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Friday, July 29, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Baby Nest

Well... it is pouring rain and storming outside. The leak that was supposedly fixed underneath my dishwasher on Wednesday has suddenly come back to life, which is neat because it is Friday night and the maintenance people at my complex do not work weekends. Looks like I will be washing towels every two hours like I did on Monday and Tuesday. Oh the joys of renting. So I felt the need to talk about something soft and dry and warm, something like this Roberto Cavalli baby nest. People went nuts over last year's Dior Medallion nest, and while I think this Cavalli one is cute, it just doesn't have the wow factor that Dior did. I love the large snaps and Medieval-looking logo, but that's about it. The rest is kind of blah. Aside from it's so-so looks, I will say that the 100% down filling would undoubtedly keep your baby cozy warm. See more details of this $279.00 nest at Children Salon.  

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