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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oilily Paradiso Baby Changing Bag

So I am not quiet about a lot of things: my love of kittens, my love of wine, my disgust towards spiders, my terror towards grasshoppers, my lust towards George Clooney... the list goes on. And on that list: my love for Oilily. Back in the day, I used to get Oilily and Catimini confused. Maybe the funky names and the bright colors and patters, who knows. But now I am familiar and know that I love both of them equally and separately. So this new baby bag from Oilily? I especially love it right now because for some reason, it reminds me of vacation. And right now, things suck at my day job and all I can think (fantasize) about is vacation. The bag is colorful canvas so it is easy to wipe down, always good. Plenty of pockets: also always good. Crazy pattern: love it too. The price? How about a hefty $218.00, from Children Salon.

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