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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marie-Chantal Cashmere Romper

Okay, this may sound a little crazy, being that it is in the 90's in the Midwest US right now, but I would love to cozy up in one of these things at the moment. I layed by the pool for four hours, then went on a three mile run. I was so sweaty and hot when I got home that I took a cold shower. Now I have a bit of a chill that I can't shake. Not complaining though because if I really wanted to fix it that badly I would just step outside. So this little romper by Marie-Chantal just looks soft as can be. The light pink with blue/gray combo is really working for me too. Traditional button fastenings finish off the classic look of this crazy expensive $177.00 outfit. Find yours at none other than Children Salon.

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