas so it is easy to wipe down, always good. Plenty of pockets: also always good. Crazy pattern: love it too. The price? How about a hefty $218.00, from Children Salon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burberry Baby Pajamas

Well this is a first for me: I have never seen Burberry baby pajamas before. I instantly loved them because of the color: I have always had an affinity for that "favorite t-shirt" gray. I have a set of jersey knit sheets that are the exact color of these pajamas. I am obsessed with them. When I have to change to other sheets, I tell myself I don't sleep as well. It's ridiculous. So not only do you get the cute little onesie, you also get a matching beanie, AND a bag to present them all in. It actually might be a cute little gift, if you have the $145.00 to spend on it. See more details at Nordstrom.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Completely Off Topic.

There will be no posting this evening because I am a bit preoccupied... due to the fact that I am crazy.

I lost my beloved kitty of 8 1/2 years one month ago yesterday. It is hard for me to believe that it has been one month that my house has been devoid of her presence, but at the same time, it seems like it has been ages since I have been able to pet her, kiss her, pick her up...

So my parents live about an hour and a half south of me. Just far enough, but just close enough. You know what I mean. A couple of weeks ago, my mom started texting pictures of a stray cat that showed up at her work. Long story short, this kitty is pregnant. My mom's coworkers found out that an elderly gay couple had been caring for her too. They asked them yesterday how long they had been seeing her around. They said she showed up out of nowhere a month ago and has been attached ever since.

Again, another long story short, no one could take her. She was living outside amongst speeding cars and we have been having crazy thunderstorms lately. I was worried sick. Then an animal catcher came by yesterday and told my mom that if they couldn't find her a home that they would take her away.

So now, I am the proud foster mom of a pregnant kitty. I have no idea how far along she is. I tried to feel her babies; they seem to be the size of mice. I think I can feel two. My mom's coworkers named the kitty Iris. She is very small and probably about eight months old. She made the hour and a half drive from my parents' house to mine by sleeping on my dashboard. Unsafe, I know. But I left straight from work to get her. I felt like I couldn't wait any longer.

So beware, even though this is a blog about designer HUMAN baby things, I am sure to be posting pictures of Iris's babies when she has them. Everyone deserves a chance, right? I am not ready for a new cat permanently. It has only been one month. But this just seemed uncanny. No one could provide a safe home for her, and I can. So bring on the kittens. Even though cats eat their own placentas and I faint when I get nosebleeds. Nothing a bottle of wine can't help with, right?

PS... anyone who has advice about pregnant cats, kittens, the birthing process, etc... feel free to comment. I may be a bit nervous :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

BEAUTIFUL Lili Gaufrette Pale Pink Strap Dress!

Wow. I'm not going to lie, if this dress came in an adult version, I would buy it in a heartbeat. This is actually the first time I have posted something from Lili Gaufrette, and after seeing this dress I am wondering why that is the case. It is absolutely gorgeous. The crochet detailing at the bottom, the pleats and buttons at the top... I can imagine it with just a pair of sandals in the dead heat of summer, or paired with a cardigan and some fancy shoes for a special occasion, like a wedding. It even has a thin underskirt, to allow for it to flair out a bit. Just think of all the fun you could have accessorizing this. More daring people could even attempt black.... This amazing dress can be found for $127.00 at Children Salon.

Baby Dior Tights with Pom Poms

This is another one of those eye-popping luxury items that just makes you say, "Really??" These soft white cotton tights from Baby Dior have the little logo at the bottom and little white pom poms at the top. Apparently these embellishments warrant a $95.00 price tag. If the tights cost that much, what about the dress and shoes? Maybe for some, these tights could be that one impulse buy, like the one bag that some of us have that we carry so proudly. I don't know that many people would choose a pair of tights as theirs though... better stick with something more showy, and leave these for the people who have the money to spend on them. See more incredible luxuries at Lavish Kids.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Behold: A $51.00 Bib.

Yeah. That's not a joke. Thanks to Tartine et Chocolat, a $51.00 baby bib is totally possible. A baby bib. Which gets absolutely disgusting with food that has either been around your baby's mouth, or actually in your baby's mouth, then spit back out. Sometimes I get slightly bitter about money, because while there are people in the Mississippi River region who have lost everything due to flooding, people in Japan who have lost everything in the earthquake and tsunami, people who make minimum wage and are barely scraping by, there are people who can spend $51.00 on a bib. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. Money is tricky, and I know it's a problem that can never be fixed. Some have it, some don't. It's a harsh reality to accept. So if you are one of the lucky few who have $51.00 laying around with nothing to spend it on, maybe you can purchase this bib from Children Salon, because after all, it is pretty cute.

Rebecca Minkoff Bottled Up Baby Bag

Yes. Everything about this bag. Yes. Interestingly enough, I am not a gold person. At all. But for this bag by Rebecca Minkoff, it just works. I am loving the gold studs embedded within the dot pattern. The bag itself is nylon, so it can be wiped off in case of spills. The trim it all leather. Black baby bags are pretty practical because you know those things get dirty. They go everywhere, get set down everywhere, and this one could look like brand new even after being toted around town for months on end. With plenty of pockets and a changing pad, this bag is a highly functional head-turner. See more details of this $395.00 beauty at Saks Fifth Avenue.

An Interesting Baby Bag from Dolce & Gabbana Junior...

I feel like I am trying to like this bag because it is Dolce & Gabbana Junior and because it has red leather trim... but it is just looking a bit too... ghetto 80's for me. Saks Fifth Avenue describes it as being made of "distressed denim." Okay I get that it is in distress because of the two obvious hand-created rips in it, but this is most definitely what I think of as stone-washed denim. AKA the denim that the horrific camel toe-inducing, high-waisted  80's jeans were made of. Jordache jeans. Lee jeans. BAD JEANS. I'm sorry D&G, even with the red, which usually is an instant win for me, I am not a fan of this bag. It is quirky and unique, so I am sure that some people will find it genius, but not me. Oh, and the price for this "distressed demin" mess? $510.00. Yikes.

A Little Sunday Night BonPoint Action.

Is tomorrow really Monday? Why. Why is this the case. Sunday nights are the worst. Tomorrow will be an especially rough Monday because I have been out of the office since last Tuesday due to a conference (which was in southern Florida and everyone at worked seemed to think it was like a vacation. It was not. I saw the sun for maybe ten minutes total, and was stuck inside in meetings for the rest of the time) so things are surly going to be an absolute mess. Awesome. Hence the reason why I am drinking wine tonight. So BonPoint always makes me feel better, and this sweet little dress is one of my favorites. With their soft floral "Strawberry" pattern, I could see some lucky little girl wearing this while playing in the sun. And I say lucky for two reasons right now. 1) Because any little girl wearing a BonPoint dress is lucky. And 2) Because little girls do not yet know the awfulness of Sunday nights and Monday mornings. Here's to hoping this week flies by!

From UsMagazine.com: Sparrow Madden

Check out the curls on Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden's youngest munchkin! Could he be any cuter?

Roberto Cavalli Baby Leopard Thong Sandals

The name sounds almost scandalous, doesn't it? Roberto Cavalli's baby girls' clothing has made me a lover of leopard print (Sidenote: for babies only. I still do not support adults who wear excessive amounts of leopard print and think that it makes them look hot.). Cavalli always sticks with what they know and when they comes out with new shoes, clothing, or what have you, each thing is identifiably theirs, these little white sandals being no exception. While I am not completely wowed by them, they are fun and I imagine that little girls would be big fans of the leopard print on the soles. See these for a whopping $169.00 at Lavish Kids.

Boho Dresses from Mimi and Maggie!!

I will always be a boho fan. I will wear colorful paisley skirts years and years after they go out of style. Like the people who still wear the windbreaker neon 80's tracksuits. Are they God-awful? Yes. But you know what? When those came out, certain people looked at them and said, "Wow. That thing is so perfectly for me." And the rest is history. They will love them and wear them forever, and who can fault them for that? A crime of fashion? Yes. But a person in still in love with something that was perfectly acceptable at one time? Double yes. So boho is back again this summer and I am still celebrating. Mini and Maggie is a brand that I am just recently getting to know, and so far we are hitting it off pretty well. Their bright colors and patterns remind me of Catimini, and a little of Anthropologie mixed in. I found these dresses at Forest and Zoe, and all are very decently priced at around $60.00 each. Hello new favorite!

Yet Another Beautiful Dress from Monnalisa.

Have I mentioned my obsession with eyelet? Perhaps a time or 200. I am trying to distract myself with all things beautiful tonight and just keep trying to post away, because I am not speaking to a very close friend of mine and am very bothered by it. I was out of town all week on the business trip from hell. I was exhausted. Missed flights, delayed flights, lost luggage, rental cars, ten hour meetings, too much alcohol... it was a mess. I got in just after midnight in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Then my mom came up Saturday day and we planted flowers for about six hours, then Saturday night my aforementioned friend and I had a congratulations party to attend for a friend who was promoted ranks in the military. I messed up and went to the wrong destination to meet this friend (we were carpooling, as the party was a bit over an hour away). He freaked out, like flipping a light switch, called the whole thing off, told me he was over me, and hung up. Did I mention that he is 38 years old? Yeah. Ridiculous. I went to the party anyway, and it was fabulous. 

So aaaaaaaaanyway, back to the distraction from my anger that is this dress. Eyelet is one of my all-time favorite things, and Monnalisa has put a child-like spin on this eyelet, using flowers and small dots for a very playful kind of feel. Then to add a bit of sophistication and dressy flair, the straps are lined with satin rosettes and sweet gold bows. You could dress it up, you could dress it down. Either way, it's a winner. This dress can be found for $275.00 at Mon Petit Child.

Catimini Baby Boy's Romper: Genius.

I've said it once, I'll say it again: I am in love with Catimini. Can't get enough of it. It is hard for me to be completely bowled over by baby boy clothes sometimes. Dress clothes are one thing, but as for the every day bang around in type stuff, I can be a bit hard to impress. So naturally, leave it to my long-time love Catimini to impress me. Everything about this romper is fabulous to me: the colors, the combination of stripes, the false layer look with the open buttons, and the cute little cat sewn onto the front. Snap legs and back for practicality paired with the bright unique design: winning combination. See this fairly pricey $97.00 romper at Children Salon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cute Father's Day Outfit from Bonnie Baby!

I love everything that Bonnie Baby does: the soft cashmere, genius color combinations, and classic styles just really do it for me. This is the first outfit I have seen with a picture and with lettering; usually they stick with solid colors and stripes, so I am a bit excited to see it. There are button fastenings inside of the legs and on one shoulder for practicality purposes, and the Bonnie Baby logo is stitched into the bottom of the left leg. Absolutely adorable. This jumper can be found for $79.00 at Alex and Alexa.

Even More Very Expensive Baby Shoes from Gucci

The name of these oh-my-lord $210.00 sandals is "Suri," which I think is naturally appropriate because they remind me of the infamous Suri Cruise. I find it a bit exciting that Katie Holmes is pregnant (this has been confirmed right? I feel like I have seen that on multiple semi-legit magazines now) because 1) what is she going to name this baby and how will it top the controversy that came after Suri's name was revealed and 2) will it be a girl or a boy... I am almost hoping for a boy to see how she dresses him. I'm also excited to see what this one looks like, because I think that Suri is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. Not that I think about TomKat a lot or anything... Anyway, back to these shoes. I actually really like them; they are very summery/sporty/country club-y. Or something like that. They would be perfect with a simple white tennis dress. See more of Gucci's eye-popping price tags at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Animal Print Baby Blankets

I never thought I would say this... but the animal print thing is kind of growing on me. I think it's because whenever I go shopping with my mother, a former animal print hater, she ooo's and aahh's about how much she now loves animal print scarves, shirts, etc. I feel like if my mom likes it, then it can't be trashy because my mother is a very classy and fashion-forward woman. I am especially loving these animal print baby blankets that I found at 2 Little Monkeys. The fuzzy velour animal print mixed with the soft pink satin make for the ultimate luxury for your little one. And priced at around $64.00 each, these won't break the bank either. They have many other patterns and styles too, be sure to check them out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uhhh WOW. The Imagination Emporium Custom Playroom from Posh Tots.

Sooo... it's pretty much a given that when it comes to going above and beyond with children's toys, Posh Tots really takes the cake. They offer the largest variety of custom made toys, furniture, and playthings that I have seen anywhere as of right now. And before right now, I thought I had seen it all. Then, I feasted my eyes upon the Imagination Emporium custom playroom, exclusively from Posh Tots. All I can say is "Wow." Each one of these amazing creations is custom built and custom painted to fit whichever space you can afford to put it into (sidenote: there is no pricing listed on the website. It says "Call for pricing." So you know that means if you have to wonder, you can't afford it). There is a bit of Willy Wonka, a bit of Dr. Seuss, and maybe even a little bit of Nickelodeon in there. It's amazing. I would play in this thing. Could you imagine being a child and having this in your own house? Bringing friends over and playing in this? I can't. Oh, to be born into money... 

New Baby Shoes from Juicy Couture!!

Umm... how genius are these new crib shoes from Juicy Couture? Neiman Marcus describes them as "the perfect crib shoe for the future fashionista," and I could not agree more. I mean they just scream "diva" with the metallic pink finish, crochet straps, and the girly organza bow. The only thing negative I could say is that they don't exactly look comfortable, which goes back to the whole 'children wearing kitten heels' debate that Suri Cruise sparked. But, to each his own. If you are okay with a little discomfort in the name of fashion, these can be  yours for a nominal fee of $48.00.

From Starmagazine.com: Usher and His Mini Me!

Truly two of a kind!! Usher and his baybay were spotted walking hand in hand through the streets of NYC. See more new celebrity baby pics at Star Magazine!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fendi Baby Sea Creatures Sun Dress

So I am pretty much in love with this pattern. I fell in love with it when I first saw the tiny, ruffly white bathing suits with the mixture of sea creatures and the Fendi logo, and now we have an entire dress. Perfectly whimsical and girly, this dress also is embellished with ruffles and has off the shoulder sleeves with tie up straps. Come on, could it be any cuter? I don't think so. Now the question is, what kind of shoes to pair with this... See this whopping $182.00 sun dress, and more of Fendi's sweet summer collection, at Children Salon.

Marie Laure Renier's Le Carrousel : A Fresh Idea from France

Those who know me know that I am always on the lookout for anything and everything new and interesting. I always have my eye out for someone who does something different, and I found a bit of that at Le Carrousel, a French clothing boutique with a website that pretty much lets you design your own outfits by letting you pick the colors, patterns, and combinations you desire. Born in August 2010, the idea is pretty simple, and pretty genius: you have your basic clothing pieces: shirts, bloomers, overalls, dresses, headbands, you name it. When you select each piece on the website, you are shown multiple fabric choices that are a fun mix of French country meets French sophisticated. Those who know me also know that the classic yet modern combo is pretty much a home run in my book. Each piece you choose is then hand-made by the designer, Marie Laure Renier. Kind of awesome, right? Here are some great examples of her creations:

Check out the collection at www.lecarrousel.org, and they even have a blog!

Roberto Cavalli Baby Boys Swim Trunks...

I am a sick and immature individual. Sick sick sick. I am a 28 year old woman and laugh at things that 13 year old boys would laugh at. For example, I work in an office that deals with things in the medical field (yes, it's just about as exciting as it sounds). There is a surgeon who works in the area. His name is Dr. Penix. One would thing that after years of seeing this name, I would quit the giggling. No, not this girl. So I see these adorable shorts from Roberto Cavalli baby. First thing you see? The rocket ship. Today of all days, with the space shuttle Endeavor's launch (I actually DVR'd it because I think space shuttle launches are so cool), one would think that if the rocket ship on these shorts reminded me of anything, it would be of that. But noooo, not this girl. I immediately think of how absolutely phallic rockets look and how this one just so happens to be blasting across the middle of these shorts. I told you, I am a sick person. These swimming shorts really are cute, and I hope that my immaturity did not ruin them for you... see more details of these $64.00 trunks at Children Salon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From People.com: Embroidered Dresses Are Genius.

From left to right: Halle Berry's Nahla Aubry, Kate Hudson, and Nicole Ritchie's Harlow Madden are showing off a little boho flair. I am eternally grateful that the boho look is BACK!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Swim Suits: You Are So Ridiculously Cute.

So I have to go to Florida next week for a work conference. Guess who has already planned on "accidentally" forgetting to pack a bathing suit? This girl. Maybe all of the rain we have been getting in the Midwest thanks to my best friend La Nina has given me this false sense of security that summer is just soooo far away and I have all the time in the world to get in shape... not so much. It always creeps up on you. Summer is sneaky like that. I wish I could be like a baby and wear fat thighs like an adorable fashion statement. This sweet little bathing suit is new from Armani and is just about as girly as it gets: pink, ruffles, bows, and a fun lolly pop on the side bearing the logo. Find it for $95.00 at Lavish Kids.

The Three C's from Baby Dior: Classic, Cotton, Clean.

I am so happy to see a dress like this from Baby Dior. Every season, designers come out with new themes, colors, patterns, signature touches that set them apart from the rest and make them recognizable from miles away. Because that's what is important, right? Most people who buy a Dior dress for their child want people to actually recognize it as a Dior dress. So amidst all of that mess, I get very excited to see dresses like this one: a beautifully classic and timeless white cotton dress. My favorite part, of course, is the delicate eyelet that embellishes the bottom of the pleats on either side. Even the logo incorporation is tasteful: a small charm on the front. Gorgeous. Find this for $229.00 at Lavish Kids.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summery Outfits from Juicy Couture

So yesterday at work, my boss (for once) informed me of something I was not aware of: La Nina. Now, unlike my coworker who thought I was referring to a hurricane, I have heard of both El Nino and La Nina, but I had not heard mention of them yet this year. Especially not in the sense that La Nina is the cause for the 25 out of 30 days in April that it rained in the Midwest. That is not an exaggeration. Almost 9 inches of rain, and apparently it is supposed to keep on falling until July. Along with that? Colder than normal temperatures. Awesome! So maybe in August there will be some Midwest babies who have a chance to wear these bright and cheery outfits new from Juicy Couture. Thus far, their summer collection is exploding with vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellows, which is helping with my wishful thinking of sunshine and heat. See more of new Juicy at Neiman Marcus.

Chloe Baby "Little Birds" Set

Well... I guess one of the good things about taking a month off of blogging for personal reasons is that upon coming back, everything is new. I just surfed all of my regular web haunts for about an hour because I did not recognize anything I saw. So refreshing. Oddly enough, I decided to get back into the swing of things with this sweet little set from Chloe Baby. I guess I needed something soft and subtle to ease myself back into the blogging routine. Always classic, Chloe baby keeps with its tradition of feminine flair with this two piece shirt and bloomer set. Favorite part? The silver Chloe charm that hangs from the front of the shirt. Second favorite part? The "Little Birds" theme in general. I can't wait to see what else emerges from this collection as the season pushes forward. Find this adorable set for $90.00 at Children Salon.