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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Hairy Vest. Yikes.

So this is what Mongolian lamb fur looks like. Maybe I am just thinking inside the box and need to be more fashion-forward, but this vest by Derhy Kids is maybe one of the most disturbing and hideous things I have ever seen. It reminds me of:

1) A transient's beard.
2) The hair pile that gets swept up after Don King gets his hair cut.
3) The hair I pull out of my shower drain (minus the gray - thank you Garnier). 
4) Alec Baldwin's chest hair in the "Canteen Boy" SNL skit.
5) One of those dogs that somewhat resembles a mop.

I am almost speechless. What would this even look like folded into a box and given as a gift? In my opinion, please leave the Mongolian lambs alone. It is cold in Mongolia. They need their fur. And it has to look better on them than it ever could on us. If you disagree and would like to own this... anomaly, you can find it for $90.00 at Children Salon.

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