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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter's First Pictures!

Posted on the Tumblr site dedicated to Miss Blue Ivy:

Look at that gorgeous hair!!

Cutest Bib Ever.

No really. This bandanna star bib by Ikks may be the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. It has this cowboy-esque "V" bandanna shape and little tassels and stars and come on it's just precious. My only worry is about how dirty the little white tassels will get, as they will surely act as tiny mops and soak up the gigantor mess that typically ends up on a high chair tray, but minor details right? Pick one up for your little buckaroo for $27.00 at Children Salon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tiffany Baby Gifts

Something about walking into Tiffany's is just magical, isn't it? Even walking by the store, seeing the sign, the rings in the window... and Tiffany's at Christmastime? Don't even get me started. I definitely have gone back and forth about their baby gifts; of course they are all beautiful. It's just that some of them are kind of plain. I get that that is the point, to keep it classic, but sometimes I feel myself wanting a little bit more. However, I do not feel that way about this three piece porcelain set with the adorable little ducks. It's unisex, which is always nice when you are looking for a gift for a friend who is wanting to be surprised by the gender of their baby. Imagine watching them pull this out of a gift bag, wrapped gently in yellow tissue paper, turning it over and seeing the Tiffany & Co. emblem on the back... sure to be an instant hit. And the price is actually very reasonable: $135.00, from tiffany.com.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Expensive Baby Things from Fendi!

Many of us love indulgences right? Guilty pleasures? That's why we love to hear about how much money celebrities spend on engagement rings, vacations, birthday parties for their children, custom steering wheel covers... It's disgusting yet somehow fascinating at the same time. I will not get into the politics of how the money spent on a $2000.00 steering wheel cover could be used to provide water for children in impoverished countries.... Aaaaanyway, I love Fendi. I cannot lie, I do. Every season when their new clothing emerges onto their site (they arrange by outfit, shoes included, so you can get the whole look), I swoon. I love high fashion. Will I ever have a baby that wears Fendi? Probably not. Do I appreciate the you-know-what out of it? Absolutely. Take this baby carrier and stroller for example. Gorgeous. A stunning dark navy blue with Zucca print accents? Yes please. Talk about indulgences... the baby carrier costs $369.00 while the stroller costs a whopping $1098.00!! Could you imagine? I cannot, yet I fantasize often. Find both at Children Salon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Unique Chandeliers from Posh Tots

One thing I have been randomly obsessed with since I was little? Chandeliers. I remember when I was maybe five, my dad took me to see an orchestra. Why he was the one who took me, I'm not sure, because that's not really his thing. But in any case, I remember walking in the front doors of the theater and looking up and seeing the most spectacular chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I was mesmerized. What kid doesn't like shiny objects?! That feeling of awe has stuck with me and to this day, when I see one I stop to take a longer look. Posh Tots has the best baby and kid-friendly chandeliers I have ever seen. They must look absolutely amazing in person because even in the pictures they are breathtaking. Could you even pick a favorite? Mine might have to be the crystal ship. These three range in price between $3000.00 and $5000.00, but they do have some that could fit more reasonable budgets. Check them out! Or at least fantasize about owning one. Happy Friday!

Very Expensive Onesies.

Oooooh what it would be like to have disposable money. Sometimes it is difficult to read about celebrities who spend five figures on one piece of clothing while sometimes I find myself eating Hot Pockets for dinner because they were on sale two for $3 at the grocery store. Oh well. Again, I feel like if I could always afford to buy everything, I would probably get bored and not appreciate things as much as I do now. That being said, how about $250.00 onesies? The pretty top one is a soft cashmere from Burberry, classically adorable with pearly button closures. The bottom belted onesie is from Gucci, complete with a peter pan collar and little embroidered teddy bear on the chest. That one is actually a bit more pricey, at $265.00. I can understand the price tag (kind of) on the cashmere one, but that much for a cotton onesie?? Madness. It is pretty cute though. Find both at Saks!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honor Warren is Four... (and still better dressed than me)

No really... bubble skirts and bows and cardigans and smiles??? Good for her. I'd pay a decent amount of money to peek into her 3600 square foot closet.

Cavalli Bib Gift Set... And Other Things.

Okay, I know how it works with seasons and department stores and online and blah blah blah. You see bathing suits on the racks in February when you can't help but think, "Oh hell no, I am too pale and fat for that!" And how about right now, when I am browsing Children Salon, and click "New In" and it's all snowsuits and puffer jackets and fuzzy hats??? Nooooo!!! I'm not ready. It's July. And not even mid-July, so the summer isn't even halfway over. I'll be darned if department stores make me think otherwise! Aaaaanyway... I chose something neutral to share from Children Salon, such as this three piece bib gift set from Roberto Cavalli. The colors and incorporation of that famous leopard print that Cavalli loves is just about perfect: tasteful and fun yet not obnoxious. And the price? A not so bad $115.00! Get yours now... along with a snowsuit.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girly Girly Janie and Jack!

How great of a baby gift would these two outfits together make? I am in love with all the girly little details: bows, scalloped trim, peter pan collar, ruffles... And how about the bonnet and beret? I could go on forever. I've never actually seen a Janie and Jack outfit in person and can only imagine how adorable they must be and think that pictures probably do not do any justice! 

TOMS Baby Shoes: Getting Crazy!

Crazy awesome that is. After getting over my distaste for TOMS shoes (come on, a lot of the adults who wear them are pretentious vegan hipsters) and slowly let them win me over, I realized that they are pretty fantastic. They make perfect sense for little ones; they are insanely comfortable, lightweight, and indestructible. And now that there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from? And many involve glitter?? Yes please. I'll take one of each. Find even more at Neiman Marcus.