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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guess the Price: A Complete Gucci Outfit.

Everything about this is just adorable: the girly-ness, the pink, the shoes, the classic denim, and especially the rain coat. All found at Neiman Marcus, the outrageous pricing is as follows:

Double-Breasted Raincoat: $430.00
Teddy Baby Tights: $90.00
Bamboo Bag Print Tee: $145.00
Demin Mini Skirt: $190.00
Coda Lace-Up Sneakers: $235.00

This brings us to a grand total of $1090.00 for ONE OUTFIT! It's almost breathtaking. And I would love to see what it looks like on a baby because I would probably fall over from the cuteness. Sigh...

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