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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Boho Dresses from Mimi and Maggie!!

I will always be a boho fan. I will wear colorful paisley skirts years and years after they go out of style. Like the people who still wear the windbreaker neon 80's tracksuits. Are they God-awful? Yes. But you know what? When those came out, certain people looked at them and said, "Wow. That thing is so perfectly for me." And the rest is history. They will love them and wear them forever, and who can fault them for that? A crime of fashion? Yes. But a person in still in love with something that was perfectly acceptable at one time? Double yes. So boho is back again this summer and I am still celebrating. Mini and Maggie is a brand that I am just recently getting to know, and so far we are hitting it off pretty well. Their bright colors and patterns remind me of Catimini, and a little of Anthropologie mixed in. I found these dresses at Forest and Zoe, and all are very decently priced at around $60.00 each. Hello new favorite!

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  1. Such a great and nice attractive looking design hosting here..I most like first one design of dress and it is perfect suit on my child....I like all picture.....Thanks

    mimi and maggie