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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cavalli Bib Gift Set... And Other Things.

Okay, I know how it works with seasons and department stores and online and blah blah blah. You see bathing suits on the racks in February when you can't help but think, "Oh hell no, I am too pale and fat for that!" And how about right now, when I am browsing Children Salon, and click "New In" and it's all snowsuits and puffer jackets and fuzzy hats??? Nooooo!!! I'm not ready. It's July. And not even mid-July, so the summer isn't even halfway over. I'll be darned if department stores make me think otherwise! Aaaaanyway... I chose something neutral to share from Children Salon, such as this three piece bib gift set from Roberto Cavalli. The colors and incorporation of that famous leopard print that Cavalli loves is just about perfect: tasteful and fun yet not obnoxious. And the price? A not so bad $115.00! Get yours now... along with a snowsuit.

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