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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sonia Rykiel Butterfly Skirt Set

The things from the Sonia Rykiel line that I really like are so few and far between that when I see one of them, I get a bit excited. This clean white outfit is something that any little girl would love because of the pink sequin butterflies. They give the whole thing that borderline dress-up magical feel. I can just picture a stylish little mama swirling around in the tiered skirt. The thing that always knocks me over about Sonia Rykiel is the price. This set was originally a nominally large $434.00. Yeah. Thankfully, since it is now July which means it's time for fall and winter lines to be coming out (BLAH), it is 50% off, so $217.00! Yeah. Still a lot. Visit Mon Petit Child for more details.

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