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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yet Another Beautiful Dress from Monnalisa.

Have I mentioned my obsession with eyelet? Perhaps a time or 200. I am trying to distract myself with all things beautiful tonight and just keep trying to post away, because I am not speaking to a very close friend of mine and am very bothered by it. I was out of town all week on the business trip from hell. I was exhausted. Missed flights, delayed flights, lost luggage, rental cars, ten hour meetings, too much alcohol... it was a mess. I got in just after midnight in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Then my mom came up Saturday day and we planted flowers for about six hours, then Saturday night my aforementioned friend and I had a congratulations party to attend for a friend who was promoted ranks in the military. I messed up and went to the wrong destination to meet this friend (we were carpooling, as the party was a bit over an hour away). He freaked out, like flipping a light switch, called the whole thing off, told me he was over me, and hung up. Did I mention that he is 38 years old? Yeah. Ridiculous. I went to the party anyway, and it was fabulous. 

So aaaaaaaaanyway, back to the distraction from my anger that is this dress. Eyelet is one of my all-time favorite things, and Monnalisa has put a child-like spin on this eyelet, using flowers and small dots for a very playful kind of feel. Then to add a bit of sophistication and dressy flair, the straps are lined with satin rosettes and sweet gold bows. You could dress it up, you could dress it down. Either way, it's a winner. This dress can be found for $275.00 at Mon Petit Child.

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