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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eliane et Lena Atsuku Plaid Jumper

It's official: I am starting to feel ready for fall. You know when you reach that point in the summer when you are burned out on going to the pool because you lose interest in maintaining your tan, you're tired of sweating whenever you go outside, you're bored of all your sundresses and skirts... I have reached that point. Hoodies and football and fall leaves are sounding pretty good right about now. This dress reminds me of all things fall, and even dare I say it's Christmasy? By Eliane et Lena, this dress is pre order only right now at Forest and Zoe, but I can see this being a good picture dress, or a good Thanksgiving gathering dress. For only $89.00, you will still have plenty of money to accessorize too!

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