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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gucci Rain Boots

I just don't know about rain boots for adults. Some patterns are fun, some are obnoxious... On certain days when it's pouring and I am running through the parking lot in my ballet flats trying to hold up my pants so the bottoms don't get soaked looking like a moron, I think "This is why people wear rain boots." Then I think back to preschool when we had to have these things called "rubber shoes" which I don't even know if they are made anymore but they were just black rubber slide-on shoes that went over your regular shoes to protect them from mud. Then I think back to the days that I was a preschool teacher and the cute little rain boots that kids came in wearing... I probably would die if I ever saw a child waltz in in these: Gucci logo rain boots. They come in either this cocoa color or pink and are most likely made of the finest Italian rubber. My next task will be seeing if there is a matching umbrella. For $145.00, you can buy a pair at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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