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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Sunday Night BonPoint Action.

Is tomorrow really Monday? Why. Why is this the case. Sunday nights are the worst. Tomorrow will be an especially rough Monday because I have been out of the office since last Tuesday due to a conference (which was in southern Florida and everyone at worked seemed to think it was like a vacation. It was not. I saw the sun for maybe ten minutes total, and was stuck inside in meetings for the rest of the time) so things are surly going to be an absolute mess. Awesome. Hence the reason why I am drinking wine tonight. So BonPoint always makes me feel better, and this sweet little dress is one of my favorites. With their soft floral "Strawberry" pattern, I could see some lucky little girl wearing this while playing in the sun. And I say lucky for two reasons right now. 1) Because any little girl wearing a BonPoint dress is lucky. And 2) Because little girls do not yet know the awfulness of Sunday nights and Monday mornings. Here's to hoping this week flies by!

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