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Monday, May 16, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Baby Boys Swim Trunks...

I am a sick and immature individual. Sick sick sick. I am a 28 year old woman and laugh at things that 13 year old boys would laugh at. For example, I work in an office that deals with things in the medical field (yes, it's just about as exciting as it sounds). There is a surgeon who works in the area. His name is Dr. Penix. One would thing that after years of seeing this name, I would quit the giggling. No, not this girl. So I see these adorable shorts from Roberto Cavalli baby. First thing you see? The rocket ship. Today of all days, with the space shuttle Endeavor's launch (I actually DVR'd it because I think space shuttle launches are so cool), one would think that if the rocket ship on these shorts reminded me of anything, it would be of that. But noooo, not this girl. I immediately think of how absolutely phallic rockets look and how this one just so happens to be blasting across the middle of these shorts. I told you, I am a sick person. These swimming shorts really are cute, and I hope that my immaturity did not ruin them for you... see more details of these $64.00 trunks at Children Salon.

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