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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aaaaaaand... We're BACK!

Okay people, here is the deal. And I am totally okay with this making me sound like a crazy cat person. This is the timeline of events that caused me to take a month off of anything that I didn't absolutely HAVE to due, due to having to get my feet planted again.

My kitty, Ellie, became sick back in April. I had her for 8 1/2 wonderful years: all throughout college and throughout much turmoil. She was a long-haired all white beast who loved licking feet and ranch dressing. She passed away on April 25, my mother's birthday.

That week, a stray kitty showed up at my mom's work. She was pregnant. Two weeks later I agreed to give her a foster home. I picked her up on Thursday, took her to the vet on Saturday, she had one single kitten in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He was impossibly small, maybe the size of a mouse, but with a voice so loud I was afraid my neighbors would complain. He was doing great for the first week, then seemed to stop squirming and crying. 

I took him to the vet and they said that he was born very early and at eight days old he only weighed 2.7 ounces. They said there was nothing I could do for him but keep him comfortable. Two days later, he passed away in a blanket in my arms. 

It wasn't fair. It wasn't how the story was supposed to end. Once again, a hard lesson learned on the fact that, well, life just isn't fair. Crappy things happen all the time, and you just have to stand up and move forward. Long story short, I am keeping the mama kitty. Her name is Lucy. She is fascinated by the toilet and also has a foot fetish. She was spayed on Monday and of course her incision is infected and she has an arsenal of antibiotics and a lampshade collar that she just loves. 

ANYWAY, I am excited to get back to blogging and get back to doing all the stuff I normally do. Pictured above my extensive ramblings are two swim nappies by Archimede that I thought were just cute enough to be my first post in a month. The patterns are adorable and I am pretty sure the way these things work is you just put them over your baby's diaper and then it's swim time; no top necessary. Oh the things little ones can get away with... find these for $56.00 at my always favorite Children Salon.

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