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Friday, July 13, 2012

Unique Chandeliers from Posh Tots

One thing I have been randomly obsessed with since I was little? Chandeliers. I remember when I was maybe five, my dad took me to see an orchestra. Why he was the one who took me, I'm not sure, because that's not really his thing. But in any case, I remember walking in the front doors of the theater and looking up and seeing the most spectacular chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I was mesmerized. What kid doesn't like shiny objects?! That feeling of awe has stuck with me and to this day, when I see one I stop to take a longer look. Posh Tots has the best baby and kid-friendly chandeliers I have ever seen. They must look absolutely amazing in person because even in the pictures they are breathtaking. Could you even pick a favorite? Mine might have to be the crystal ship. These three range in price between $3000.00 and $5000.00, but they do have some that could fit more reasonable budgets. Check them out! Or at least fantasize about owning one. Happy Friday!

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