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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gucci Blanca Baby Ballerina Shoes

Well these looks remarkably familiar... maybe because Baby Dior has almost the exact same pair? Except for the obvious difference: their's say "Dior" in rhinestones and not Gucci. Duh. But who cares? The ribbon-tie satin ballerina shoe is a classic, especially with a big designer name spelled out in tiny crystals across the top. Is this not the baby gift to end all baby gifts? I don't know if I would smack my friend or kiss her for giving me a pair of $165.00 baby shoes. That money could buy a lot of diapers! Ooooooor... one fabulous pair of shoes that you will want to show off as much as possible. Buy these for a friend, or for your own baby, from Neiman Marcus.

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