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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Sparkly Pink Frilly Girly Dress

The instant I saw this dress, I smiled. Children's clothing is obviously created by adults, and for the most part (aside from tiny baby clothes) the styles mimic whatever is in style for adults that season. Patterns and colors are kid friendly of course, but a lot of the styles are just mini versions of the big people stuff (I feel like I did a horrible job explaining that so hopefully it makes sense). Then you see a dress like this one from Luna Luna Copenhagen and you know this was created with a little girls wishes in mind. Sequins, sparkles, ruffles, frills, and pink pink pink: things that make the majority of little girls go nuts. This dress was created for them, and it makes me smile to think about how many happy ladies out there who will dub this dress as the favorite item in their wardrobe and wear it until it is practically falling apart. For $114.00, you can pre order this at Forest and Zoe.

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