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Friday, July 29, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Baby Nest

Well... it is pouring rain and storming outside. The leak that was supposedly fixed underneath my dishwasher on Wednesday has suddenly come back to life, which is neat because it is Friday night and the maintenance people at my complex do not work weekends. Looks like I will be washing towels every two hours like I did on Monday and Tuesday. Oh the joys of renting. So I felt the need to talk about something soft and dry and warm, something like this Roberto Cavalli baby nest. People went nuts over last year's Dior Medallion nest, and while I think this Cavalli one is cute, it just doesn't have the wow factor that Dior did. I love the large snaps and Medieval-looking logo, but that's about it. The rest is kind of blah. Aside from it's so-so looks, I will say that the 100% down filling would undoubtedly keep your baby cozy warm. See more details of this $279.00 nest at Children Salon.  

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unique Scarves from Catimini

You know, there usually comes a point in the summer that I am ready to start thinking about fall. I get sick of the heat, the electric bills from running the AC so much, having the humidity turn my hair into an afro that would make Diana Ross jealous... Yeah I am not to that point yet. I am loving my garden, spending weekends laying by the pool, and the State Fair is in town for the next two weeks! I'm sorry, I am a huge fan of fair food and am not afraid to admit it. Deep fried Snickers here I come! But in any case, I saw these Catimini scarves at Children Salon and thought they were so genius that I couldn't resist sharing them with everyone. I want to have boy-girl twins just so I can get both. Machine-washable, fleece lining, and a very reasonable price of $44.00 each. Yes please!

Guess the Price: A Complete Gucci Outfit.

Everything about this is just adorable: the girly-ness, the pink, the shoes, the classic denim, and especially the rain coat. All found at Neiman Marcus, the outrageous pricing is as follows:

Double-Breasted Raincoat: $430.00
Teddy Baby Tights: $90.00
Bamboo Bag Print Tee: $145.00
Demin Mini Skirt: $190.00
Coda Lace-Up Sneakers: $235.00

This brings us to a grand total of $1090.00 for ONE OUTFIT! It's almost breathtaking. And I would love to see what it looks like on a baby because I would probably fall over from the cuteness. Sigh...

Wow... Gucci Baby Carrier!

When I think of baby carriers I think of one of two things: 1) Those gigantor contraptions that 90% of the time you see a husband wearing and carrying because the thing itself weights a ton before you even put the baby in it and 2) The cloth swaddle ones that hipster moms use but have been attributed to a handful of suffocation-related deaths. This Gucci baby carrier defies my previous thoughts. It's sleek and stylish; it's a fashion statement. And how about that cute little bird on the pocket? The carrier itself is cloth bearing the Gucci logo with cream leather straps. Be aware that this is only for children between 7 lbs and 20 lbs. Kind of a small window for a $795.00 baby carrier, but come on, it's fun! Find this beauty at Neiman Marcus.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Starmagazine.com: The Jolie-Pitt Kids Keep Growing and Growing!

I almost hate to admit how fascinated I am by this family. Like to the point that I wish I could be a fly on the wall at dinnertime to listen to what they talk about. I cannot believe how much Shiloh and Vivienne look alike as they get older! See more celebrity offspring at Star Magazine.

Janie and Jack's Signature Layette Collection

There are so many things I love about Janie and Jack. At the top of the list is the fact that they divide their clothes by collection. Each collection has a theme and within it all different types of clothing and accessories. I imagine some Janie and Jack fanatics collect every piece from their favorite collection while others take pieces from each collection to make one of their own (I especially like this idea). It makes the seasonal roll-outs so much fun to look at because of how many new things there are to look at. I always love the classic rosebud/rosette/pink/feminine/small print thing (think: Monnalisa) which is why I am drawn to the signature layette collection. Better get your wallet ready though because this stuff is not cheap!

Polka Dot Pea Coats from Bbk!

Well I do not think I have ever seen a polka dot pea coat before and I must say, I really like this idea! A fun spin on a timeless classic, I will be very interested to see where this trend goes. From the Bbk Collection by Catherine Seixo, this coat is 100% wool on the outside but 100% cotton on the inside so it's sure to be both warm and comfy. I also like how the coat has a flared bottom; it wouldn't be constraining at all and will allow your child to run and fall and crawl and you can even fit a big puffy dress underneath. You can find these for  € 82, which is about $115.00, and more fabulous French treasures at Bbk.

Fendi Baby Zucca Prewalker Shoes

Well, we have made it to Wednesday: the day that hope starts to creep back in. Because after today is Thursday, and Thursday is great because you know the next day is Friday. And Friday is just Friday. I really need to stop viewing days like this and enjoy all of them for what they have to offer. Anyway, the new shoes for the fall season keep rolling in and thus far, I am pleased as punch (what does that expression even mean) at what I see. One of my new favorites are these Fendi prewalker shoes with the Zucca print. The toes and heels are gray tweed and there is a little leather bow in the back. Perfectly Fendi and perfectly precious. Find them for $158.00 at Children Salon.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Sale!!

Ummm so Lavish Kids is a pretty great place to be because almost every single summer item they have is on sale, some very significantly on sale too. Everything Roberto Cavalli is on sale, including this adorable romper that was originally $195.00 and is now $117.00. Still a lot, but come on, it's almost $90.00 off! I am a bit obsessed with bubble rompers like this one. To once again quote Mrs. Doubtfire, "A classic never dies, dear." AND, who else wishes that they could get away with something like this on Thanksgiving in order to mask excessive eating and holiday weight gain? Oh... just me.... okay....

Ben Affleck's New Hair Style... Yikes.

He will always have an attractive face and a great body... but if you are like me and think that hair is very important when it comes to the attractiveness factor, this deserves a yikes. Read all about this hot mess at People.com.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cute Hair Clips from Teacups and Mudpies

I am always on the lookout for something unique. If this describes you as well, a good place to look is at Teacups and Mudpies. They have everything from clothes to shoes to hair accessories to furniture... a treasure trove of cute and unique. Right now I am loving these fun hair clips that are constructed from different layers of felt and topped with a button. With all of the colors they have there is sure to be one that is the perfect match for some of your little girl's outfits. And for $12.00 each, why not get a bunch??

Juicy Couture Infant's Faux Fur Coat...

I am trying so hard not to put this into the "Yikes" category, I really am. Faux fur to me is just so... tacky. I have never been a fur fan and have a hard time not judging people that wear excessive amounts of fur. By no means am I a PETA activist; I love animals and do not agree with skinning them for their coats, but not to the point where I post gory pictures on Facebook of what happens to animals at fur farms. I do not wear real fur (or faux fur) and kind of wish it would quietly exit the fashion world. Leave the animals alone. And if you still like the look, get a tacky faux fur jacket like this one. I'm sure that kids would love everything about it; kids love animals and kids love soft textures. And I suppose this Juicy jacket is more tastefully done than others, but the bottom line is the fur. Yuck. For the many, many people who are going to disagree with me, you can find this for $168.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Armani Baby Three Piece Set

Does anyone else just loathe Mondays? I feel like I am having a midlife crisis, at the ripe old age of 28. I went to school for art. I love art, everything about it. My parents were pretty unhappy with my choice to major in art and history of art in college, but it is what made me happy, and I was the one paying the loans, so I did it. 

After college I did not want a 9-5 job, so I became a bartender. I was making great money and it was a fun job. That also did not make my parents happy. I started managing a restaurant two years ago, a restaurant that was doomed from the start. In order to get out of it, I took a desk job that a friend of mine who was moving had up for grabs. My parents were finally happy because in their mind, you have to have a 9-5 desk job that you hate in order to be normal and to be accepted as an adult.

Now I am unhappy. Miserable is probably more like it. My parents and friends always say, "That is how it's supposed to be when you become an adult." But what if I don't want to accept that? The people that believe that are the people who have jobs that they hate for 40 years then retire and wonder where their time went. What if I want to go down a different road and do something that other people may not see as legit but that I am happy doing? What if, as a college-educated woman, I want to make art and tend bar and let that be my life??

Sorry, this whole thing has been on my mind a lot lately. I apologize to everyone who has had to read through my emotional word-vomit in order to get to the relevant subject of the above-pictured Armani three piece gift set. Coming in its own little box, this set comes with overalls and a white long-sleeved top, along with a cardigan for those chilly days (remember what those were like?). All three pieces brandish the Armani logo, which warrant the giant $212.00 price tag. People with mediocre desk jobs like me will never be able to purchase something like this... Maybe it's time to make the change. I want to be able to dabble into luxuries! Okay, I am done ranting. You can find this set at the always-fabulous Children Salon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love Curly Haired Babies Like Kendra Wilkinson's Little Hank IV!

What is it about babies with curly hair? It's such an anomaly to me and I can't get enough. Sidenote: I would give anything to be at the beach right now. Read more about Kendra's family outing in Malibu at People.com!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello Gucci Bibs!

Can I just complain about the heat one more time? Holy LORD, it's HOT! The sun has long since set here in the Midwest but it is still hovering around 90 degrees. Not okay. I am also on my eighth load of laundry. Not okay either. On a brighter note, there are only two days until the weekend. And on a brighter note than that, how amusing is it to see a huge name like Gucci on a bib?? If i ever saw a child in a restaurant wearing a Gucci bib, I might assume it's fake. Then again, I go to restaurants like Panera and Chipotle. One might be more likely to see a Gucci bib someplace a bit more... upscale. So these three bibs boast three versions of the Gucci logo. They are cotton and snap closed like any normal bib, but they are Gucci bibs. Therefore, the price tag for these three is a ginormous $150.00. $50.00 per bib! Amazing. Find them at Neiman Marcus.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Burberry Tights vs. Chloe Tights: Bottom Line? Expensive Tights.

Oh the luxuries that there is a 95% chance that I will never be able to afford... one of them most definitely being designer baby tights. I feel like I have gone down this path before, but one would think that you could only get one wear, maybe two if you are lucky, out of any pair of tights that are going to be slapped onto a two foot tall person who either crawls or falls or climbs for a living. And ivory designer tights? Big risk there if you ask me. But hey if you can afford it, more power to you. My favorite out of these two pairs (Burberry on the left, Chloe on the right) are the Burberry because of the tiny bow and the soft woven stripe design that runs up the side. Those are a whopping $53.00 while the Chloe pair come in a close second at $51.00. If you can't make up your mind, you can buy both at Children Salon!

Baby Dior Pink Jersey Dress

It is one of those days where it is too hot to do anything. My coworker and I often "go to the dumpster," a.k.a. take an unnecessary trip to the dumpster outside of our office in order to throw away a piece of paper or something like that, just to get out of the building. The dumpster is only about 50 feet away. We were sweating when we returned from our venture today. It is nearly impossible for me to even look at all of the fall and winter items that are emerging onto the scene. It's painful to think about wool and fleece when it is 105 degrees outside. So how about a light little jersey dress from Baby Dior? A simple design with pleated sleeves and rose lace on the chest is plenty airy enough to keep your baby cool on even the hottest of days. Find this for $144.00 at Children Salon.

"Elliots" by My Bubbalicious: Cutest Toys Ever!

Being one of those artsy-fartsy people, I am always in search of cute handmade things that you can tell someone has put a lot of love into creating. I'm an Etsy junkie (my shop will be opening this weekend if all goes as planned!) and have recently added "learn to sew" to my bucket list. I returned from a week and a half vacation on Sunday and saw that I had a Facebook post from My Bubbalicious. Upon checking out their website (definitely worth taking time to check it out by the way!), I came across these little elephants and fell in love. They are called Elliots and are handmade, available in a huge variety of patterns. There is something just so simply sweet about them; you can tell they were made with love and are ready to be loved by your little one. For just $21.95 each, you could get your child a family of them to love! Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Name to Watch: Hispanitas.

So I first fell in love with Hispanitas with these shoes. They were literally everything that I love about shoes. I was not very familiar with the brand, but just happen to see them at Children Salon and instantly fell in love. Upon visiting the Hispanitas website, I found that, low and behold, all of their shoes are fabulous! The baby line is fairly new, so it will be exciting to see what kind of growth and expansion we see with it. Thus far, I am head over heels for what I see. And an added bonus right now: all of their summer shoes are on sale! In addition to baby shoes, they also offer childrens and adults shoes as well as hand bags. I for one an expecting this brand to do big things. Check them out and see what you think!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sonia Rykiel Butterfly Skirt Set

The things from the Sonia Rykiel line that I really like are so few and far between that when I see one of them, I get a bit excited. This clean white outfit is something that any little girl would love because of the pink sequin butterflies. They give the whole thing that borderline dress-up magical feel. I can just picture a stylish little mama swirling around in the tiered skirt. The thing that always knocks me over about Sonia Rykiel is the price. This set was originally a nominally large $434.00. Yeah. Thankfully, since it is now July which means it's time for fall and winter lines to be coming out (BLAH), it is 50% off, so $217.00! Yeah. Still a lot. Visit Mon Petit Child for more details.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Baby Floral Swimsuit

Sale sale sale! The vast majority of summer stuff at Lavish Kids is ALREADY on sale. Kind of crazy seeing as it is only the beginning of July, but hey, who can complain about a great sale? So this feminine little bathing suit may be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen (I know I know, I say that about a lot of things). The tie straps and big floppy flower? Fabulous. And the best part? It is on sale for $135.20, down from $169.00! 

Marie-Chantal Cashmere Romper

Okay, this may sound a little crazy, being that it is in the 90's in the Midwest US right now, but I would love to cozy up in one of these things at the moment. I layed by the pool for four hours, then went on a three mile run. I was so sweaty and hot when I got home that I took a cold shower. Now I have a bit of a chill that I can't shake. Not complaining though because if I really wanted to fix it that badly I would just step outside. So this little romper by Marie-Chantal just looks soft as can be. The light pink with blue/gray combo is really working for me too. Traditional button fastenings finish off the classic look of this crazy expensive $177.00 outfit. Find yours at none other than Children Salon.

Roberto Cavalli Velour Peony Dress

Talk about a sneak attack... when I first saw this dress I was so wowed by the bright colors (I am a sucker for red) and gorgeous flowers. Then I saw the material that it is made of: VELOUR. Eeek! Ahh!! Why??? There was so much potential. I am trying to be rational and not let me distaste (to put it lightly) for velour completely ruin the dress for me... Maybe it would work as a holiday dress? There is also something about the collar area that I am not liking. This seems like a lost cause. If you disagree, visit Children Salon, where this can be yours for $254.00.

Oh My.... His and Hers Guess Stroller Sets

Ahh... another one of life's little luxuries: designer baby strollers. Because when you dress your baby from head to toe in Gucci, you want to take them for a walk in Guess, not Graco. I must admit that this three piece set from Guess is pretty adorable, AND functional. Imagine if you had boy girl twins and were carting them around in his and hers guess car seats. The stroller is waterproof and can be either facing forwards and backwards. The pram seat can be used as a carrier (it has a handle) or it can be attached to the stroller. Pretty neat if you ask me. Oh, and the price? How about $1601.00, at Children Salon.