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Monday, July 16, 2012

New Expensive Baby Things from Fendi!

Many of us love indulgences right? Guilty pleasures? That's why we love to hear about how much money celebrities spend on engagement rings, vacations, birthday parties for their children, custom steering wheel covers... It's disgusting yet somehow fascinating at the same time. I will not get into the politics of how the money spent on a $2000.00 steering wheel cover could be used to provide water for children in impoverished countries.... Aaaaanyway, I love Fendi. I cannot lie, I do. Every season when their new clothing emerges onto their site (they arrange by outfit, shoes included, so you can get the whole look), I swoon. I love high fashion. Will I ever have a baby that wears Fendi? Probably not. Do I appreciate the you-know-what out of it? Absolutely. Take this baby carrier and stroller for example. Gorgeous. A stunning dark navy blue with Zucca print accents? Yes please. Talk about indulgences... the baby carrier costs $369.00 while the stroller costs a whopping $1098.00!! Could you imagine? I cannot, yet I fantasize often. Find both at Children Salon.

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