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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Elliots" by My Bubbalicious: Cutest Toys Ever!

Being one of those artsy-fartsy people, I am always in search of cute handmade things that you can tell someone has put a lot of love into creating. I'm an Etsy junkie (my shop will be opening this weekend if all goes as planned!) and have recently added "learn to sew" to my bucket list. I returned from a week and a half vacation on Sunday and saw that I had a Facebook post from My Bubbalicious. Upon checking out their website (definitely worth taking time to check it out by the way!), I came across these little elephants and fell in love. They are called Elliots and are handmade, available in a huge variety of patterns. There is something just so simply sweet about them; you can tell they were made with love and are ready to be loved by your little one. For just $21.95 each, you could get your child a family of them to love! Happy Tuesday!

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