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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Even More Very Expensive Baby Shoes from Gucci

The name of these oh-my-lord $210.00 sandals is "Suri," which I think is naturally appropriate because they remind me of the infamous Suri Cruise. I find it a bit exciting that Katie Holmes is pregnant (this has been confirmed right? I feel like I have seen that on multiple semi-legit magazines now) because 1) what is she going to name this baby and how will it top the controversy that came after Suri's name was revealed and 2) will it be a girl or a boy... I am almost hoping for a boy to see how she dresses him. I'm also excited to see what this one looks like, because I think that Suri is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. Not that I think about TomKat a lot or anything... Anyway, back to these shoes. I actually really like them; they are very summery/sporty/country club-y. Or something like that. They would be perfect with a simple white tennis dress. See more of Gucci's eye-popping price tags at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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