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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fendi Baby Zucca Cashmere Blanket

Kind of almost speechless about this one. We all know Fendi is a big name, and with a big names naturally come big prices. So here we have a Fendi baby blanket, made with a cashmere/virgin wool blend, with the all-over Zucca print. It comes with a storage bag (not pictured, because it is ugly and I'm not sure who would ever even use it) and is 36 1/2" x 52". What do you get when you combine all of these elements? How about a $447.00 blanket. No, I am not kidding. Not gonna lie... some designer baby blankets just look luxurious and expensive but this one... I just don't find it to be that cute. At all. I know many will disagree though, so if this is up your alley you can find it at Children Salon.

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