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Friday, July 13, 2012

Very Expensive Onesies.

Oooooh what it would be like to have disposable money. Sometimes it is difficult to read about celebrities who spend five figures on one piece of clothing while sometimes I find myself eating Hot Pockets for dinner because they were on sale two for $3 at the grocery store. Oh well. Again, I feel like if I could always afford to buy everything, I would probably get bored and not appreciate things as much as I do now. That being said, how about $250.00 onesies? The pretty top one is a soft cashmere from Burberry, classically adorable with pearly button closures. The bottom belted onesie is from Gucci, complete with a peter pan collar and little embroidered teddy bear on the chest. That one is actually a bit more pricey, at $265.00. I can understand the price tag (kind of) on the cashmere one, but that much for a cotton onesie?? Madness. It is pretty cute though. Find both at Saks!

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